October 02, 2020
6 Wikileaks Revelations Expose Corporate Abuse at Expense of People and Planet
September 30, 2020
Childhood Cancer Caused Largely by Environmental Factors, Report Finds
September 29, 2020
Christopher Walken Crusades Against Global Corporate Behemoth, Monsanto, in New Film ‘Percy’
August 25, 2020
Fluoridation on Trial: RFK, Jr.’s Conversation with Attorney Michael Connett
July 28, 2020
COVID — Lessons From History and Power of “The Terrain”
April 24, 2020
The FCC Just Approved 6 GHz Frequency Band for Wi-Fi and Why You Shouldn’t Use It
February 27, 2020
What’s in Children’s Drinking Water? Far Too Often, Something Neurotoxic
January 21, 2020
Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s Legal Team Sues FCC over Wireless Health Guidelines
November 26, 2019
Communication Interrupted: Why Does One in Twelve U.S. Children Have a Communication Disorder?
November 19, 2019
ADHD: Alarms Raised; Risks Ignored
August 27, 2019
More Evidence that Fluoride Lowers IQ: Will the CDC Keep Ignoring It?
August 22, 2019
Glyphosate and Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults
July 31, 2019
U.S. Births Are at Record-Low Levels — Why Aren’t We Asking Why?
July 09, 2019
The Autism Blame Game: This Time, It’s the Womb
March 28, 2019
The Disturbing Increase in Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults
January 17, 2019
12 Reasons Why Even Low Levels of Glyphosate are Unsafe
November 15, 2018
Scientist Replies to Aluminum Industry’s and Medical Industry’s False and Misleading Claims of Aluminum Safety
November 06, 2018
Breakfast Favorite Orange Juice Tainted by Glyphosate Herbicide Threatens Our Health and Florida’s Environment
October 18, 2018
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September 08, 2018
Rounding Up Glyphosate: Toxicity Known Since the 80s—So Why Weren’t We Protected?
September 04, 2018
Bayer Needs More Than an Aspirin to Cure Its Monsanto-Sized Headache
August 28, 2018
Incidence of Childhood Cancers Skyrockets: Is Modern Life Destroying the Health of Our Children?
June 19, 2018
Declining IQ: A Race to the Bottom?
April 27, 2018
CDC Still Paralyzed by Autism Epidemic: Report Shows One in 59 Children in the U.S. Now Affected
November 30, 2017
Hiding Behind Genetics to Avoid Culpability for Environmental Causes of Autism
October 31, 2017
Two Meta-Analysis Reviews Confirm (Yet Again) the Link between Mercury and Autism Spectrum Disorder
October 24, 2017
The Interwoven Global Epidemics of Mercury Toxicity and Autism
Autism-ADHD Puzzle
September 13, 2017
Studies Link Heavy Metals to the Explosion of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Declining IQ in American Children
July 28, 2017
Mercury and Lead: The Fallacy of “Safe” Levels
July 12, 2017
Mercury and Autism Relationship Confirmed in Longitudinal Study