‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Newspaper Editor Says ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ Should Be Denied Access to Healthcare + More

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– Hello, everybody we’re live. We’re live on Peeps TV and we’re live on Children’s Health Defense Live. Little bit croaky this week, so Mary’s gonna do most of the speaking. We’ve got a lot to cover so we’re gonna get straight on with it. This was sent into us by a viewer, and thank you to all you people who have been contacting Mary and I through Children’s Health Defense. We really appreciate it. So this is from the ‘New York Intelligencer.’ It’s new research suggesting the number of kids hospitalized for COVID is overcounted. One of the primary metrics for tracking the severity of the coronavirus pandemic was grossly inflated for children in Californian hospitals. Over counted by at least 40%, Mary.

– And what’s interesting about this to me, Polly, is this is exactly what we know is the case for adults. We know that adult cases of people… This article makes the distinction between children hospitalized with COVID and children hospitalized for COVID. And we know that actually the CDC statistics for adults suggested that it was under 10% of adults who were hospitalized only for COVID with no other conditions. So this just confirms for us that there was a bias towards counting everything as COVID and this article doesn’t go into it, but we do know that for adults, there were significant financial incentives for hospitals to count patients as COVID patients even if that wasn’t the main thing they were there for, so.

– Criminal really, but I guess history as always will tell, and time will tell.

– History is definitely on it, but these are two very mainstream doctors from the University of California and San Francisco. So good for them. And they point out that real data and the truth is indispensable.

– And so now the Hart Group. Medics and scientists urge caution over child vaccination. It’s a letter delivered to the MHRA and it outlines concerns. Over 40 medical professionals wrote an open letter expressing grave concerns over proposals to roll out COVID-19 vaccines to school children. They warned it’s irresponsible, unethical, and unnecessary to jab children.

– Right, so and this follows, Polly, you’ll recall doctors in Israel, over 90 pediatricians in Israel saying the same thing, that this is just not right to do to children. And the primary reason for that, Polly, is that children are not at high-risk for serious COVID cases. In fact, for the most part, they seem to be asymptomatic. And as we know, also these vaccines weren’t tested for stopping transmission. They were tested for reducing symptoms. So they’re really pushing, the pro-vacs crowd is really pushing very hard on this herd immunity argument. But for children, in fact, this is all risk and no reward. So again, I’m very happy to see mainstream physicians at least writing in the UK. I don’t know that we’ve seen organized pediatric groups yet in the United States saying this is a bridge too far, it should absolutely not be mandated and should be up to parents. We haven’t seen that. But I think that responsible pediatricians are now saying that around the world.

– Yeah, and thank you to them for doing that. It makes a massive difference.

– 100%

– And it turns out though, right? Because the next article is from Children’s Health Defense, the Defender, CDC investigating reports of mild, they say heart problems in teen adolescents over COVID vaccine. The CDC is reviewing cases of myocarditis in young people more often in males, and more often following those two and within four days of vaccination. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle that can lead to death. So I just wanna say before we talk about it when I saw that article in Children’s Health Defense Defender, I’m going to send that to absolutely everybody I know that’s not on our side. But these are friend of mine because maybe they won’t like me, Mary ever again for sending it to them.

– It wouldn’t matter, it’s their kid’s life, right?

– Maybe we might save that child’s life. So I urge everybody to go and find this article on Children’s Health Defense, Defender and share it with every mother of young children. Anyway, over to you.

– And it will be in this podcast will be posted and so you can find it there. So I wanna make a few other points about this. So this was… What happened was that the Centers for Disease Control, their advisory committee on immunization practices actually sort of said, there seems to be this association in teens between this myocarditis and vaccination, we need to look into this. And myocarditis in the Children’s Health Defense article by Megan Redshaw, which is a very strong writer and a really good article. She says that it’s either the result of an infection or it can be the body’s immune reaction to initial heart damage. So it may well be that’s typically what the case is is that these vaccines are actually so… They’re invoking such a strong immune response that there’s some damage to the heart and then there’s inflammation of the muscle. So what the CDC said was, well we don’t really know, maybe a coincidence. You, and I’ve heard that before Polly and they want more data. But the CHD article looks at what has happened in Israel with the highest vaccination rate in the world of COVID vaccines. And information leaked from the Israeli Health Ministry showed that there were 62 cases of myocarditis including two deaths and 55 of 56 of them were in men a few days after the second dose of Pfizer. And they were men aged 18 to age 30. So, this is very troubling, right? So the officials are saying, oh we can’t draw any conclusions, we need more data, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But we’re already seeing the evidence of this myocarditis in theirs as well. There are already 288 reported cases. So if it were my child, I certainly wouldn’t be blowing off this information from the US and from Israel. I wouldn’t be blowing off this association.

– My worry from history that tells us is that they start to make this myocarditis a normal reaction. Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine. You’ll get through it.

– You’re right, Polly. I mean, we’ve seen that with seizures. We’ve seen that with fevers. We’ve seen that with crying. We’ve seen that with sore arms. We’ve seen that with fainting. That there is this tendency by the mainstream to normalize what happens is if it’s no big deal. I don’t know, Polly, I think it’s tough to normalize inflammation of the heart, but we’ll see.

