Is this video right?

We want the science to speak for itself. Nearly every source below is from the peer reviewed medical and scientific literature. Where possible we let the doctors and scientists speak in their own words. That is why so much is quoted. Some data and information comes from the U.S. Government. All primary sources are provided so you can click and check for yourself. Everything here represents a small sampling of the evidence. Read it. Click on the links. Decide for yourself.

The video says:

  1. Introduction. The 69 vaccines children receive today.
  2. The FDA does not safety test vaccines.
  3. The entire vaccine schedule has never been safety tested.
  4. Vaccine makers do not use placebos to test the safety of their vaccines for kids.
  5. Vaccines contain dangerous ingredients. Small doses can be unhealthy. Disease is a product of genetics and environment.
  6. Vaccines contain DNA and protein from aborted fetuses.
  7. Vaccines are allowed to have side effects. Some vaccines have not been imporved in 50 years.
  8. Vaccine makers do not have to compensate victims when their vaccine injures a child.
  9. The government paid over $4 billion to families whose children were injured by vaccines. Getting paid is difficult. The government is both the defendant and the judge.
  10. Vaccines can cause autoimmune diseases.
  11. Measles Lighting Round! What is measles? How many children have died from measles? What are measles vaccine side effects?
  12. Vaccines do not reliably prevent disease.
  13. Vaccines can spread diseases through shedding.
  14. Vaccines do not deserve the credit for reducing contagious diseases.
  15. Vaccines may be making American infants sicker.
  16. Some studies have found that unvaccinated kids are healthier than vaccinated kids.
  17. Massive Money Mayhem Round!
  18. The FDA, CDC, media and politicians receive money from vaccine makers.
  19. Conclusion. Are your children still yours?