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McDonald’s Offers COVID-19 Vaccines, Free Food at Select Southern California Locations

ABC News reported:

 Starting Monday, you’ll be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine and some free food at some Southern California McDonald’s locations.

McDonald’s is teaming up with the California Department of Public Health to offer shots at more than 70 of its restaurants across the state, including nearly 50 pop-up clinics in high-traffic, high-visibility areas across Southern California.

“People who receive a vaccine at McDonald’s will also get a coupon for one free menu item as a thank you for doing their part,” said McDonald’s in a web post. “No appointment or health insurance is required and walk-ups are welcome at all locations.”

Teen Who Had Heart Attack After Pfizer Vaccine: ‘I’d Rather Have COVID’

The Defender reported:

An 18-year-old from Springdale, Arkansas, who had a heart attack after receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine said he’d rather get COVID than have a heart attack.

In an interview with The Defender, Isaiah Harris said he received his first dose of Pfizer on April 8 and second dose on April 30. Within 12 hours of the second dose, the teen developed a fever and chills. His father, Justin Harris, didn’t think much about it initially because although he got sick after both doses of the Moderna vaccine, his symptoms weren’t serious.

That wasn’t the case for Isaiah. Within 48 hours of the second dose, Isaiah’s heart started hurting “very very bad” and things started going downhill fast. Harris said they grew really concerned when their son started having trouble breathing.

WHO Updates Guidance, Says: ‘Children Should Not Be Vaccinated for the Moment’

The Defender reported:

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest guidance clarifying who should get the COVID vaccine states, “Children should not be vaccinated for the moment.”

According to the WHO website: “There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults.”

The WHO had previously said vaccinating children against COVID was not a priority given the limited global supply of doses, Fox News reported.

Protests Planned in 5 U.S. Cities to Challenge Vaccination of Underage Children Without Parental Consent

The Defender reported:

Concerned medical freedom advocates will join Children’s Health Defense (CHD) tomorrow, Wednesday, June 23, at five vaccination sites around the country to protest plans to vaccinate underaged children as young as 12 without the consent of their parents.

Protesters will distribute vital information children and parents should have before they make potentially life-altering healthcare decisions. They also will urge children to forgo the COVID vaccine and any other vaccines until they and their parents have been fully informed of the risks and benefits associated with each vaccine.

California Medical Board Hears Testimony in Trial of Physician Who Risks Losing License for Writing Vaccine Medical Exemptions

The Defender reported:

A California physician could lose her medical license for not strictly following the guidelines for writing vaccine medical exemptions as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Earlier this month, the Medical Board of California conducted a trial during which they heard testimony from witnesses in support of and those opposed to Dr. Kelly Sutton’s approach to writing vaccine medical exemptions for her patients.

The three-day trial, which ended June 16, took place in an administrative court with a single judge and no right to a jury. The judge is expected to issue a decision sometime in the fall of 2021 on whether or not to rescind Sutton’s medical license.

Eric Clapton: Speaking Out About ‘Pain and Agony’ From COVID Vaccine Led to Alienation, Broken Friendships

Mercola reported:

In an interview with Oracle Films, musician Eric Clapton detailed his experience suffering from a severe adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. Clapton has been blasted by mainstream media for speaking out about the vaccine and COVID lockdowns, and he said he’s lost friends over his views.

He’s even fearful of losing the love and trust of members of his own family, but believes in speaking out for what he believes in and sharing his experiences:

“I believe most of all in free speech and freedom of movement, choice of movement and life and love and kindness and with all of this exposure to the polarization of politics and the medicine and the science, I found it very difficult to be neutral because I’ve seen scorn and contempt from both sides, and I get caught in the crossfire a lot.

“… I’m talking today on behalf of people like me who may be lost, maybe need to hear someone talk about it from a human point of view without condemnation … There has to be a way to bring people together. I believe music can do that, but it’s a long way away. There’s still time, I believe, for us to come together.”

Boston Children’s Museum Hosting 12+ Pop-up COVID Vaccine Clinic

CBS Boston reported:

The Boston Children’s Museum is hosting a pop-up COVID vaccine clinic at the end of June for everyone 12 years old and up.

The clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, June 29 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson shots will be available.

Pfizer has the only coronavirus vaccine that’s been authorized for emergency use for anyone 12 years and older in the U.S.

CDC Says U.S. Young Adults Less Likely to Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Reuters via MSN reported:

Younger adults are seeking out COVID-19 vaccines at a slower rate than older adults, and if that pace of vaccination continues through August, vaccine coverage among younger adults will not reach levels achieved with older adults, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on Monday.

The agency said more work is needed to increase vaccination rates among younger adults to reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths.

