Stopping OTARD

What is OTARD and Why We MUST Fight it

On March 29, 2021, the FCC’s amended “Over The Air Reception Device” (OTARD) rule went into effect. This draconian law allows the installation of powerful base station antennas, including 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), on homes without any notice to neighbors. In its zeal to bathe us all in redundant wireless radiation, to remove any “barriers” and ensure fast deployment, the FCC preempted all state and zoning laws, as well as homeowners association and deed restrictions. No application, notice or permit is required. The rule also preempted civil rights laws that protect the disabled, forcing non-consensual toxic radiation on people who are sick in their homes while removing all their due-process rights. The rule harms our health, our property rights and adversely affects home value as well as our right to privacy and security. This rule transforms our neighborhoods into radiation-saturated industrialized zones and creates a wireless “Wild West.”

CHD’s Campaign: “Stopping OTARD – The Wireless Wild-West Rule”

Understanding the devastating implications of this rule to our health, privacy, security, property rights, and constitutional rights, CHD has initiated a campaign against the rule: “Stopping OTARD – The Wireless Wild West Rule.”

In 2020 CHD filed an ex-parte letter to the FCC with extensive arguments against the adoption of the rule. The submission was joined by 15,090 people, including 6,231 who declared that they and/or their neighbors have become sick from wireless radiation. Despite widespread objection to the rule, the FCC passed it on January 7, 2021.

CHD v. FCC – Stopping OTARD Lawsuit

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CHD v. FCC OTARD Lawsuit

On 2/26/2021, CHD filed a case against the FCC in the US Courts of Appeals for the DC Circuit. The case challenges the legitimacy of the rule, claiming that it violates due process rights of the many children and adults who have become sick, as well as other rights secured by the Constitution. Go to OTARD – CHD v. FCC Lawsuit Page.

Stop OTARD in Your Community

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Grassroots Efforts – Educating Neighbors and Communities

CHD is educating people and communities around the country about the OTARD rule, so that whenever someone gets a solicitation to install these antennas on their home, they understand why it’s crucial to say “NO”. Currently communities will have no way to learn about upcoming installations and will not have any legal avenue to fight them. Go to our OTARD Community & Take Action Tool Kit Page.

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