Chapter 16

Some studies have found that unvaccinated kids are healthier than vaccinated kids.

On November 29, 2012 Colleen Boyle of the CDC was questioned by Representative Bill Posey.  She was asked if the CDC had studied the health outcomes of unvaccinated kids versus vaccinated kids.  She said “no”.

Really? Here are studies that did look at this question. Why do you think she didn’t mention them?

Here’s an unpublished study from the CDC that looked at various mercury containing vaccines.  They focused on kids who were and were not exposed to these vaccines in the first month of life and found that the children exposed to mercury in vaccines had:

  • 7.6x the rate of autism compared to the kids not exposed
  • 5.0x the rate of sleep disorders compared to the kids not exposed
  • 2.1x the rate of speech disorders compared to the kids not exposed

Hepatitis B Vaccine

This study looked at the autism in boys vaccinated within first month of life vs. not vaccinated or vaccinated after one month.  The study found that the boys who were vaccinated in the first month of life had a 3.0x higher rate of autism.

This hepatitis B study looked at vaccinated vs. unvaccinated boys and found that the vaccinated boys had a 9x increased rate of requiring Special Education Services.

This published comparative study looked at the health outcomes of children who were vaccinated versus unvaccinated.  The study found that the vaccinated kids had:

  • 30x of being diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis (“Hay Fever”)
  • 9x rate of having allergies
  • 9x rate of having earaches
  • 2x rate of having a learning disability

Flu Vaccine

This study, published in a prominent medical journal, found that children who were vaccinated with a flu vaccine were at an increased risk of getting a respiratory virus.   The vaccinated kids got these other infections 4.4 x more than the unvaccinated kids.

DTP and Polio Vaccine

This unique study looked at the death rate of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated in 3-5 month old children in Africa.  The study found that the vaccinated children died at 5x the rate compared to the unvaccinated kids.