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Comedian Theo Von Sits Down With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Check out this two-hour conversation between comedian Theo Von and children’s health advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Super Bowl Champ Tells RFK, Jr.: 6 Months After Moderna Vaccine, Wife’s Injury ‘Progressively Worse’

Green Bay Packers hall-of-famer Ken Ruettgers told RFK, Jr. on “The Defender Podcast” he started a website where people can share their stories of COVID vaccine injuries after his wife suffered a “severe reaction” to the Moderna vaccine.

Vaccine Safety Advocate Tells RFK, Jr.: VAERS Protects Vaccine Makers, Not Kids

Eileen Iorio told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” that while VAERS was created to protect children from vaccine injury by reporting adverse events to Congress, the government-funded reporting system has never followed through on that mission.

Leila Centner Tells RFK, Jr.: My Academy Welcomes Unvaccinated, Unmasked Students — and Is Hiring New Teachers

Leila Centner, founder of Centner Academy in Miami, Florida, says schools nationwide have made students feel anxious and fearful of one another. Her academy allows kids to be kids, and does not hide students behind plexiglass or force social distancing.

Teen Who Had Heart Attack After COVID Vaccine Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘I Thought It Was Safe’

Isaiah Harris told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” that the first hospital he visited after suffering an adverse reaction to Pfizer’s COVID refused to believe his symptoms were a result of the COVID shot.

Mother of COVID Vaccine-Injured Teen Tells RFK, Jr. She Was ‘Gaslighted’ by Doctors

Marie Follmer told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” that she took her son to the emergency room 10 times after he suffered an adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, but none of the doctors they saw believed his condition was linked to the COVID vaccine.

Graduate Student Tells RFK, Jr. How She Took on Her School’s COVID Vaccine Policy — and Won

Cait Corrigan told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” that she was threatened and harassed by her classmates, professor/academic advisor and the president of Earlham College when she pushed back against the school’s refusal to accept her religious belief exemption for the COVID vaccine.

‘Dog Doc’ Marty Goldstein Tells RFK, Jr. About Holistic Pet Care + Harms of Over Vaccinating

Dr. Marty Goldstein told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” that the adjuvants in pet vaccines, which often contain ingredients like aluminum and mercury, are linked to pet cancers including Feline Injection-Site Sarcoma.

Yale Doctor Tells RFK, Jr. How He Was Attacked by Colleagues Over COVID Treatment Recommendation for High-Risk Patients

Dr. Harvey Risch told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr The Defender Podcast,” his colleagues
criticized and tried to discredit him when he began urging doctors to treat early COVID patients with hydroxychloroquine.

Naturopathic Doctor Tells RFK, Jr.: Lockdowns Tanked People’s Immune Systems, Putting Them More at Risk for COVID

Dr. Tyna Moore, a naturopathic doctor and recent guest on “RFK Jr The Defender Podcast,” told Kennedy she and her colleagues in Oregon were censored for advising people on how they could strengthen their immune systems in order to reduce their risk of getting COVID.

Canadian Doctor Tells RFK, Jr.: Many Patients Experiencing ‘Serious Injuries’ After Moderna Vaccine

Dr. Charles Hoffe told Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” British Columbia health officials threatened to take his medical license and forbid him from saying anything negative about the COVID vaccine.

Former Pfizer VP Tells RFK, Jr.: Young, Healthy People Shouldn’t Be Coerced Into Taking ‘Experimental’ Vaccines

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer, expressed his uncertainty about the safety of mRNA vaccine technology in an interview with Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on the “RFK Jr The Defender Podcast.”

RFK, Jr. and Retired Trauma Surgeon Chat How COVID Cases Are Classified, Vaccine Shedding and More

In an episode of “RFK Jr The Defender Podcast,” retired Dr. Eileen Natuzzi talks to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about vaccine shedding, asymptomatic transmission, overly sensitive PCR tests and what it was like to go back to work in the public health bureaucracy during the pandemic.

RFK, Jr. to Speak at Rally to Preserve Religious Exemption in Connecticut

Health freedom advocates urge the public to attend the “Rise Up Rally” Tuesday, April 27, 9 a.m., as Connecticut lawmakers vote on a bill to repeal the state’s religious exemption from vaccine mandates.

