About Chapters

Children’s Health Defense Chapters

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is happy to announce the ability to form State
Chapters. A network of CHD Chapters provides a powerful, unified voice for
advocates to enhance our collective ability to support and strengthen the views of
our issues, disseminate vitally needed educational information and improve law
and judicial policy.

When you join CHD, you are not only joining a national organization with tens of
thousands of members. Your CHD membership also includes membership in your
state chapter.

A CHD chapter is a great way to ensure that the needs of all members are met on
all levels. Since the demographics and needs of states vary greatly, CHD chapters
are able to focus on the issues most important to their members. State chapters
often are able to address local issues that the national office cannot and vice-
versa. Members should feel free to contact their state chapter at any time.