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Britain OKs Moderna Vaccine for Ages 12 and Up

ABC News reported:

Britain’s medical agency has approved the Moderna coronavirus vaccine for use in children ages 12 and over.

It is the second COVID-19 shot authorized in the U.K. for those The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said Tuesday that it is up to the government’s vaccination advisers whether children in this age group should be given the Moderna shot.between ages 12 to 17, after the Pfizer vaccine.

More Protection: U.S. Likely to Authorize COVID Booster Shots

The Associated Press reported:

As early as this week, U.S. health authorities are expected to recommend an extra dose of the vaccine for all Americans eight months after they get their second shot, according to two people who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

That means the biggest vaccination drive in U.S. history is about to get even more extensive.

The move is being driven by both the highly contagious variant and preliminary evidence that the vaccine’s protective effect starts dropping within months.

Researchers May Have Discovered Root Cause of Long COVID Syndrome

SciTech Daily reported:

New evidence shows that patients with Long COVID syndrome continue to have higher measures of blood clotting, which may help explain their persistent symptoms, such as reduced physical fitness and fatigue.

The study, led by researchers from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, is published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

Previous work by the same group studied the dangerous clotting observed in patients with severe acute COVID-19. However, far less is known about Long COVID syndrome, where symptoms can last weeks to months after the initial infection has resolved and is estimated to affect millions of people worldwide.

Employers Want You to Get Vaccinated. This One Is Offering A $1,000 Bonus.

NPR reported:

In mid-July, David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s soaps looked at the vaccination rate among his workers. It had reached 60% — not bad, Bronner says, but not high enough given the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

Bronner is CEO of Dr. Bronner’s, the natural soap company known for its counterculture roots and the ramblings covering its labels in tiny print.

He was reluctant to impose a vaccine mandate on his 300 employees.

“We don’t want to create bad vibes and ill will,” he says.

Instead, he came up with an incentive he believes is too good to turn down: a $1,000 bonus for getting vaccinated.

‘Tainted’ Blood? COVID Vaccine Skeptics Request Transfusions Only From Unvaccinated Donors

The Seattle Times reported:

The nation’s roiling tensions over vaccination against COVID-19 have spilled into an unexpected arena: lifesaving blood transfusions.

With nearly 60% of the eligible U.S. population fully vaccinated, most of the nation’s blood supply is now coming from donors who have been inoculated, experts said. That’s led some patients who are skeptical of the shots to demand transfusions only from the unvaccinated, an option blood centers insist is neither medically sound nor operationally feasible.

“We are definitely aware of patients who have refused blood products from vaccinated donors,” said Dr. Julie Katz Karp, who directs the blood bank and transfusion medicine program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia.