Chapter 19

Are your children still yours?

Parents Should Be Allowed to Make Health Decisions for their Children

Parents have the responsibility and authority to make medical decisions on behalf of their children.  Why?  Because they love them.

Professional politicians, vaccinologists, and bureaucrats do not love your children.  They don’t even know your children. They don’t know their health history or genetics.  They weren’t there when you held your child for the first time.  They weren’t there when your child lost her first tooth.  They weren’t there when your child fell, scraped his skin and you held and comforted him.

But, the world has turned upside down.  Now, people you have never met are making health decisions for your children.

This may sound like a strange question, but are you still the parent of your own child?

Think about it.

The government has given these people the authority to make medical decisions for your child by deciding what medical interventions (vaccines) they must have.

It doesn’t matter if you agree or not.

It doesn’t matter that you know your child best.

It doesn’t matter that you love your child and want them to have a long and healthy life.

It doesn’t matter that the decisions you make will be in the best interest of your children.

None of that matters.

Parents have the responsibility and authority to make medical decisions on behalf of their children.  Since politicians, vaccinologists, and bureaucrats are now making some of the decisions, let’s meet your child’s co-parents.

But first a question: If vaccines were so great and so harmless and had no long or short term risk, why do they have to force people to take them?

Let’s be clear, the four people below were selected because they have been outspoken and public vaccine proponents.  There are others, but this is just a sample.

Are These Your Children’s Co-Parents?

Stanley Plotkin, vaccine millionaire

Stanley Alan Plotkin developed vaccines in the United States during the mid to late twentieth century.  Dubbed the “Godfather of Vaccines,” he has worked on vaccines for anthrax, polio, rabies and rotavirus. He literally wrote the book on vaccines.  It’s called Plotkin’s Vaccines and it’s now in its 7th edition.

Here are excerpts of a video deposition that Plotkin gave on January 11, 2018.  In these excerpts you will learn what’s actually in vaccines:

This is the full deposition:

Between approximately the one hour and two hour mark, you can hear him discuss the millions of dollars he has received from vaccines over the years.

Samuel Katz, “there was no published peer-reviewed study”

Samuel L. Katz, MD is an American pediatrician and virologist whose career has been devoted to infectious disease research, focusing principally on vaccine research and development.

Katz has chaired the Committee on Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics (the Redbook Committee), the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control, the Vaccine Priorities Study of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and several WHO and CVI vaccine and HIV panels. He is a member of many scientific advisory committees and boards including the NIH, IOM, WHO, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Burroughs Wellcome Fund (Chairman), and the Hasbro Children’s Foundation. He was Chairman of the Public Policy Council of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and currently co-chairs IDSA’s Vaccine Initiative.

This is from: “Shoot First and Ask Questions Later” Scientific Fraud and Conflict Of Interest In Vaccine Research, Licensing & Policymaking By Michael Belkin

“Another case suggesting scientific fraud is the still-existing 1991 ACIP recommendation that every newborn baby receive the hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital within hours of birth. Samuel L. Katz, MD, who instituted that policy when he was ACIP Chairman in 1991 has admitted they had no peer-reviewed, published studies showing that it was safe to give to newborns when the ACIP made that recommendation. (Katz is former Chairman Committee on Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics, former Chairman of the Public Policy Council of the Infectious Diseases Society of America).”

“When I asked Katz in the question/answer session after his April 12, 2000 NY/Cornell Medical School lecture on “Vaccines in the New Millennium” what peer-reviewed, published safety study he used when he was ACIP Chairman to recommend at-birth immunization of newborns in 1991 he answered: “you are quite right there was no published peer-reviewed study” (tape and transcript available). Newborns have negligible risk of contracting the hepatitis B virus, unless the mother is infected. That risk can easily be determined by a maternal blood test. No US vaccine had ever been mandated for newborn babies before. But Katz and the ACIP decided it was safe to vaccinate not-at-risk for hepatitis B newborns without any proper safety study.”