– We’ll see. The NBC pediatricians are beginning to receive the COVID-19 vaccines for children. This is the Pfizer shot for their young patients. Public health leaders say this could go a long way in combating vaccine hesitancy among parents. And the story goes on to show parents saying how much they trust their pediatricians entirely. Well, Mary didn’t we all? We trusted ours as well with our children, so-

– But Polly it’s possible. It’s possible that this could backfire, right? Actually, what has been done throughout the world up until now with adults is putting them in shopping centers, putting them in pharmacies. Not having it be associated with doctors ’cause most adults don’t go regularly but kids do. So they need these pediatricians. But as Heidi Larson at the World Health Organization Vaccine Safety Summit in December, 2019 said, the frontline of pediatricians is wobbly. Polly, if I’m a pediatrician and I have a thousand or more children in my practice, I think which would be fairly typical. And I see a number of them have things like myocarditis or paralysis or severe reactions after these COVID shots, these pediatricians might actually have to wake up. I mean, I’m not gonna put all my money on it, but I think some of these pediatricians may be in for a very, very rude shock that they really have to confront this damage that’s being done. The World Health Organization, Heidi Larson the head of the Vaccine Confidence Project recognizes that the pediatric frontline is wobbly. So no more vaccine to make them more than wobbly would be the COVID shot.

– Correct, and the other line that’s always in these articles at the moment that drives me insane because it’s simply not true, or we do not know yet. They always say the mRNA COVID vaccines are safe and then this time they’re saying they’re safe for children. There’s no evidence.

– There is basis to say that. And again, we go back to the fact that these are not licensed. These are not approved. These are not recommended. These are authorized. And we don’t know their true long-term or even short and medium term safety and effectiveness profiles. We don’t know, so that’s just an outlie.

– Which sadly people believe. But anyway, again, history will show that the media play enormous part.

– Oh an enormous part.

– In this. Right, this was sent to us by a viewer, so thank you. It’s not a current, it is a April article here. It’s in Teen Vogue. Vaccine Rebels: the teens defying their parents to get the COVID vaccine. This is all part of the brainwashing I say of of teens and the stories that go on about how they want the COVID-19 shot, but they have vaccine hesitant parents. And so, because they’re under the age of 18 in most states, you need parental consent. And it goes on about Heather, Heather is just one story whose mother’s a nurse and her mother thinks that the vaccines have been rushed. Yes. And she goes on to say that she’s going to go and get the vaccine anyway. So it’s not a very nice article.

– It’s a troubling article that’s pushing teens to defy their parents on this issue. And it’s very much seeing the parents as a roadblock and talking about false conspiracies and conspiracy theories and unfounded fears about fertility. It’s a really unfortunate article to see in a magazine aimed at teens.

– Yeah.

– It’s really unfortunate.

– And going on to ABC News in the same vein 10 reasons why young, healthy people really do need to get vaccinated. So they’re saying that young adults are now the biggest spreaders of coronavirus. And that is actually in this article. And this doctor Carlos Maria says we really need people aged 20 to 49 years old to vaccinate because they are driving the pandemic. Then there’s a whole list of 10 reasons that often warns says because strong healthy immune systems can backfire. I mean, it’s really misleading. I’m not going to read all 10 out.

– No. I mean, we probably should address each one of these, but I think one of the interesting things in that article, Polly is that there’s a Quinnipiac poll, very mainstream, who knows whether it’s absolutely accurate, but it’s 36% of people under 35 don’t plan on getting the vaccine. So this is a target market that is crucial, right? This is younger people and then now the teen market. If these people resist as they are, then this whole program that they’ve invested billions and trillions in really has trouble, Polly. They don’t much care about 65 and over like that’s whatever, that whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen. But if people in their 20s and 30s are not getting on board, that is a huge problem for this business model that we know governments and businesses have put trillions of dollars behind.

– And it’s starting to crumble as we’ve said before. We’ve seen evidence as we go through this, a massive evidence. As you’ve said once, they are throwing the last box or whatever, and I can see that now.

– Yeah.

– Okay, unbelievable article here from ABC News. Teens can now get their COVID vaccines is the headline. Experts say it will not impact fertility. They say there is no link between the vaccines and fertility. And again, just medical professionals say so nobody’s putting their name to that. It’s a belittling article, it’s misleading. And with one primary care pediatrician saying I understand the science. There is currently no evidence that any vaccines including COVID-19 vaccines cause fertility. Well, Mary I’m sure you’ve got a lot to say about that.

– Well, I mean, they’re just trying to say what’s in peer-reviewed science specifically about COVID vaccines. I mean, there is peer-reviewed science showing problems with fertility arising from vaccines. We know that the USAID and the World Health Organization funded research to have vaccines cause infertility that’s absolutely indisputable. We also know from the various reports of stillbirth, of miscarriages, of congenital deformities from the COVID vaccines. So these ideas that it’s impossible to affect fertility, no, the evidence already suggests that. There’s the menstrual bleeding we’ve heard a lot about that it’s causing menstrual changes for women who are having periods and women who aren’t. I mean, another tip off for us Polly, having followed this issue for a long time is, there go-to doctor that they’re quoting is Dr. Peter Hotez. I mean, Peter Hotez is the mouthpiece, one of the mouthpieces for the pharmaceutical industry. So, no, there’s a lot of evidence that these shots in particular are effecting human fertility at least in women. I don’t think we know enough about what it’s doing to men but we certainly know of other vaccines that have clear implications and many of them intentional implications for fertility. And we also with another article we’ll talk about today is declining population. And there are many, many causes for that. But one that’s a big question and some science has been done on this is the role of HPV vaccine, so.

