May 04, 2022

It’s Time to Follow the Science

Watch this important video from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel of Children’s Health Defense to learn why “It’s Time to Follow the Science.”

Don’t let your guard down! While it may appear that mandates are being lifted, our federal government still hasn’t ended the Emergency Powers Act. Our nation is at a critical crossroads, making it more important than ever for people to follow the science.

Never has there been a more important time for parents to be informed and actively involved in public health policy. Recently the Biden administration announced their intent to ensure children of all ages receive the COVID vaccine:

“We must get a vaccine approved for the youngest children,” President Biden stated in his recent Statement on the White House COVID-⁠19 Response Coordinator.

With risks that outweigh benefits, we must stop this aggressive push on our very youngest children and babies. Now is the time to get involved!

This campaign contains some of the latest science related to the COVID vaccines and masks. Share this content with friends, family, community members, school administrators, board of education members, your state Department of Health, local healthcare practitioners and others. Let’s get the real science to those in your community who impact policy and make decisions regarding public health. We have the science, we have the resources — now all we need is you!

Go directly to pages with the referenced science on COVID-19 vaccines and masks:

Pushing the COVID vaccine on healthy children — or fourth doses of ineffective shots on people of any age — are only attempts to enrich the pharmaceutical industry and others who stand to profit.

It’s time our government officials admit that none of the COVID vaccines are effective.

It’s time our government officials acknowledge the injuries and deaths that are being reported at alarming rates.

It’s time our government officials stop putting profits before people.

It’s time our government officials follow the science!

Here are four ways you can get involved:

① Please Share This Video to Help Shine Light on the Real Science!

Share this video with vital information from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to educate others on the real science behind the COVID vaccine. While the mainstream media ignores the actual data, we can shed light on the truth. Please share the video on social media to get the real science to those who make health decisions for themselves or others. Many of these people have only been exposed to the media’s propaganda proclaiming the vaccine to be “safe and effective.”

② Be a Superspreader of Truth on Social Media!

A number of brave medical experts, immunologists, epidemiologists, other scientists and healthcare practitioners continue to speak up on the grave risks of the COVID vaccine and the suppression of the data which  prohibits truly informed consent. Reach the masses by downloading these videos and graphics and sharing them on social media. Use them to open the eyes of people unaware of the real science.

Social Media Videos

Share these videos on social media. Select any image to view the video and download it, or view them all in a folder, including alternative versions that filter out key words we know are frequently flagged on social media.

Social Media Graphics

Share these graphics on social media. Select any image to view it full-size and download it, or view them all in a folder, including alternative versions that filter out key words we know are frequently flagged on social media.

③ Be a Defender of Truth in Your Community!

Download and print our educational flyers below and organize a Defender Day within your community. Show up en masse to defend truth, freedom and health on the first Saturday of each month in a high traffic, high visibility area in your neighborhood.

Use the fully referenced talking points in our pocket guides to spread knowledge on the risks that COVID vaccines and mask-wearing pose to our children. These guides provides everything you need to speak confidently about the science.

Vaccine Science Guide

black-and-white version

Mask Science Guide

black-and-white version

Request meetings with legislators and policy makers, attend in small groups and be prepared to share information and educational materials and advocate for health choice. Refer to these helpful tips on how to speak to your legislators. Be sure to also review your school district’s approved Health & Safety plan. These are public reports that you can check to see whether the American Rescue Plan Act and COVID grants your school may be receiving are driving mandates in your district.


Knowledge is power. Get informed and understand the science by watching the videos below.

  • Follow the science on masks. Listen to this informative presentation outlining the data. Learn how masks are harming our children physically and emotionally.
  • Follow the science on COVID vaccines and uncover the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. Listen to this presentation on why the COVID vaccines are not safe, effective or necessary for our children.

④ Join our “Stick to the Truth” Campaign!

Download, print and share our latest stickers and join the “Stick to the Truth” campaign. Post them in high traffic, high-exposure public areas such as community bulletin boards and utility poles to share important truth based messages to counter the propaganda.

Courage is contagious. Use your voice to educate online and within your community. You’ll inspire others to do the same!

It’s Time to Follow the Science: So what does the latest science tell us?

See the science, data and studies compiled on COVID-19 vaccines and masks:

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