Of the 57% American adults who received at least one vaccine dose by May 22, coverage was highest among people 65 or older and lowest among people aged 18 to 29, according to an analysis of vaccine rates published on Monday in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Delhi Girl Suffers Deadly Neurological Complications Post COVID-19 Vaccination With Covishield, Dies Within Days

The HealthSite reported:

In yet another shocking incident, a 22-year-old girl from Delhi suffered deadly neurological complications after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination and was declared brain dead at a hospital in the national capital. According to the primary reports, the girl has no history of any serious illness. “An autopsy report is awaited to confirm the cause of the death,” officials were quoted as saying.

The deceased girl’s family told a national newspaper that she was administered with the (AstraZeneca) Covishield vaccine on June 2. Soon after she started developing chronic headaches accompanied with high body temperature. The girl was rushed to the hospital where some of the reports suggested that she has blood clots in the brain’s venous sinuses due to which the platelet count was decreasing rapidly. According to the reports, the girl was admitted to a private hospital in Delhi’s Saket on June 14, and all the necessary arrangements were made to keep her safe. “On June 18, the girl was declared brain dead by the doctors at around 5am,” an official was quoted as saying.

COVID Vaccine: Why Are Australians Cancelling AstraZeneca Jabs?

The BBC reported:

Australian doctors have reported a surge in the number of people cancelling their vaccine appointments, amid a new wave of caution over the AstraZeneca jab.

It comes after the government updated guidance last week to recommend only those aged over 60 get the shot, due to the risk of a rare blood-clotting syndrome.

Under-60s have been advised to get the alternative Pfizer shot, of which there are limited supplies.

Fight Over COVID’s Origins Renews Debate on Risks of Lab Work

New York Times via Daily Express reported:

At a Senate hearing on efforts to combat COVID-19 last month, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky asked Dr. Anthony Fauci whether the National Institutes of Health had funded “gain-of-function” research on coronaviruses in China.

“Gain-of-function research, as you know, is juicing up naturally occurring animal viruses to infect humans,” the senator said.

Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, flatly rejected the claim: “Sen. Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect, that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute.”

As COVID-19 Crisis Ebbs, Some Seeking 9/11-Style Commission

AP News reported:

With more than 600,000 Americans dead of COVID-19 and questions still raging about the origin of the virus and the government’s response, a push is underway on Capitol Hill and beyond for a full-blown investigation of the crisis by a national commission like the one that looked into 9/11.

It is unclear whether such a probe will ever happen, though a privately sponsored team of public health experts is already laying the groundwork for one.

Given that most of the disaster unfolded on President Donald Trump’s watch, many worry that politics will get in the way of any inquiry, as happened when Republicans came out against a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters. Others fear that a desire by many to simply move on will thwart a review.

Only 21% Of Americans Worried About Contracting COVID-19

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) reported:

A new poll shows only 21% of Americans fear contracting COVID-19 from someone they know well, the lowest number since the pandemic began, according to the Associated Press–NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Only 25% are concerned that lifted restrictions will lead to more infections in their community. About 40% of those polled said their communities were handling reopening at a correct pace, with 27% thinking it has been done too slowly and 34% feeling restrictions were lifted too hastily.

But in general, most poll respondents said they were resuming pre-pandemic activities, including visiting family and friends, shopping for non-essential items, and dining in bars and restaurants.

With Vaccination Goal in Doubt, Biden Warns of Variant’s Threat

New York Times via Yahoo News reported:

With the United States unlikely to reach his self-imposed deadline of having 70% of adults partly vaccinated against the coronavirus by July 4, President Joe Biden on Friday stepped up his drive for Americans to get their shots, warning that those who decline risk becoming infected by a highly contagious and potentially deadly variant.

In an afternoon appearance at the White House, Biden avoided mentioning the 70% target that he set in early May and instead trumpeted a different milestone: 300 million shots in his first 150 days in office. But even as he hailed the vaccination campaign’s success, he sounded a somber note about the worrisome delta variant, which is spreading in states with low vaccination rates.

“The best way to protect yourself against these variants is to get vaccinated,” the president declared.

CDC Launches Spanish Whatsapp Chat To Boost Latino COVID Vaccinations

Axios reported:

WhatsApp and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have partnered to deliver information on the coronavirus vaccine to Spanish-speaking users, the social media platform announced Monday.

Why it matters: 36% of Latinos have had at least one vaccine dose compared to 45% of white people as of June 14, per the Kaiser Family Foundation. Reaching the Latino community on WhatsApp, which hosts a huge immigrant user base, could help counter misinformation and mistrust, NBC News reports.

Details: The Department of Health and Human Services is collaborating with Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company, as part of the Biden administration’s goal to get 70% of U.S. adults vaccinated with at least one dose by July 4.

Finally: Daszak Is Fired From Commission Investigating COVID Origins

Summit News reported:

The scientist who funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s ‘gain-of-function’ research on coronaviruses, which many now believe to be the source of the pandemic, has finally been removed from one position of investigative authority.

As we previously reported, Peter Daszak was tapped to head up The Lancet’s UN backed commission to investigate the origins of the coronavirus that caused a global pandemic.

