The Defender is Children’s Health Defense’s news and views website. It features content aligned with the organization’s mission to end childhood health epidemics.

The Defender explores the theme of small (children) vs. Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Energy, Big Food, Big Chemical and how these industries have subverted and corrupted our democracy, our regulatory agencies, the scientific research arms of academic institutions and the media to the point where these institutions, created to protect us and our children from corporate greed, now protect corporate profits.

The Defender exposes the corrosive impact of corporate power on democracy. Our work stems from the premise that health and environmental issues are always human rights issues, and the best measure of how a democracy is functioning is whether it maintains the public commons, the public trust assets, in the hands of all the people, instead of allowing them to be concentrated and stolen from the people by large aggregations of wealth and power.

The Defender fights back against censorship that serves corporate and authoritarian interests and now defines nearly every corporate news and social media platform, imperils our ideals, our values, our democracy, our liberty and threatens to trample our humanity.

The Defender provides open, honest discussion about issues systematically ignored by the majority of media outlets, either because the topics are considered taboo, or because corporate advertisers are allowed undue influence over content. The dearth of high-quality science and medical journalism, untainted by Pharma and other mammoth industries, has created a global crisis of misinformation. Entrenched power centers have politicized, hijacked and openly censored science, hobbling authentic debate over critical issues including vaccines, 5G, glyphosate and other pesticides, climate change, water quality, fluoride and chronic disease.

The Defender is a unique platform for frank, civil, nonpartisan discussions of evidence-based science and medicine. The site hosts a space where writers of every viewpoint may safely air contrary science-based views. It includes a robust comment and discussion section, which is closely monitored to maintain an atmosphere of polite, gracious, genial, and high-minded conversation devoid of vitriol and partisanship.

The Defender demonstrates that, in contrast to the pharmaceutical cartel, we are not frightened of honest debate.

The Defender is a template for the American tradition of exemplary journalism — a civics lesson for restoring the free flow of information that fuels rational policymaking and a functioning democracy.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel for Children’s Health Defense, explains:

“Our children swim in a stew of toxic chemicals. Powerful industries use political clout to escape the disciplines of the free market, avoid accountability, poison Americans without recourse and leave them with no remedy, subvert democracy, destroy transparency and capture the agencies that were created to protect Americans from toxic exposure. The Defender will work each day to end corruption, save democracy and protect the rights of future generations by demanding that the health and well-being of people take priority over corporate profits and political power plays.”

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