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On Aug. 22, The Pulse released a presentation by Dr. Madhava Setty, senior science editor at The Defender, that offered an effective way to engage healthcare professionals who are willing to discuss COVID-19 vaccine safety concerns.

“Those who were initially skeptical of the COVID-19 jabs have been proven correct over and over,” said Setty, “however, many of us have forgotten how to communicate with folks who have been subjected to sophisticated programming coming from mainstream media and our own public health agencies for a long time.”

Setty continued:

“We must realize that it is highly unlikely that there will ever be any open admission of the grave mistakes that were made by our entrusted officials. The truth about what was done will emerge from the bottom up, from us.

“The reason why this presentation has been so effective is because it is based on information everyone can agree upon, no matter how one feels about the pandemic response. When we methodically examine what was known at the vaccine campaign’s inception, we end up with far more questions than answers.

“There are no third-party opinions. I cite only data from the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and communiques from Pfizer. The information I offer here cannot be refuted, even by the most ardent vaccine proponents.”

But vaccine proponents have been entrenched in the “safe and effective” narrative for nearly two years. Nevertheless, Setty believes we are at a turning point:

“We have an opportunity to change public opinion in a big way right now. The CDC has recently announced ‘streamlined’ guidelines that make no distinction based on vaccination status. People are finally beginning to ask if their compliance and sacrifices were necessary and whether the proposed bivalent vaccines should be trusted.”

Part 1 of the presentation demonstrates how both mainstream and independent media platforms have been disingenuous. Setty then dissects the most relevant findings from the published Pfizer trial data and explains why former trial coordinator and now whistleblower Brook Jackson’s allegations are credible and damning.

Part 2, released on Aug. 25, explains how the FDA and the CDC use double standards to hide clear danger signals coming from their adverse event reporting systems while exaggerating the risk of COVID-19.

Pointing out double standards is often the only means available to dismantle dogmatic thinking, as Setty explained in a Defender article earlier this year.

The information offered is not new, however, it is presented in a way that is non-confrontational and instead engages curiosity.

“Obviously many of us are tired and frustrated after two years of being ignored, gaslighted and attacked,” said Setty.

“But the tide is turning. If we truly wish to protect our children from this experiment we must find a way to engage with those who have unjustly vilified us. The battle for our children’s safety will be fought in our pediatricians’ offices and in conversations with our friends and family. We all have an important role to play right now.”