– Yeah, but I find it a very disturbing article headline because there are so many mothers that are just gonna go and take their kids or whatever. And I’m so angry with the media for this.

– Well, as Bobby Kennedy the Chair of Children’s Health Defense says, he doesn’t call it the media, he calls it the pharm media and it’s hard to argue with that. It’s pharma dominated media. Corporate media is 70% financed by the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, right? We’re one of the only two countries in the world that has direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising for prescription medications. So our media is absolutely dominated by pharma and it shows.

– Disgraceful. Okay, USA Today, here’s another one. Moderna says its COVID vaccine is found to be a 100% effective in children aged between 12 and 17 two weeks after the second dose. In addition, no safety concerns were identified. 3,700 adolescents were involved in the trial. Two thirds have the vaccine and a third had the placebo. There were no cases of COVID-19 among the vaccinated group after two shots, but four cases in the placebo group. So that makes the efficiency rate 100%. I don’t understand Mary. I don’t understand them.

– Well, let me make a couple points about this Polly. So my understanding, I didn’t verify the exact number but they had about 1000 children in these trials for Moderna. We know that the Pfizer’s already been authorized for 12 to 17 year olds. So Moderna like Pfizer had about 1000, 2000 overall, 1000 children who got the vaccine. From a scientific point of view, there is no way that 1000 children is going to give you sufficient information about the safety of this for the 17 million adolescents who are their target market right now. So that is absolutely frightening. The other thing is when they report these effectiveness efficacy numbers, they are talking about relative risk. The relative risk between this placebo group, the control group and the vaccine group. They’re not talking about the likelihood in the larger population at all. Your likelihood of getting COVID anyway is not all that high, right? It’s not every person in the country or the world who’s coming down with COVID, it’s a fairly small subset. So these numbers of like 100% effective are extremely misleading. And the actual absolute rate of the risk that they reduce is pretty minuscule, Polly. I mean, it’s pretty minuscule.

– And people need to understand it says in here it’s a Moderna study. It’s so corrupt, the whole thing.

– It is, it is.

– I mean what would go down and understand-

– And don’t forget, don’t forget that the Moderna shot is a joint venture with Tony Fauci’s institution within the National Institute of Health. It’s a joint venture with the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease. A significant amount of royalty money is going to go to NIH because of its partnership with the Moderna shot. So it’s very corrupt. There’s a lots of conflicts of interests that are just extraordinary really.

– We need Bobby Kennedy’s book to be out. When is out?

– I know, we do. And I’m with you Polly, we’re trying to keep things off of his radar and schedule. So then this book about the real Tony Fauci is gonna come out this summer. I expect at this point in July but I think it’s gonna be a very important book and we’ll certainly be talking about it.

– Good, good, good. You can order it in advance, can’t you?

– You can, you pre-order it on Amazon and that would be great. Because getting that book to be a best seller in the first weeks that it comes out will be very important because if it’s a best seller, it will be very hard for the mainstream media not to write about it. Of course they’ll attack it regardless, we get that. But we would still much rather that they attack the book or I would at least rather that they attack it than that they don’t say anything about it which is certainly what they would prefer to do.

– Okay, right. Okay, so so many news outlets covered this story. Dating Apps to show vaccination status, incentives to come. The White House announced that it is partnering with select dating apps, so I’m not gonna name them all ’cause I’ve never really heard of them all. To start including vaccination stickers on user’s profiles. Well I’m delighted to hear this because people like my young son Toby, and all their friends need to know exactly-

– Right, who they should be looking for. I mean, it really it’s like the White House to me is becoming a used car salesman, Polly. I mean, it’s just billions of dollars to sell these products. And they’re partnering with social media, with Facebook they’re partnering with dating apps. It’s like, what’s next?

– Yeah, exactly. Well, watch your space on that. NBC news, confusing rules, loopholes and legal issues. College vaccination plans are a mess. And they are a mess, it’s already confusing.

– They are.

– I’ll tell you what’s fascinating about that article, Polly. And maybe we should even put this up there under the posting of our discussion today. There’s a terrific little map in this NBC article showing the statewide COVID-19 vaccination rules for public colleges and universities. And literally the red states have outlawed COVID mandates for universities, public universities and colleges and the blue states are, some of them are permitting it and some of them have religious exemptions. So I actually, I’m just gonna hold it up for you guys to see. Do you see?

– Move it around a bit, there you go.

– This is the patchwork. This is the patchwork that exists today for state laws about COVID mandates in colleges. What that tells me Polly is that that this issue is so divisive. It is so polarizing that it’s gonna be very, very, very tough for the US federal government to be imposing any kind of blanket restrictions. And that’s great news actually. I mean, it’s terrible that this has become so polarizing, it’s wrong. Health should never be so polarizing really, but it does show us that the resistance is very strong in about half the states legally. Legal resistance is very strong and it’s gonna be very, very difficult if not impossible for the federal government to really step in here.

– Yeah, and the students have had enough because that protesting says CNBC. They are protesting mandatory COVID vaccinations at colleges. Hundreds of colleges have already said COVID vaccines will be mandated for the fall of 2021. Whether they want it or not, it will be required says this article. Roughly 88% of students plan to get the coronavirus vaccine and nearly three in four say they should be mandatory. But for some, for some very brave, amazing people they will not have it and they say no.