RFK, Jr. and Alex Berenson on Censorship and the Death of Journalism

Listen as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviews author Alex Berenson on the “RFK Jr The Defender Podcast.”

CHD Pays Tribute to Longtime Vaccine Safety Advocate F. Edward Yazbak

F. Edward Yazbak “possessed all the virtues, integrity, courage compassion, diligence, discrimination and patience that made him a great scientist, physician and healer,” said Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Shadowy Alliance Between Big Pharma and Big Tech

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola discuss how the narrative perpetuated by Big Pharma and Big Tech — that “vaccines are the only way to restore normalcy” — is leading to the destruction of our Constitutional rights.

RFK, Jr. to Rutgers President: COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Federal Law

The announcement last week by Rutgers University that it would require all students to get the COVID vaccine prompted CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to remind university officials that federal law prohibits mandating Emergency Use Authorization vaccines.

RFK, Jr.: ‘Blown Away’ by New Book on Autism

During a virtual book signing this week, CHD Chairman RFK, Jr. introduced J.B. Handley and his son, Jamison, co-authors of “Underestimated: An Autism Miracle” to viewers who were then invited to ask questions.

Watch ‘Medical Racism’ Webinar With RFK, Jr.

Watch RFK, Jr., Rev. Tony Muhammad, Kevin Jenkins of the Urban Global Alliance, author/historian Curtis Cost and activist Sheila Ealey during a live discussion of Children’s Health Defense’s new documentary, “Medical Racism.”

Watch Virtual Book Signing With RFK, Jr. and J.B. Handley: ‘Underestimated: An Autism Miracle’

Watch Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and author J.B. Handley as they discuss “Underestimated: An Autism Miracle.”

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Dr. Peter McCullough: The Age of COVID and Abrogation of Hippocratic Oath

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and physician Peter McCullough discuss the silence from the medical community and media on COVID treatments.

RFK, Jr. to President Biden: No. 1 Driver of Vaccine Hesitancy Is Mistrust of Regulators

Children’s Health Defense Chairman RFK, Jr. says transparency, robust science and a functional surveillance system are the only ways to build public trust for the COVID vaccine.

RFK, Jr. Responds to Instagram’s Removal of His Account

RFK, Jr.’s Instagram account was deplatformed Wednesday. Dozens of media outlets reported the censorship, saying the account was removed over “vaccine misinformation,” a characterization Kennedy unequivocally rejected.

RFK, Jr. Interviews Vandana Shiva: The Gates Empire ‘Will Own Everything’

In an interview with CHD Chairman RFK, Jr., Vandana Shiva warns listeners that if we don’t fight back against Gates and his empire, “They will own everything. You will own nothing … no commons, no public good, no shared values.”

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Author Jason Shurka: The Vaccine Safety Movement

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and author and entrepreneur Jason Shurka take a look at the rise of the vaccine safety movement in recent decades.

RFK, Jr. to NPR’s Terry Gross: ‘I Urge You to Correct the Record’

Turning “Fresh Air” over to pharmaceutical industry insiders to promote shoddily tested mandatory medical products and broadcast unchallenged industry propaganda is not consistent with your show’s proud tradition. I know you value accuracy and integrity, and so I urge you to correct the record.

RFK, Jr. Tells Co-Chair of New COVID Advisory Board: VAERS Is Broken, You Can Fix It

With Pfizer’s vaccine already approved for emergency use, and Moderna’s authorization imminent, we urgently need a comprehensive, high-integrity system to monitor adverse outcomes to these vaccines, RFK, Jr. wrote in a letter to Dr. David Kessler, newly named co-chair of Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee.

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr.: Standing Up to Big Pharma: An interview with Russell and Samar Okung

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviews Carolina Panthers defensive tackle and Super Bowl Champion Russell Okung and his wife, Samar, about how they are using their notoriety for meaningful work.

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Dr. Zach Bush: Shifting Away From Big Pharma Health Paradigm

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviews Dr. Zach Bush about alternative routes to achieving optimal health, including how improving the gut microbiome can strengthen the immune system.