March 28, 2022

It’s Time to Follow the Science: Masks

What does the latest science tell us?

There’s an abundance of medical literature indicating masks are ineffective and can be harmful.

150 comparative studies and articles compiled by the Brownstone Institute demonstrate that face masks are largely ineffective, have no impact on controlling transmission of the COVID-19 virus and can actually be harmful.

This study from International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health shows prolonged mask use is correlated with significant drops in oxygen, increases in carbon dioxide levels, fatigue, headaches, moisture build-up, temperature rise of the skin and air under the mask, and respiratory impairment.

Masks cause physical and developmental harm.

This research report from Frontiers in Psychology explains that faces hidden by masks make it difficult for other people to decipher facial expressions. This is more detrimental for toddlers, who rely on facial cues to develop emotional reasoning and social skills.

There is also new evidence in a longitudinal observational study posted on medRxiv that suggests significant reductions in cognitive function and performance in children born during the pandemic era.

Masks are ineffective at stopping or slowing the spread of respiratory viruses.

In this Cochrane review, the authors discuss how surgical masks and N95s may make little to no difference in contracting flu-like or respiratory illnesses.

A study in The BMJ also finds that cloth masks have been shown to actually increase risk of infection.

It’s time to follow the science!

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