Katz is the co-inventor of the measles vaccine.  This is what he said when interviewed for the Oral History Project by Jeffrey P. Baker, MD, PhD between March 7, 2002 and June 13, 2002.  (The link has been taken down, but as of this writing a cached version is still available on Google).  In this excerpt, Katz is discussing the measles vaccine:

“Today it’s just Merck [Pharmaceuticals], but at that point, Parke-Davis [now a division of Pfizer, Inc.], [Eli] Lilly [& Company Limited], Wyeth [Laboratories, Inc.], Merck, Pitman-Moore [Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.] [absorbed into International Minerals and Chemical Corporation]. Companies that don’t even make vaccines anymore all seized on this. They saw that measles were something people wanted to have their kids avoid, and they saw this as a good marketing thing (emphasis added).”

Paul Offit, another vaccine millionaire

Paul Allan Offit  is an American pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases, vaccines, immunology, and virology. He is the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine. He has been a member of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.  Offit is a board member of Every Child By Two and a Founding Board Member of the Autism Science Foundation (ASF).  Offit is perhaps the most widely-quoted defender of vaccine safety.

According to a congressional investigation:

“At our April 6th autism hearing, Dr. Paul Offit disclosed that he holds a patent on a rotavirus vaccine and receives grant money from Merck to develop this vaccine. He also disclosed that he is paid by the pharmaceutical industry to travel around the country and teach doctors that vaccines are safe. Dr. Offit is a member of the CDC’s advisory committee and voted on three rotavirus issues, including making the recommendation of adding the rotavirus vaccine to the Vaccines for Children program.”

According to a CBS News investigation:

Offit was not willing to be interviewed on this subject, but like others in this CBS News investigation, he has strong industry ties. In fact, he’s a vaccine industry insider.

Offit holds in a $1.5 million dollar research chair at Children’s Hospital, funded by Merck. He holds the patent on an anti-diarrhea vaccine he developed with Merck, Rotateq…And future royalties for the vaccine were just sold for $182 million cash. Dr. Offit’s share of vaccine profits?

Offit’s personal or laboratory share has never been disclosed publicly, but typical intellectual property agreements in academic research allow for the inventors to share in up to 25% of institutional income.

Senator Richard Pan, is he a moron, a liar, or both?

Richard Juien-Dah Pan is an American Democratic politician who is currently California State Senate representing the 6th Senate district, which encompasses parts of Sacramento and Yolo counties. He is also a pediatrician. Pan sponsored a bill in California that removed vaccine exemptions from the law.  This meant that many children now have to be vaccinated against their parent’s will.

Here are five excerpts of his public statements about vaccines.  Each one is false.  Either he knows the truth and he is lying or he doesn’t know and, as a pediatrician, he is a complete moron.  Either way he should not be allowed anywhere near law making that affects other people’s children.


This is from The National Vaccine Information Center.  All the sources they cite are at the bottom of this page:

“As of May 31, 2019, there have been more than 94,972 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 468 related deaths, 7,127 hospitalizations, and 1,820 related disabilities. However, the numbers of vaccine-related injuries and deaths reported to VAERS may not reflect the true number of serious health problems that occur after MMR vaccination.

As of July 1, 2019 there have been 1,274 claims filed in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) for 82 deaths and 1,192 injuries that occurred after measles vaccination. Of that number, the U.S. Court of Claims administering the VICP has compensated 484 children and adults, who have filed claims for measles vaccine injury.” (source 1 below)

