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The Advocacy Hub is a user-friendly, print-ready resource hub to help you be a walking, talking, billboard for freedom. Amplify your commitment to informed choice with resources that will make an impact.

We know the truth and we stand for the truth. Join the movement of parents, grandparents and concerned citizens around the globe uniting to preserve medical freedom and parental choice. The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Advocacy Hub is your one-stop source for everything you need to effectively organize and advocate in your local community.

Resources to fight COVID mandates in your community:

The heart of an advocate is one of service and purpose. Advocacy is a calling, a labor of love. You don’t choose the issue, the issue chooses you. This calling changes everything — who you are, who you surround yourself with and the direction your life takes.

Children’s Health Defense honors our advocates and coalition partners all over the globe. We recognize the power of collaboration and honor your contribution to making the world a better place for our children and future generations.

Organizing and unifying are the most important actions we can take. We must work together to educate, empower and inspire others as we fight for the human rights of this and future generations.

The Advocacy Hub is your one-stop source to access all the tools and information you need to be the change you wish to see in the world. Check out the campaigns below to access our ready-made advocacy-in-a-box resources.

View our featured campaigns to see how you can effectively organize and advocate in your local community:

You Are Ready NOW to Be a Defender of Truth, Freedom and Children’s Health

Some important reminders as you begin your advocacy journey:

  1. Lead with your “why.” This work is soul work. It takes courage and willingness to be uncomfortable. Your reason for doing this work is the most important part of your advocacy. Often, people don’t remember what you said but how you made them feel. Lead with love, ask thoughtful questions and be committed to having the conversation without any attachment to a specific outcome. The only way we win is through lovingly planting seeds of truth.
  2. Identify your superpower. Each of us has a certain magic and skill set to apply to this movement. There is no one winning strategy or solution. It takes the efforts and collaboration of the collective to overcome tyranny and restore democracy. Using your natural talents to create forward momentum for the issues of importance does make a difference. Whether you’re at the barricades holding your sign, presenting at your board of education meeting, lobbying at your statehouse or behind the scenes making phone calls and sending emails — we are all working toward one common goal.
  3. Procrastination is the enemy of progress. You do not need to know everything to do something. The Advocacy Hub provides done-for-you social media graphics, informational handouts, rally posters, stickers and so much more so you can join the movement of parents on a mission to ensure a return to democracy, an end to mandates and accountability for the captured agencies that have failed our children.
  4. Find your tribe. We are stronger together. Connect with like-minded people and take to the streets in peaceful noncompliance, to educate people on your “Main Street” or to lobby at your statehouse. Commit to three acts of peaceful noncompliance daily and encourage your community to do the same. It can be as simple as a phone call, email or educational conversation with a friend or family member.

All of CHD’s litigation, censorship-free programs, tools and resources would not be possible without your ongoing support and generosity. Please donate so we can continue this important work.


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