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The Community Voice is all about amplifying the voices of the movement. Here you will find articles that inspire and encourage you to become an advocate and stories from our community. Through our submission form, you can submit articles about events and issues important to the mission of CHD or stories about the human impacts of your advocacy work.

Tell us about your “wake up” moment. Describe the beautiful world you want to build for your children and future generations. Tell others about the struggles of swimming upstream when you’ve built a life founded upon “going with the flow,” or simply share your most memorable moment from a rally you attended at your state Capitol.

5G community EMR
November 19, 2022

Community Activist Brenda Martinez Fights Against 5G in Los Angeles

When a community garden is destroyed to make room for a 5G cell tower in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, Brenda Martinez takes action to protect the health of her family and community.

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mother and autistic son feature
November 16, 2022

All the Things He Could Have Been

A sister reflects on her brother’s autism and what his life could have been after he was inadvertently given two doses of an MMR vaccine.

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Little Girl Sad Isolated COVID lockdown
November 02, 2022

No Pandemic Amnesty: Not Now, Not Ever

In her Atlantic article “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty,” Emily Oster urges Americans to forgive and forget the atrocities committed during the COVID pandemic. Those who have lost so much say, not so fast.

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