– Again, I think it’s very polarizing. I spoke at a really wonderful rally that activists had planned in New Jersey at Rutgers University on Friday, last week. And it was exciting. There were hundreds of people and there were faculty and students and staff. But the reality is Polly, it’s very divisive among students. And so I think we are literally gonna see a patchwork. We, Children’s Health Defense are gonna be supporting challenges because we really think that many of these… That these are right now for sure a mandate is unlawful because these are just authorized and you must have a right to refuse. But even when these products are approved and licensed as we anticipate before the fall, I truly believe they do not meet the criteria established by law for a mandate, I really don’t. I don’t think that they’re necessary. I don’t think they’re adequately safe. I don’t think they’re adequately proportionate to the risk. So we will be supporting challenges to these. I mean, we also have just submitted a petition last week to the Food and Drug Administration. I mean, we think that these products have been so insufficiently tested and it is such an insufficient basis for mandates because there are known safer therapeutic and prophylactic medications. I mean, we’ve called for the revocation of the authorization and for the FDA to refrain from licensing. So Children’s Health Defense in principle does not oppose people seeking vaccination or getting them if they think that’s their best route to health. But actually right now for these COVID shots we have taken the position that there are better, safer, cheaper, more effective therapeutics then these products and these shots

– And also Children’s Health Defenses is about warning people of the real danger.

– We want people to have real information. I mean, Polly, we know that you can’t have real informed consent unless you have real information. And when we see the White House partnering with dating app companies and we see the CDC saying these are safe and effective, I mean, it’s mind boggling Polly. It’s just crazy. It’s just bizarre. And it really does, if people aren’t thinking what is the agenda here? I mean, they should be. It’s actually one of the articles that we covered for today was about all the bribes, right? We’ve been talking about the bribes of the alcohol and the donuts and the lotteries, and then this and that. But somebody, this writer said, these bribes actually do undermine confidence in the sense that if somebody walked up to you on the street and said, hey, would you drink this shot for a thousand dollars? You’d be like, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with the shot that you would offer me a thousand dollars to drink this, right? I mean, you’d be almost automatically suspicious. And yet, somehow all of this bribery effectively it may or may not be making people suspicious.

– Also it’s making people annoyed that when the ones lined up fed away-

– No, it certainly making the people who went and got at first very annoyed for appropriate reasons because they are rewarding the people who are holding back and they are not rewarding the people who actually stepped forward and said, let me be a subject.

– It’s just a mess, the whole thing.

– It is, it is a mess. It is a mess.

– Now, let’s talk about Oregon, shall we?

– Yeah, yeah.

– They can go maskless outside, but must show proof of vaccination to forego mask indoors. Very disturbing what’s happening there. Can you talk about that, Mary.

– Well, I mean, it’s very disturbing Polly that in a world where, we’re still overcoming the legacies of slavery in this country and around the world that we’re now introducing a sort of 2.0 segregation system. So this is all about segregation between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people. The irony in Oregon is that they don’t yet have any kind of electronic surveillance system as we do here in New York State. Although the Excelsior Pass is for now voluntary. So, in Oregon they’re basically gonna ask people to show a piece of paper. So presumably a piece of paper Polly in the world that we live in is not that hard to forge and create a fake document. And so they’re warning against people doing that and saying that would be wrong. But the other thing is as this article points out they’re basically making stores and other institutions into the mask police. Most people who run a corner drug store, who run a corner newspaper shop, they don’t wanna turn their employees into mask police. I mean, they’re not gonna be saying at the door show me your papers, please, or your mask. So effectively, Polly, I think this is like ending the mask mandate which from my standpoint is a positive thing. Again, if somebody is worried about getting infected they can wear a mask, no problem. But if somebody doesn’t wanna wear a mask they should not be forced to wear a mask. So in a way the Oregon situation seems to be more repressive but I have a feeling that one is gonna fall apart, but we’ll watch it, I don’t know.

– Well talking masks, this is disturbing. New York relaxes it’s mandates, but toddlers in daycare now have to mask up. Millions of vaccinated people across New York are able to ditch their masks but toddlers, not so lucky. The state department of health issued new sets of rules for childcare and summer camps. The new rules require young children over the age of two to wear masks at childcare. They say they must cover the nose and the mouth, except for when eating and sleeping. I’m terrified about this.

– So Polly, I think this is, again, I think it’s not gonna be enforced largely but I think that the reason that New York State wants to keep the mask mandate in place for children under age 12, is that they need to have the reward of the vaccine be getting rid of your mask. That’s the best way for me to read that. Because again we know that these children are not getting sick. They’re not transmitting disease. They’re an incredibly low risk of complications. So this is just punitive in my judgment.

– But there’s nothing more heartbreaking really than to see a little two year old with a mask. I see them here.

– It’s crazy.

– I don’t know. Okay, we’re gonna go to the UK. Good old UK on the government site. Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines shelf life extended from five to 31 days, says the MHRA. New storage conditions for the shots that extend the length of the time that the thought vaccine can be stored at normal fridge temperatures from five days to 31 days has been approved. Dr. June Raine says having vigorously assessed the additional data submitted by the company. I presume that Pfizer.

– Right, it’s Pfizer.

