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CHD Presents: WHO Roundtable Exposing ‘Mission Critical For Humanity’

The WHO’s “pandemic preparedness“ treaty is a guise for a global health power shift that threatens to destroy our personal and health freedoms. Join us for a virtual discussion with CHD’s Mary Holland and participants from around the world to discuss what this treaty means for global citizens and how to stop it.

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A child holding a cardboard sign that reads "Stop Big Pharma Corruption"

Reform Pharma

Reform Pharma
Reform Pharma

An initiative of Children’s Health Defense, removing Big Pharma corruption and restoring healthcare integrity.

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Gavel and money vaccines

Did DOJ Lawyers Commit Fraud in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding?

Based on recently uncovered information, CHD thinks so. We are demanding answers and the truth. Vaccine-injured children and young adults with autism may finally get their day in court…and justice!

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FREE eBook: “A Parents’ Guide to Healthy Children”

This brand new eBook guides those seeking to become pregnant, expecting parents and those seeking to raise healthy children through the early years of life. Learn what factors can affect fertility, how to prepare for childbirth and what you need to know about Big Pharma’s intervention with your child’s health.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

We Are Children’s Health Defense

Our mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable and establish safeguards to prevent future harm. We fight corruption, mass surveillance and censorship that put profits before people as well as advocate for worldwide rights to health freedom and bodily autonomy.

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Wuhan Institute of Virology

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s
new book:
“The Wuhan Cover-Up”

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The Wuhan Cover Up
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

About Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Esteemed author and Founder of Waterkeeper Alliance, RFK Jr. serves as the Founder of Children’s Health Defense and is currently on leave as CHD’s Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel.

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Get gripping stories, eye-opening facts and historical accounts from authors with a passion for truth. Choose from over 40 hard-to-put-down titles.

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Show your freedom warrior support with hats, tees, tumblers, totes, hoodies, and more - A collection that speaks volumes and reflects the passion and dedication that defines our mission.

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The People’s Study Testimonials

The greatest crisis that America faces today is the chronic disease epidemic in America’s children.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Chairman On Leave

54% of US Youth are Chronically Ill

America's children are facing unprecedented epidemics!

We are in a crisis

4 in 10 kids


1 in 5 kids


1 in 5 kids


1 in 6 kids


1 in 10 kids


1 in 10 kids


1 in 12 kids


1 in 13 kids


1 in 36 kids


1 in 285 kids