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Find Legislation

Advocacy Tools:

The Plural website has a tool to help you find legislation on matters that mean the most for you, your family and community.

There are three steps to finding legislation in which you’re interested:

  1. Enter your search term. This can be a topic, a bill number, or a specific legislator’s name.
  2. Select which legislatures to search. Choose federal, specific states, or any combination of federal and state.
  3. Optionally, choose other filters to limit your search. These can include: which sessions to search (current only, or past sessions as well); whether to search both chambers, or just the upper or lower; whether to return results for all bill statuses, or only some; and what type of legislation to search for.

When you find legislation you’re interested in, you can use the “Track” button to get email from PluralPolicy updates about that legislation.

Search for Legislation Now

Note: CHD is not affiliated with Plural.

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