– We have approved more flexible storage conditions. I don’t know about you, but my radar up on this.

– For sure. I mean, what a boon to Pfizer, right? So they just extended the shelf life of that product that presumably was not being used by four times. So this is part of the money story in my mind. Great, more money for the company, right? They just got four times the use out of that product that they thought only had a five day life, it’s now, whatever 31. So that’s really interesting. You’ll remember that Pfizer has to be kept at a super cold temperature. I think I also read that the temperatures now have been lifted. So they’re doing various things now that this is on the market to make it more accessible and more available.

– We really have to call for independent studies. We cannot have the companies that make these products doing their own studies and then their mates approving them which basically is what it is.

– That’s basically what it is. I mean, as again Bobby Kennedy says all the time, these government agencies where the people leave and as soon as possible go work for pharma, their sock puppets, they are absolutely captured agencies. So the notion that the data that is submitted by the company with no independent review it’s looked at by the scientists who have one foot out the door, it’s almost comical. I mean, it’s just not real science. I mean, it’s not.

– And that’s why they say follow the money. You really you should do that.

– Follow the money is always key.

– Okay, so over to Children’s Health Defense, the Defender their headline COVID vaccines may not work on millions who have underlying conditions, yet the CDC continues to recommend they get the shot. Mary.

– No, that’s a really disturbing article. That again, what we know is follow the money, even though the CDC is acknowledging that it’s not helping certain people who are immunocompromised, people who have had transplants of organs. Even though the CDC is acknowledging this they are not telling the public, if you have XYZ condition, you should not get this vaccine because it’s all risk, no reward. They’re not doing that. A responsible agency would do that, but they’re not. They’re saying everybody should get it. Including people who have had COVID, Polly who have antibodies, who have natural protection. And we do know based on preliminary science that those people who have had COVID are actually at higher risk for injury if they get the COVID shots.

– And remember that text, my brother got that said because you have an underlying condition you must go and get the shot. Well, I don’t think I supposed to call my brother out but nevermind. Moving on, I don’t think he watches. Okay, FiercePharma. I know, we gotta to talk about this because anyway looking for an edge over Merck, Pfizer begins testing the next-gen pneumococcal shot together. With sales of Pfizer, Prevnar 13 pneumococcal vaccine down last quarter, the company has begun testing it’s follow on shot. So Prevnar 20 co-administered with its COVID-19 vaccine. Mary, I just wanna say before you talk about it I did a little research which anyone can do on Prevnar 20 and the ongoing trials to evaluate the safety. And so in the trials they’re given the Prevnar 20 or the Prevnar 13, that’s the placebo.

– Well, that’s typical Polly. That’s typical, we call those the falcebos, right? I mean, they’re totally false placebos. Thank you for checking that out. It’s almost unheard of that they’re a true placebos used for these vaccine clinical trials. In fact, because I think in large part due to pressure from ICAN, they did use placebos, at least in some of the COVID shot trials, but no, that’s typical. They take the old gen versus the new gen. But what this article from FiercePharma which is really like a mouthpiece for the industry what this is talking about is now these combo jabs of COVID-19 plus pneumococcal 20 valent shots, right? So and these clinical trials, they have three groups of the just the pneumococcal, the Prevnar 20, just the COVID-19 with a placebo in each of those and then the true combination one. And I don’t know about you and why are they doing this? Because Prevnar has been the most lucrative vaccine in the world. It generates $5.85 billion a year. And 80% of that market is with kids. So you know that’s primarily a market so called derived from mandates. So they want to have and the tendency in pharma is that it’s much more profitable if they make these combination shots. They sort of try to sell it by fewer injections but it’s more profitable. It’s new patents and so on. But I don’t know about you, Polly I mean, we talked last week about how the CDC is encouraging co-administration with things like HPV and tetanus. I mean I can’t even imagine what the repercussions are gonna be of a combination COVID-19 and Prevnar 20 shot. I mean, I can’t imagine, it’s just extraordinary. And it’s also interesting for me in New York where Pfizer’s located to think about, how this is playing out. So Merck is located in New Jersey. Pfizer’s in New York, these are two of the four biggest vaccine manufacturers in the world, right? The others are Glaxo in the UK and Sanofi in France. So this is a war between these two US-based vaccine producers and following the money.

– I can’t tell you how many times I heard parents when they were telling that vaccine injury stories Prevnar 13, Prevnar 13, Prevnar 13, or the Prevnar shot. It just like probably the most mentioned vaccine on the bus.

– Yeah, and now they’re combining it with COVID-19.

– Yeah, no, it’s a cocktail of death in my opinion. Right, let’s talk about AstraZeneca. Why that shot is still on the market, I do not know. Study shows that AstraZeneca vaccine works well now as a third booster. So it doesn’t work well as a first or second ’cause you’re really worried about blood clots apparently, but it’s perfectly fine on the third.

– Not on that third, on the third there’s blood clots.

– On third there’s no blood clots. And then there’s a picture of this elderly woman. I just wanna say this ’cause it says the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in India marked it as COVID shield in Ukraine. I find that odd the way all these vaccines or jabs. It’s weird.

– Yeah.

– Anyway, so AstraZeneca now work well as a third shot. So there you go, what can you say?

