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Mainstream media would have us believe COVID-19 is the only possible explanation for an increase in fatal heart attacks among young people during the pandemic — but that explanation didn’t sit well with comedian and political commentator Russell Brand.

Brand mocked CBS News and the experts it interviewed about a study that showed the number of heart attack deaths during the first two years of the pandemic was 30% higher than predicted for ages 25 to 44.

The CBS report never mentioned the numerous variables that may have contributed to the increase, Brand said.

“They got through the whole report without mentioning lockdowns or vaccines — which it would seem ought to be part of any reasonable debate and exploration into what has caused this 30% spike in heart disease,” Brand told viewers.

Instead, CBS ended its report by telling viewers the increase is “something to go and see your doctor and check yourself about.”

“So that’s the conclusion?!” Brand said.

CBS News — which is sponsored by COVID-19 vaccine-maker Pfizer — discussed everything “except for anything that might affect the interests of powerful institutions and our advertisers,” he said.

Other analyses have shown that Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can induce heart inflammation, leading to long-term cardiac damage and cardiac-related death — but those facts didn’t make it into the CBS News report, Brand said.

Mainstream media forced to admit natural immunity just as good as vaccines

Brand also mocked mainstream news for promoting the narrative that vaccination against COVID-19 provides superior protection to natural immunity.

He showed a Feb. 13 clip of NBC News reporting on a large study published in The Lancet that showed natural immunity acquired from a COVID-19 infection provided protection “as high if not higher” than that provided by mRNA vaccines.

“Another fudged admission … ‘Let’s see if we can kind of just blur the lines of how and when that happened without us losing all of our credibility,’” Brand said, as if he were the newscasters behind the scenes as they tried to figure out what to say.

Brand pointed out that NBC News said nothing about how the Lancet’s study undermined the argument for vaccine passports and the notion that COVID-10 was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” — two narratives mainstream media pushed throughout the pandemic.

Brand didn’t blame individual newscasters because, he said, we live within a “set of systems with an agenda to prevent us from realizing the truth together.”

Brand’s solution?

We need to stop tuning into mainstream news and create “our own channels, our own media, our own communication so that we can reach truth together,” he said.

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