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In an interview with mRNA vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Vanden Bossche discussed the risks of rolling out new vaccines to target Omicron.

Kennedy called Vanden Bossche “one of the leading and most outspoken authorities on the impacts of mass vaccination and on the evolution of the bug — but also the evolution of the human immune system.”

Kennedy added:

“I want to establish his credentials as a mainstream pro-vaccination scientist, but one with integrity. And his integrity has led him to this moment as a major critic of the mass vaccination rollout — and all of the attacks on him have occurred because he’s taken that very brave stand.”

Vanden Bossche’s view on the vaccines is based on years of experience, including at major international institutions working on the cutting edge of virology.

Vanden Bossche told Kennedy:

“Very clearly the endpoint of the clinical studies was protection against disease. So what I call these mass vaccinations are ‘symptomatic mass vaccinations.’ And as you pointed out correctly, if you cannot stop the infection of the virus and the transmission of the virus, all you will do is give variants that are able to overcome this immune pressure — you will give them a competitive advantage.

“And as the transmission continues, these variants will just be enriched in the population, up until the point where they become dominant.”

Vanden Bossche and Kennedy agreed — mass vaccination with a COVID vaccine that has no effect on transmission is dangerous.

Kennedy said:

“What we’re doing is we’re creating a reservoir that is constantly producing what we call escape variants. In other words, variants that are designed under evolutionary pressure. They’re being selectively bred to escape the impacts of the vaccine, and each one now will become dominant in the population.”

Despite this danger, Vanden Bossche said he is guardedly hopeful as he sees natural immunity succeeding against the new viral strains, despite the ineffectiveness of the vaccines.

Vanden Bossche said:

“The population is now regaining the functionality of its innate immune system — that we know is protective against coronavirus. That’s also why children that have very good innate functional immunity are so well protected against coronavirus.

“So now, in fact, this is a present from nature. We are now benefiting from a circulating virus that has become resistant to all these useless antibodies that we have been inducing.”

The vaccinated and the unvaccinated are developing good natural resistance to the new variations of the virus, Vanden Bossche said.

But further vaccination could be very dangerous, he said:

“If we don’t take this small window of opportunity to generate herd immunity in a natural way, using the circulating Omicron as a kind of life-attenuated vaccine, then we are gonna mess it up completely.

“If we are now going to vaccinate against Omicron, then I promise that what I have been forecasting at the beginning of this year, that if we would continue this mass vaccination, that this would lead to a disaster. And that is, would lead to severe disease, primarily of course, in people who get vaccinated against this variant.”

Kennedy and Vanden Bossche discussed the specific biological risks in vaccinating against Omicron, how the COVID virus has evolved, the repression of data confirming the dangers of a vaccine that has no impact on transmission and the unwillingness of the scientific community to face the reality of a failed pandemic response.

Kennedy said:

“The punchline is that the vaccine is almost certainly prolonging the pandemic — and potentially could make it much more deadly.”

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