– I think partly, Polly, like the extended shelf life and like the change in the temperature, I think these are ways for industry to figure out how to use their products, right? What does that really tell us? That these AstraZeneca shots were not used on their first and second and they’re looking for ways to keep this stuff on the market and profitable. And one of the things that I don’t know where it is on your list, but you sent me a Twitter notice from the president of the EU Commission, European Union Commission. They have already signed contracts to buy 1.8 billion further doses of COVID shots, right? So that is four doses for every person in the European Union. They’re planning to keep this going for several more years. This is not over. So the notion that they’re talking about the third doses and the booster shots and how do they have the combos and there’s new types of COVID shots, this is all part of this continuing story. This sort of it seems like this summer we’ll have a little bit of abatement over the summer months but overall, there’s a clear doubling down on the COVID pandemic continuing.

– And for of you that are panicking right now, Children’s Health Defense are on it along with other organizations. So don’t panic, we are not gonna let this go on forever.

– No, we’re not, and we are on it and a lot of groups are on it. And there’s a lot of really great stuff but we’ll save that for the end, Polly.

– We save it for the end.

– Right.

– And read it first. Okay, Independent. They ran an article that said this is what we do about anti-vaxxers. So no job, no entry, no NHS access, National Health Service, that is England. It was written by Sean O’Grady, he’s a very angry man. And he says being coughed on by someone with coronavirus is not my idea of freedom. Those refusing a vaccine must face the consequences. The rest of us have rights too including the right to live. His quotes.

– I’m very concerned about this Polly. So I have already been hearing from people here in the United States that their friends and family who are going into hospitals for elective procedures are being denied access to hospitals unless they take the COVID vaccine. This is very serious that basically not only are we starting to see segregation and a two-tiered society between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, but we’re seeing in the name of health deprivation, full on deprivation of healthcare to people who need it, who aren’t vaccinated. So this is a space that I’m deeply concerned about and we’ll be watching.

– Yeah, I’m concerned. I actually do have a friend here in America who cannot get a very important operation done because of exactly that.

– I heard from someone a couple of days ago somebody with stage four cancer can not go in and get operated unless they take a COVID shot. And so literally this person is trying to decide do I wanna die from cancer or do I wanna take the risk of the vaccine and die from possibly after-effects of the shot? That’s crazy. And doing that in the name of health, again, makes it very clear this can’t possibly be in the name of health. You don’t deprive people of lifesaving medication that is proven a surgery to do something to remove a tumor. You don’t do that in the name of some greater good of health. You don’t.

– No, but I will say, I did hear from someone in the UK who is going to have an operation, has cancer. And the doctor, the oncologist said please do not take this shot now before you go through this.

– That’s encouraging. That’s very encouraging. That’s very encouraging.

– Okay, Telegraph. The use of fear to control behavior in COVID crisis was totalitarian admits scientists. Member of Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavior express regret about unethical methods. Scientists have admitted using fear to control people’s behavior and they said it was unethical. And again, express regret. They warned that ministers needed to increase the perceived level of personal threat from COVID-19 because the substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened. This was in the Telegraph Mary.

– Yeah, that’s quite amazing. Remember that in the UK, at the beginning of this they were suggesting millions of deaths. So, certainly there’s no question that they used fear and will continue to do so from everything we see.

– Yeah, okay New York Times. Long slide looms for world population with sweeping ramifications. Fewer babies cry. This is their writing. Fewer babies cries, more abandoned homes towards the middle of the century as deaths start to exceed births. Changes will come that are hard to fathom. And it sounds like a scene from Handmaid’s Tale or whatever that thing’s called. But Mary, what say you about that article? ‘Cause that’s you locked me out for the rest of it.

– I mean, it was fascinating to see that on the front page of the New York Times. And I think it’s real, right? So, and one of the points… So they point out that between 1990, between 1900 and 2000. So in the last century the population expanded dramatically, the global population from 1.6 billion to 6 billion people in part because of longer lifespans, in part because infant mortality decreased and in part because of increase in fertility. But they’re pointing out that globally, there are reductions in population and they do say there may be an upside for climate change and so on. But they point out that there’s a spiraling effect just as there was a spiraling effect in increasing population, there will be a spiraling effect going down. In other words, it will accelerate. And they’re saying that, in some countries there are sort of bribes. There are bonuses if you have more children because they want a replacement population to pay taxes and to take care of the elderly. But also the article is saying basically countries are gonna have to adapt that this is gonna be a global phenomenon later in this century and the next one. And in some countries, such as in Germany, they’ve already engaged in sort of urban demolition of like taking away certain areas of the city and housing. So I think it’s really interesting. We know Polly that I certainly think that vaccines are playing a role in this. And I think it’s quite plausible that COVID-19 shots are going to play a role in continuing infertility among people who want to have children. So I think it’s a really important story and it’s true that there’s gonna be a lot of repercussions.

– And let’s not forget the Ferret Study or whatever all the animal things, the outcome of that. Anyway, time will tell and Defender will keep reporting on it. Right, Amazing, Red Cross… And this was on mainstream news. Red Cross say anyone who has received the COVID 19 shots cannot donate convalescent plasma. The plasma is made up of antibodies of people who were covered from the virus but the vaccine wipes out those antibodies making the convalescent plasma ineffective in treating other COVID patients.

– Yeah, I haven’t had a chance to really dig deeply into this. This is really, really something Polly. And honestly how are they going to be segregating the blood supply? I don’t know.

