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In this week’s video chat with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense’s vice chair and general counsel, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly talk about the history of using psychiatry against dissidents and more.

Conversation at-a-Glance

  • In a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Bruce L. Miller suggests people who question COVID vaccines may have neurodegenerative or psychiatric disorders.
  • A school in the UK is deploying the military to roll out mass COVID testing of students, in what appears to be a test case for how the public will respond.
  • Pfizer’s vaccine news this week is nothing more than a company press release there’s no peer-reviewed data to back up claims of 90% efficacy of the drugmaker’s COVID vaccine.
  • The New York State Bar Association’s statement recommending a COVID vaccine mandate is significant because NY has the largest membership in the country, and Pfizer is based in New York but it’s not legal, and Children’s Health Defense will fight it.
  • Through the World Freedom Alliance, with members from 30 countries, Children’s Health Defense and others are building a global movement to challenge COVID vaccine mandates.
  • The COVID pandemic is being used as a pretext to get to The Great Reset and create a digital ID for every human being.

Watch here: