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Be a defender of truth, freedom and children’s health. Use these advocacy resources to preserve medical freedom and parental choice, and find tools to effectively organize and advocate in your local community.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is calling on all advocates to advocate for our fundamental rights, health freedom and a return to democracy. Create awareness about the harms and risks posed by COVID vaccines, masks, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), environmental toxins and more.

Find all of CHD’s educational handouts, signs, resources, and more here:

Flyers, Handouts & Rally Signs

Leverage our information and resources to raise awareness on key issues and fight medical mandates and the installation of small cell antennas in your community and more.  Join us in this battle to help current and future generations overcome censorship by shedding light on the truth, encouraging critical thinking and demanding accountability from those who are causing harm.  A dedicated group of people taking consistent action can make all the difference.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Advocate from the Heart About Vaccine Risks: Share Our Campaigns!

Preserving parental rights, bodily autonomy and ending medical mandates is an ongoing battle that will take perseverance, consistent action and the weaponization of truthful, science-based information. Regulatory authorities and mainstream media continue their campaign of coercion, pharma-funded narratives and fear tactics, and sadly, many people fall prey to it. The devastation and adverse effects on our children and future generations cannot be fully measured despite the significantly growing number of deaths and injuries.

It’s time to break through the propaganda by sharing our campaigns “It’s Time to Follow the Science” and “Hands Off Our Children” which provides you with the latest science to educate those in your community, your legislators, school board officials, public health officials and anyone making decisions that impact the health of you or your children.

Find information and resources on electromagnetic radiation & wireless

Find information and resources to take action against the rollout of 5G and support CHD’s ongoing advocacy efforts related to fighting all aspects of wireless harm. Learn how to limit electromagnetic radiation exposure from wireless technology at home, school, work and public places. Access our EMR action alerts and campaign materials and share them with your community to raise awareness of this critical issue.

Educate your community through ‘Defender Days’

An effective way to fight the censorship and propaganda that dominates mainstream and social media is to hold “Defender Days” in your local community. Defender Days are educational days where we focus our efforts on sharing the facts about the dangers associated with COVID vaccines, masks, EMR and other important issues with our community, state legislators, board of education, pediatricians, pharmacists and other local leaders.

Through meaningful conversations with others, we can challenge the current narrative and teach people to make informed decisions. 

Suggestions for organizing ‘Defender Days’ in your community

1. Set a recurring date and choose a location. Find high-traffic, high-visibility locations with many people — grab a couple of friends and engage with others by asking open-ended questions. CHD encourages everyone to engage with their community on the first Saturday of every month. Use this done-for-you customizable flier to spread the word in your community.

2. Don’t be attached to the outcome, be committed to sharing information. Meet people where they are. Some may feel confronted by the information you offer. Don’t allow their reaction to impact your confidence and commitment to your work. Thought-provoking questions may be more effective in breaking through the false narratives many were led to believe.

Here are a few examples of engaging questions:

  • Did you know your child has a greater risk of being injured or killed by a COVID-19 vaccine than by getting COVID-19?
  • Did you know that neither pharma nor your doctor can be held liable for death or an injury caused by the COVID-19 injection?
  • Have you heard of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System?

3. Be our army of truth. Create street teams and assign people to different posts. If you have a large group, encourage people to stand on a busy corner with banners and signs to get the attention of cars passing by. Assign pairs of people to disperse and hand out our fully referenced educational flyers. Visit our Handouts Gallery for these resources. Encourage everyone to wear CHD-branded gear to create organizational awareness.

4. Share our customizable graphics to promote your “Defender days.” Create a  free Canva account to access customizable “Defender Day” graphics. This can be a powerful way to raise your voice as you connect with other community members. You can also share your flyers on social media and email lists and post flyers in your community to encourage other concerned parents and community members to join you in educating at these events.

5. Share your event with CHD. List your rallies, educational demonstrations, Defender Days, movie screenings, book clubs or other community events on our Community Calendar. You can use the calendar to see other events happening in and around your area. 

All of CHD’s litigation, censorship-free programs, tools and resources would not be possible without your ongoing support and generosity. Please consider making a donation to support the continuation of this important work.


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