– I don’t know, but one to watch. And when they start saying things like that, again people should be thinking, think, think, think. Okay, Children’s Health Defense Defender, employees may be held liable for any adverse reaction if they mandate COVID vaccines. New OSHA guidance holds employers liable for adverse reactions if they require employees be vaccinated for COVID. Now, actually you’ve got an update on that, haven’t you?

– I do have an update. So on that article in the Defender. The Defender is scrupulous about staying on top of stories that it publishes, and there’s an update. And that is that so that guidance that you’re talking about was from April from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. But last Friday on May 24 or on page 24 they published the last coverage. Employers will not be liable, OSHA reverse course. It is still standing by the emergency use authorization federal law that says that people today must have the right to refuse or accept COVID administration, a shot administration but that they will not be liable. What I think the point that in the first article was also it would be easy for people to imagine that initially they thought that you could just sue your employer if you had any injury and you could sue for large amounts of money, even that was not going to be the case. The case before what they were talking about is that people would be able to get workman’s compensation for injuries they suffered if a vaccine was mandated. But at least now OSHA is standing behind the view that an employer cannot mandate a shot at this point. You must have the right to refuse. We are anticipating we know that Pfizer has already put in its biologics label, a biologics license application, it’s BLA and it’s submitting information on a rolling basis. So I am anticipating Polly that very soon there will be a hearing about licensure for the Pfizer vaccine. As we said, we Children’s Health Defense put in a petition to the FDA to say, we don’t think that you should be licensing this at this point. And we have over 10,000 comments so far. And on The Defender there is a banner where you can go and click and it will take you right to the FDA website. And we would appreciate people reading the petition and understanding why we’re taking this position. And then if they support it or even if they don’t support it, commenting on it.

– Okay, people do hear that, that’s actually action alert.

– It is a action alert because we want the FDA to understand that this is an issue of enormous concern to people. And certainly our view is that these products are just not adequate. There’s better alternatives.

– We can do that in 10 thousands, I’m sure. Say people get on with that.

– We can. I mean, I encourage you if you can help us, we would be so grateful.

– They will, hopefully they’re good. Okay, let’s talk about Cuomo for a bit. He lures New Yorkers with a $5 million lottery. Adult New Yorkers who get the jab next week, well, I guess this week, will get a chance to win cash with a scratch off ticket. Residents must go to any of the state’s 10 inoculation sites if you wanna be part of that from Monday to Friday. Cuomo says the vaccines are being incentivize excuse me, due to the 43% drop in people lining up to be struck is the word or stuck. Marilyn also going to want a similar lottery. Staying with Cuomo, the vaccines needed for travel from New York other states. He says this vaccine is the best weapon that we have to defeat COVID. He says he believes states across country and countries will require you to prove you’ve been vaccinated to enter. And then he said, you watch.

– You watch.

– Isn’t he?

– Yeah, that’s a threatening tone and these vaccine pop-up clinics were being put at airports. And he’s basically saying you’re gonna need these vaccines to travel. And I also wanna add to that Polly, last week President Biden said, “I think ominously those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.” These are sort of veiled threats it sounds like to me. Like if you don’t vaccinate now you will regret it. Well, I’m still in no rush. But this is troubling that these figures, these prominent political figures are basically issuing these veil threats.

– They’re panicking, right? This is what you do when you’re losing, I think. We’ll see. Okay, I found this really disturbing. Zero Hedge News and vaccine impact reported this, there maybe others Uniformed troops, there was a video of uniform troops going to bars at 711 in Dallas to inject younger people. Their words, not mine. This is in Dallas. And they put a tweet out before they did it saying “This is the Dallas county HHS. “We are going out tonight administering the #COVID-19 jab “to bar goers.” I mean, Mary one thing on that, these are not sterile environments. Do you remember when Andy Wake for one of the things that they took his license away for was just collecting blood in what they called a non-sterile environment.

– You are so right Polly. You’re so right. I mean, the double standard here is completely extraordinary, right? They’re going out. These people aren’t looking at medical records. They’re not telling people what the contraindications are. They’re not getting informed consent. They’re just jabbing people, literally jabbing people. And I think what’s particularly disturbing to me about that story of mobilization of the national guard in Texas to go vaccinate people probably who are half drunk is that this is what we also saw in Germany. We published a video about from a whistleblower vaccinating people with the military in Germany, in elder care homes. Obviously there’s a blurred line when you have military there to administer vaccines people are going to think I don’t have a choice. That’s what uniformed enforcement officials mean to people. Normal people it’s like, oh, you’re the enforcer. I have to do this. So it’s very troubling. It’s very troubling. This is not what the military is set up to do. And yet it’s being pulled in to give authority if not intimidation to this effort.

– Yeah, awful. And staying in Texas, drone companies are preparing to deliver vaccines in rural America. The drone startup dragon fly gears up to transport vaccines in Texas. And San Francisco based Valantsi say it’s drones are set up to move refrigerated doses too. The drones at the moment in America are not transporting the Coronavirus vaccines. But a company called Cold Chain wants to change that. Other drone companies around the world are also racing to distribute the Coronavirus vaccine. So heads up on that.

– Follow the money.