  1. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, there would be a robust injury reporting system designed to capture all injuries. It doesn’t exist. This is from The National Vaccine Information Center.“Even though the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 legally required pediatricians and other vaccine providers to report serious health problems following vaccination to federal health agencies (VAERS), many doctors and other medical workers giving vaccines to children and adults fail to report vaccine-related health problem to VAERS. There is evidence that only between 1 and 10 percent of serious health problems that occur after use of prescription drugs or vaccines in the U.S. are ever reported to federal health officials who are responsible for regulating the safety of drugs and vaccines and issue national vaccine policy recommendations.” (sources 2 below).
  2. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, there would be long term follow-up during vaccine trials to see what chronic debilitating diseases occur including auto-immune diseases. This doesn’t happen.
  3. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, there would be actual placebo testing of vaccines to ensure they are safe. This is what they do with drugs.  This doesn’t happen with vaccines.
  4. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, the myriad money entanglements and conflicts of interest in vaccine decision making would be eliminated. People with financial and professional conflicts of interest would not be allowed to participate in vaccine policy.  This doesn’t happen.
  5. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, the dismal infant and pediatric health outcomes of American children would be compared to infants and children in other countries that have fewer vaccines. An analysis of this critical data would be done objectively.  Why do countries that vaccinate less have healthier kids? This question isn’t addressed.
  6. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, a comprehensive study of the long-term health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children in this country would be performed. If vaccines are so great, the data would demonstrate this.  Why does the government resist this study?
  7. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, dangerous ingredients in vaccines such as aluminum and mercury and sodium borate would be forever removed. They are not.
  8. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, vaccine makers would be required to improve vaccines. Instead they have no legal responsibility to make improvements even though some of their vaccines are over a half century old.
  9. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously, vaccine maker would be held financially responsible for the products they inject into our children. Instead the government gives them indemnification so it’s all profit and no risk for their business.
  10. If vaccine safety was taken very seriously there would be independent and objective follow-up of children allegedly injured or killed by vaccines. These boys and girls are hurt and their parents are left to fend for themselves.  They have to find out what happened and why and who will now help pay the medical bills.  The government and the vaccine makers have no interest in following up on individual cases to find out what happened so other children will be spared.

None of these things are happening. Therefore, vaccine safety is not taken seriously.


This has already been covered here.

The rubella and chickenpox portions of the measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine are both made from aborted fetal cells.

How do we know?

Because the manufacturer (Merck) tells us this.

In the Description, the manufacturer (Merck) discusses WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts and MRC-5 cells.  The insert also states that the vaccine contains “residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein.”

Wikipedia says:

“MRC-5 (Medical Research Council cell strain 5) is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from research deriving lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted Caucasian male fetus…MRC-5 cells are currently used to produce several vaccines including for Hepatitis A, varicella and polio.”

The Coriell Institute for Medical Research says:

The MRC-5 cell line was developed in September 1966 from lung tissue taken from a 14 week fetus aborted for psychiatric reason from a 27 year old physically healthy woman.

What about WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts?

Wikipedia says:

“WI-38 is a diploid human cell line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3-month-gestation aborted female fetus.”


This has been covered here.  Below is a list of vaccine ingredients from Wikipedia.

In what world is water more dangerous than acetone, fetal bovine serum, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, polysorbate 80, 2-phenoxyethanol, monosodium L-glutamate, DNA from aborted fetuses and many many other chemicals?