The British scientist was picked despite the fact that he was intimately associated with the Wuhan lab, had repeatedly dismissed the lab leak hypothesis a ‘dangerous conspiracy theory’, and created a pressure campaign via a letter published by The Lancet to force the scientific community into avoiding looking into the lab as a potential source of the outbreak.

Ontarians Encouraged to See mRNA Shots as Interchangeable as More 2nd Doses Open Up

CTV News reported:

Officials and experts emphasized the interchangeability of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines on Monday as many more Ontarians became eligible to book accelerated second shots.

The province said its shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for the week had been delayed by a few days, so a large supply of Moderna would be used at many appointments, meaning residents may end up with a different mRNA shot for their second dose.

The government has been encouraging residents to get fully immunized as soon as possible by taking the most readily available second dose.

White House Official: COVID-19 Vaccine May Not Be Available For Younger Kids Until After the New School Year Starts

KXAN reported:

The COVID-19 vaccine may not become available to children younger than 12 in time for the start of the new school year, a White House health expert said Monday.

Dr. Bechara Choucair, the White House vaccinations coordinator, told KXAN that the necessary federal entities won’t approve the use of vaccines in younger children until “possibly by the end of the year or early 2022.”

“For kids younger than 12 years of age, we know there are studies going on right now for Pfizer, for Moderna and for others, and we’re tracking those,” Dr. Choucair said. “The colleagues at the NIH and the FDA and the CDC will be reviewing those. Once we get the result of those data, the result of those trials, when we start seeing the data and they get evaluated by our scientists and HHS, that’s when we will know we’ll be able to have vaccines available for younger than 12 years of age.”

COVID-19 Dual-Antibody Therapies Effective Against Variants in Animal Study

Medicalxpress reported:

COVID-19 therapies made from antibodies often are given to patients who are at high risk of severe illness and hospitalization. However, there have been nagging questions about whether such antibody therapies retain their effectiveness as worrisome new virus variants arise.

New research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suggests that many, but not all, therapies made from combinations of two antibodies are effective against a wide range of variants of the virus. Further, combination therapies appear to prevent the emergence of drug resistance.

‘Urgent’ British Report Calls for Complete Cessation of COVID Vaccines in Humans

America’s Frontline Doctors reported:

An “urgent preliminary report of Yellow Card data” issued by the UK-based Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) states that “the MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans.”

Similar to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the MHRA describes the purpose of its Yellow Card system as providing “an early warning that the safety of a medicine or a medical device may require further investigation.”

Officials Deny COVID Vaccine Killed Pilots

America’s Frontline Doctors reported:

British Airways has confirmed the deaths of four previously healthy pilots, but corporation spokesmen and government officials continue to deny a connection to the COVID-19 vaccine.

One of the British Airways pilots’ deaths occurred at a well-known mountain trail bike park, and was reported by the UK New Valley News. Edward Brice-Bennett, 33, was spotted unconscious on a trail next to his bike in Tidworth, Wiltshire. Emergency services arriving at the scene confirmed Brice-Bennett’s death.

A post mortem examination showed two conditions, abdominal trauma and haemoperitoneum [internal bleeding], but no cause of death had yet been ascertained. Toxicology and histology tests have been ordered, and the inquest adjourned to a date to be fixed.

Israel’s COVID Policy Shift: ‘Strongly’ Recommends Young Teens Vaccinate

Jerusalem Post reported:

The Health Ministry is recommending that all youth between the ages of 12 and 15 get inoculated and has asked the health funds to prepare for the vaccination campaign.

“It should be emphasized that in view of the expected increase in travel abroad, the removal of masks and the abolition of the green pass – and in order to take all steps to maintain the routine way of life that we managed to achieve in Israel – it is highly recommended to get vaccinated and protected,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.

The previous policy was that these teens and preteens had “permission” to get the jab.

McDonald’s Offers COVID-19 Vaccines, Free Food at Select Southern California Locations

ABC 7 reported:

Starting Monday, you’ll be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine and some free food at some Southern California McDonald’s locations.

McDonald’s is teaming up with the California Department of Public Health to offer shots at more than 70 of its restaurants across the state, including nearly 50 pop-up clinics in high-traffic, high-visibility areas across Southern California.

“People who receive a vaccine at McDonald’s will also get a coupon for one free menu item as a thank you for doing their part,” said McDonald’s in a web post. “No appointment or health insurance is required and walk-ups are welcome at all locations.”

White House To Concede It’s Likely To Miss Original July 4 Vaccination Target

NBC News reported:

The Biden administration planned to concede Tuesday that it will likely fall short of President Joe Biden’s goal of partially vaccinating 70 percent of American adults by Independence Day, but insist it has “succeeded beyond our highest expectations” in returning the nation to a pre-pandemic normal.

Jeffrey Zients, the head of the White House Covid-19 response team, was scheduled to announce that the administration has hit its 70% vaccination target among Americans ages 30 and older, and is poised to reach that threshold for those 27 and older by the Fourth of July.

But it will take “a few extra weeks” to include all Americans 18 and older to that group, he is to acknowledge.