– Let me go over to the US Sun. Offenders now getting sentences cut in half if they get the COVID vaccine. Certain offenders could get their sentences cut in half if they agree to get this. This will be available to people doing community service as part of their sentence. The whole court administrator, Jason Stevenson said “In our judges view, every shot in the arm “is a service to the community.” Whatever. Let’s go to India. Okay, this is interesting. So I think we’re gonna hear a lot more about this black fungus disease linked to COVID spreads across India. The epidemic they say is spreading fast. They are blaming the very dangerous misuse of steroids to treat COVID-19 as a cause of the epidemic. Healthy individuals will usually fight off the fungus but it can spread the fast in those with compromised immunity. And Anthony Fauci chiming in the Hindu paper saying push hard to get as many people possibly in India vaccinated. The real solution to all is vaccination and that’s the crux of the whole article. That’s it basically.

– But yes, I mean, vaccination is it doesn’t matter what the question is, the answer is vaccination. And he says, and he feels bad that there’s not enough vaccines yet in India. So in the meanwhile use masks and shutdowns, right? Lockdowns. But this black fungus disease they’re calling it is interesting. And they’re suggesting that it is linked to steroids but that it affects people with diabetes and people who are immunocompromised. And it sounds quite horrible, frankly. At 50% of the people who develop this black lung disease die. So I think we will need to watch this. It would be strange Polly if this only happened in India, so.

– Correct, okay. So we’ll keep our eyes on that. And then here we have Israel to lift almost all pandemic restrictions on June the 1st. This includes the so-called green pass vaccination certificate due to the low coronavirus and morbidity. In Israel, almost all pandemic restrictions will be lifted on June the 1st. And they will be able to enter all public amenities regardless of vaccination status. Do you think this is ’cause of the so-called green pass wasn’t actually working?

– Well, what’s interesting about that story, Polly it may be that it’s not working, but it also says that indoors masks are gonna be compulsory for everybody including the vaccinated. So either they think the vaccines don’t work or they don’t wanna be segregating people, but it’s a complete mish-mash of everything that they’ve done, right? So it’s bizarre, it’s bizarre. I think probably you’re right that the green pass isn’t working very well and maybe the vaccines aren’t working, so.

– But… Okay, that’s all I’ve got on the headlines. Our half an hour show is definitely creeping into an hour’s show.

– It’s principle.

– It is. The news is changing the whole time. But Mary, what’s happening in Children’s Health Defense?

– So I’m gonna tell you a couple of it So we were well-represented last week on Friday at Rutgers which was the first university to say that they were gonna impose a mandate and we declared that we are gonna challenge that. And we’re looking for plaintiffs right now. So if you’re watching and you know somebody who’s one of the 71,000 students at Rutgers in New Jersey or you yourself are a student there and you want to be part of challenging the mandate at Rutgers please let me know. Just write to Children’s Health Defense, go on the contact on the website. We’ve mentioned the petition. We’re very excited about that. Petition to the FDA to really bring together all of the work that shows that these products just really should not have an emergency use authorization. There are available safe alternatives and they should not be licensed, given the safety profile that shows us according to VAERS that over 4,000 people have died from them. So tonight I’m very excited on our website, go and look for the COVID crisis. We’re having what we’re calling a town hall at 8:00 PM Eastern tonight. It is especially featuring the voices of black and Hispanic leaders in this space. We have Dr. Ali Mohammad, Tony Mohammed, Raquel Martinez, Curtis Cost and other well-known names to you. Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Dave Raskin. I’m gonna be talking about legal issues, but we did a town hall a while back and it will be recorded and it will be available but it’s fun to watch in real time. And I think this will be really interesting. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll cover all aspects of what we’re calling the COVID crisis.

– So does that call Children’s Health Defense Live And so you can to the website.

– But you do have to preregister Polly. You do have to register. So go to The Defender. And I think you’ll just put in COVID Crisis or go to Children’s Health Defense website put in COVID Crisis and you can sign up. And then we have some, we are very much focused on preventing mandates for children. So we’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes and we’ll be coming out with more information on that soon. And I’m very excited that we have new shows coming up. Polly, do you wanna tell people about your new show?

– Yes, I am going to be starting a new show and in fact it’s ready. It’s ready to go. So this is what I wanna hear from any of you. In fact, contact either Children’s Health Defense or [email protected], who have had reactions from the COVID shots or from the masks, or from just being bullied into vaccines. We’re also still doing vaxxed-unvaxxed story. So if you have families… And we’re not just covering the COVID, we really wanna get back but instead of getting out on the bus, we’re gonna be going live on Children’s Health Defense and doing the interviews from around the world. So not just America, wherever you are in the world. Also, if you’re a health professional and you see something that’s wrong, please speak to us, please come and do the show. So contact Children’s Health Defense for this, and it’s called the People’s Testament.

– The People’s Testament. Yeah, so we’re very excited about that. And we also have two of our advocates, Amy Villella McBride and Stephanie Locricchio who are also starting to interview advocates around the US, potentially around the world. We really want to be standing behind and supporting all of you who are advocates in your community in this really, really important human rights struggle. I mean, if we don’t have control over our bodies Polly or the bodies of our children, it’s over, it’s really over. So we’re all in. We know you’re with us and we’re so grateful and we’ll be back next week.

– Yes, we will be back next week. Remember how much you love, stand strong everybody, stand firm. We are going to win this. Right Mary?

– We are going to win this.

– We will be back next week. Maybe I won’t be so croaky then Peeps. Okay, all right big love to everybody and we’ll see you next Tuesday. Bye.

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