VaccineCulture mediaExcipients
Adenovirus vaccineDulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium, human diploid fibroblast cell culture (WI-38)This list refers to the type 4 and type 7 adenovirus vaccine tablets licensed in the US: Acetonealcoholanhydrous lactosecastor oilcellulose acetate phthalatedextroseD-fructoseD-mannose, FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye, fetal bovine serumhuman serum albuminmagnesium stearate, micro crystalline cellulose, plasdone C, Polacrilin potassium, potassium phosphatesodium bicarbonatesucrose
Anthrax vaccine (BioThrax)Puziss–Wright medium 1095, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum hydroxideamino acidsbenzethonium chlorideformaldehyde, inorganic salts and sugarsvitamins
BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) (Tice BCG)Synthetic or semisyntheticAsparaginecitric acidlactoseglyceriniron ammonium citratemagnesium sulfatepotassium phosphate
DTaP (Daptacel)Cohen–Wheeler or Stainer–Scholte media, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum phosphateformaldehydeGlutaraldehyde2-phenoxyethanol
DTaP (Infanrix)Cohen–Wheeler or Stainer–Scholte media, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud–Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum hydroxidebovine extract, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, polysorbate 80
DTaP (Tripedia)Cohen–Wheeler or Stainer–Scholte media, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfatebovine extract, formaldehydegelatinpeptonepolysorbate 80sodium phosphatethimerosal[2]
DTaP-Hib (TriHIBit)Synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum potassium sulfateammonium sulfatebovine extract, formaldehyde or formalingelatinpolysorbate 80sucrosethimerosal[2]
DTaP-IPV (Kinrix)Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum hydroxide, calf serumformaldehydeglutaraldehyde, lactalbumin hydrolysate, neomycin sulfatepolymyxin Bpolysorbate 80
DTaP-HepB-IPV (Pediarix)Bovine protein, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud–Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum hydroxidealuminum phosphate, calf serum, lactalbumin hydrolysate, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, neomycin sulfatepolymyxin Bpolysorbate 80, yeast protein
DTaP-IPV-Hib (Pentacel)Synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum phosphatebovine serum albuminformaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, MRC-5 cellular protein, neomycinpolymyxin B sulfatepolysorbate 802-phenoxyethanol
DT vaccine (diphtheria vaccine plus tetanus vaccine) (Sanofi)Synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum potassium sulfate, bovine extract, formaldehydethimerosal
DT vaccine (Massachusetts)Synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum hydroxideformaldehyde or formalin
Hib vaccine (ActHIB)Synthetic or semisyntheticAmmonium sulfateformaldehydesucrose[3]
Hib vaccine (PedvaxHib)Synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate[4]
Hib vaccine (Hiberix)SemisyntheticFormaldehydelactose[5]
Hib-HepB (Comvax)Synthetic or semisynthetic, yeast or yeast extractAmorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, amino acidsdextroseformaldehydehemin chloride, mineral saltsnicotinamide adenine dinucleotidepotassium aluminum sulfatesodium boratesoy peptoneyeast protein
Hepatitis A vaccine (Havrix)Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5)Aluminum hydroxideamino acid supplement, formalinMRC-5 cellular protein, neomycin sulfatephosphate buffers, polysorbate 20
Hepatitis A vaccine (Vaqta)Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5)Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, bovine albumin or serumformaldehydeMRC-5 cellular protein, sodium borate
Hepatitis B vaccine (Engerix-B)Yeast or yeast extractAluminum hydroxidephosphate buffers, yeast protein
Hepatitis B vaccine (Recombivax HB)Yeast or yeast extractAmorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, amino acidsdextroseformaldehyde, mineral salts, potassium aluminum sulfate, soy peptone, yeast protein
HepA-HepB vaccine (Twinrix)Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5), yeast or yeast extractAluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, amino acids, formalin, MRC-5 cells, neomycin sulfate, phosphate buffers, polysorbate 20, yeast protein
Human papillomavirus (HPV) (Cervarix)Trichoplusia ni cellsAluminum hydroxideamino acidslipids, mineral saltssodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate, type 16 viral protein L1, type 18 viral protein L1, vitamins
Human papillomavirus (HPV) (Gardasil)Yeast or yeast extractAmino acids, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, carbohydratesL-histidine, mineral salts, polysorbate 80sodium boratevitamins, yeast protein
Influenza vaccine (Afluria)Chicken embryoBeta-propiolactonecalcium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, egg protein, monobasic potassium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphateneomycin sulfatepolymyxin Bpotassium chloride, sodium taurodeoxychoalate, thimerosal (multi-dose vials only)
Influenza vaccine (Agriflu)Chicken embryoEgg proteins, formaldehydepolysorbate 80cetyltrimethylammonium bromideneomycin sulfatekanamycin
Influenza vaccine (Fluad)Chicken embryoSqualene, polysorbate 80, sorbitan trioleate, sodium citrate dehydrate, citric acid monohydrate, neomycinkanamycinbarium, egg proteins, CTAB(cetyltrimethylammonium bromide), formaldehyde
Influenza vaccine (Fluarix)Chicken embryoFormaldehyde, octoxynol-10 (Triton X-100), α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), hydrocortisonegentamicin sulfateovalbuminsodium deoxycholatesucrosephosphate buffer
