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Vaccine Mandates: An Erosion of Civil Rights?

Around the world, vaccine mandates are snowballing. In the U.S. growing numbers of legislators and public health offi­cials are imposing oppressive mandates that trample on religious, parental and human rights. In this, our third Children’s Health Defense eBook, we will take a look at the history and consequences of vaccines mandates, and what can be done.

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The pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction.

Although compulsory childhood vaccination has been a cornerstone of U.S. public health policy for a long time, until recently, nearly all states allowed for vaccine exemptions, recognizing the con­stitutional dimensions of the right to refuse medical care and at least paying lip service to the ethical principle of informed consent. Now, the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction.

A sneak-peek of information covered in this comprehensive document:
  • Review the tenuous legal under­pinnings of vaccine mandates in the United States (Section II)
  •  Discuss how officials have used the false rationale of “herd immunity” to make unjustifiable claims about the need for man­dates (Section III)
  •  Present the flawed logic of hep­atitis B vaccine mandates as a case study (Section IV)
  •  Explore the campaign to smooth the path to further mandates by undermining parents’ role in vac­cine decision-making (Section V)
  •  Examine the highly coordinated agenda to push compulsory vacci­nation across the globe (Section VI)
  •  Discuss steps being taken to halt the erosion of informed consent and vaccine choice (Section VII).

Standing Up For Our Children…

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.“This is the biggest battle of our lives and we have the privilege to be a part of it. You are on the frontline of something that you know is important. My father told me you have to find something to give your life to. And you guys have something and you know you’re right. You know this is the most important battle in human history.

And what we are fighting for are the essential tenets of American Democracy, which is free market capitalism, which we don’t have. They destroyed the markets, didn’t they? There’s no market for vaccines because they couldn’t sell them. So, they had to disable the markets and force us to take them against our will.

And for Democracy… they’ve taken democracy from us and they’ve taken the institutions of justice directly. They have gotten rid of the 6th and 7th Amendment guarantees, the Federal Constitutional guarantees for jury trials. We’re the only people in our country, who you can injure…. A private corporation can injure and disable and you can’t get a jury trial.

They have dismantled all of the institutions of our Democracy in order to make this business function. They know they cannot get people to take this willingly. They know they cannot win this debate in the public square. The only way is through censorship and coercion. And those are bowling balls that are meant to destroy all of the tenets of our democracy.

What we’re standing up for is our children.”

—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

What Can Concerned Citizens Do?

As governments unconscionably fail to subject vaccines and vaccine mandates to appropriate scrutiny and skepticism, the public and ethical professionals must step into the breach.

Using this ebook, and the numerous resources available in our Mandates Toolbox, concerned individuals can help educate others about the need to take into account all the health risks of vaccination, the need to respect individual autonomy and require those who administer vaccines provide vaccine con­sumers with complete information.

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