Influenza vaccine (Flublok)insect cell line (expresSF+)Monobasic sodium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphatepolysorbate 20baculovirus and host cell proteins, baculovirus and cellular DNA, Triton X-100lipidsvitaminsamino acids, mineral salts
Influenza vaccine (Flucelvax)Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell proteinMadin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell protein, MDCK cell DNA, polysorbate 80, cetyltrimethlyammonium bromide, β-propiolactonephosphate buffer
Influenza vaccine (Flulaval)Chicken embryoFormaldehyde, á-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80sodium deoxycholatethimerosalovalbumin
Influenza vaccine (Fluvirin)Chicken embryoBeta-propiolactone, egg protein, neomycin, nonylphenol ethoxylate, polymyxinthimerosal (multi-dose containers), thimerosal[2] (single-dose syringes)
Influenza vaccine (Fluzone)Chicken embryoEgg protein, formaldehydegelatin (standard formulation only), octylphenol ethoxylate (Triton X-100), sodium phosphatethimerosal (multi-dose containers only)
Influenza vaccine (FluMist)Chicken kidney cells, chicken embryoArginine, dibasic potassium phosphate, egg protein, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acidgentamicin sulfatehydrolyzed porcine gelatin, monobasic potassium phosphatemonosodium glutamatesucrose
Japanese encephalitis vaccine (JE-Vax)Mouse brain cultureFormaldehyde or formalingelatin, mouse serum protein, polysorbate 80thimerosal
Japanese encephalitis vaccine (Ixiaro)Vero (monkey kidney) cell cultureAluminum hydroxidebovine serum albuminformaldehydeprotamine sulfatesodium metabisulphite
Meningococcal vaccine (Menactra)Modified Mueller–Miller medium, Mueller–Hinton agar, Watson–Scherp mediumFormaldehyde (Each 0.5 mL dose may contain residual amounts of formaldehyde of less than 2.66 µg (0.000532%), by calculation), phosphate buffers[6]
Meningococcal vaccine (Menomune)Watson–Scherp media, Mueller–Hinton agarLactosethimerosal (multi-dose vial only)
Meningococcal vaccine (Menveo)Franz complete mediumAmino acidsformaldehydeyeast extract
MMR vaccine (MMR-II)Human diploid tissue culture (WI-38), Medium 199Amino acids, fetal bovine serumglutamatehydrolyzed gelatinneomycin, recombinant human serum albuminsodium phosphatesorbitolsucrosevitamins
MMRV vaccine (ProQuad)Human diploid tissue cultures (MRC-5WI-38), Medium 199Bovine calf serum, dibasic potassium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphatehuman albuminhuman serum albuminhydrolyzed gelatin, monobasic potassium phosphatemonosodium L-glutamate, MRC-5 cellular protein, neomycinsodium bicarbonatesorbitolsucrosepotassium chloride
Pneumococcal vaccine (Pneumovax)Bovine proteinPhenol
Pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar)Soy peptone brothAluminum phosphateammonium sulfatecasamino acidpolysorbate 80succinate buffer, yeast
Polio vaccine (IPV – Ipol)Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, Medium 199Calf serum protein, formaldehydeneomycin2-phenoxyethanolpolymyxin Bstreptomycin
Polio vaccine (IPV – Poliovax)Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5)sodium chloride
Rabies vaccine (Imovax)Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5)Albumin, MRC-5 cells, neomycin sulfatephenol
Rabies vaccine (RabAvert, Greedo)Rhesus fetal lung tissue culture, chicken embryoAmphotericin Bbeta-propiolactonechicken proteinchlortetracyclinehuman serum albuminneomycinovalbuminpolygeline (processed bovine 14 gelatin), potassium glutamate
Rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq)Vero (monkey kidney) cell culturefetal bovine serumsodium citratesodium phosphate monobasic monohydratesodium hydroxidesucrosepolysorbate 80
Rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix)Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM)Amino acidscalcium carbonatedextransorbitolsucrosevitaminsxanthan
Td vaccine (Decavac)Mueller–Miller medium, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum potassium sulfate, bovine muscle tissue, formaldehydepeptonethimerosal[2]
Td vaccine (Massachusetts)Modified Mueller's media, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum phosphateammonium phosphatebovine extractsformaldehydethimerosal (some multi-dose vials)
Tdap vaccine (Adacel)Mueller's growth medium, Mueller–Miller casamino acidmedium(without beef heart infusion), synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum phosphateammonium sulfateformaldehydeglutaraldehyde2-phenoxyethanol
Tdap vaccine (Boostrix)Fenton media with bovine casein, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud–Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, Stainer–Scholte liquid medium, synthetic or semisyntheticAluminum hydroxidebovine extract, formaldehydeglutaraldehydepolysorbate 80
Typhoid vaccine (inactivated – Typhim VI)Synthetic or semisyntheticDisodium phosphatemonosodium phosphatephenolpolydimethylsiloxanehexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide
Typhoid vaccine (oral – Ty21a/Vivotif)Amino acidsascorbic acidcaseindextrosegalactoselactosesucroseyeast extract
Vaccinia (ACAM2000)Vero (monkey kidney) cell cultureGlycerinhuman serum albuminmannitolneomycinphenolpolymyxin B
Varicella vaccine (Varivax)Human diploid tissue cultures (MRC-5 and WI-38)Dibasic sodium phosphateethylenediamine tetra acetic acid[ sodium (EDTA), fetal bovine serumgelatinglutamatemonobasic potassium phosphatemonobasic sodium phosphatemonosodium L-glutamateMRC-5 DNA and cellular protein, neomycinphosphatepotassium chloridesucrose
Yellow fever vaccine (YF-Vax)Chicken embryoEgg protein, gelatin, sorbitol
Zoster vaccine (Zostavax)Human diploid tissue cultures (MRC-5 and WI-38)Bovine calf serum, dibasic sodium phosphate, hydrolyzed porcine gelatinmonosodium L-glutamateMRC-5 DNA and cellular protein, monobasic potassium phosphateneomycinpotassium chloridesucrose

Even the American Medical Association would never say anything as irresponsible as the most dangerous substance in vaccines in water. In fact here’s something that the Journal of the American Medical Association has published:

“The committee found that the evidence favored acceptance of a causal relation between diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and Guillain-Barré syndrome and brachial neuritis, between measles vaccine and anaphylaxis, between oral polio vaccine and Guillain-Barré syndrome, and between unconjugated Hib vaccine and susceptibility to Hib disease. The committee found that the evidence established causality between diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and anaphylaxis, between measles vaccine and death from measles vaccine-strain viral infection, between measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and thrombocytopenia and anaphylaxis, between oral polio vaccine and poliomyelitis and death from polio vaccine-strain viral infection, and between hepatitis B vaccine and anaphylaxis.”


We have addressed efficacy here.  But, let’s review safety.  What does “safe” mean?  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary it means “free from harm or risk.”  Were the 1,247 children who, according to government data (VAERS) died within 48 hours of getting a vaccine free from harm or risk?  Were the thousands of children who were compensated by the Federal Court of Claims for their vaccine injury, free of harm or risk?  Even the CDC says “True reactions to the vaccine… include both common, known side effects and serious reactions, like allergic reactions.”  Does that sound like children are free from harm or risk?

Pan man should resign out of shame for lying to his constituents.

Pan has also received considerable sums of money from the pharmaceutical and health industry.  Different sources report different amounts.

According to JustFacts, he received $152,268.85 from the Pharmaceuticals & Health Products Industry. According to Follow the Money, he has received $1,310,598 from the health sector.

According to the Sacramento Bee, in one year, “Receiving more than $95,000, the top recipient of industry campaign cash is Sen. Richard Pan, a Sacramento Democrat and doctor who is carrying the vaccine bill.”

Do you like your children’s co-parents?

Many people who work on vaccines are dedicated and honest.  They are not millionaires, liars or people who play fast and loose with your children’s health.  They are not the problem.  But, these dedicated scientists are not the ones writing laws or sitting on committees that decide vaccine policy for the country.

It’s a bad idea to share parenting with people who don’t know your child, don’t love your child, and have their own agenda.  The choice to vaccinate is yours.  Not theirs!


The conclusion is yours to write in your own homes with your own families.  Our families have already been destroyed by vaccines.  We wish you well.

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