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January 2, 2024 COVID Views


‘The Wuhan Cover-Up’: Review of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Crucial Book

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s latest book, “The Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race,” gives you the facts, the history and the understanding you need to grasp what is actually happening, right now. If enough of us read it, we will gain the knowledge and strength in numbers to stop and defund the biowarfare industry.

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When Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talked about writing this book a couple of years ago, I asked him, “Why?”

Mindful of how the truth about everything COVID-19 (and much else) was being memory-holed, he said he wanted to create an accurate historical record of what happened — for the future.

I thought that was a good answer. We desperately need a clear, accurate understanding of many things that have been taking place over the past few years, or should I say decades, and we all need to be saving hard copies or PDFs on hard drives of the important bits of history that we dig up.

Kennedy did the difficult part and collected those scraps, and he knitted them together into a narrative that very few people know about. In a nutshell: There is a cabal that took the concept of biological warfare 30 years ago and ran with it — to create new industries, massive profits and control the world using fear of death by contagion.

He created a history that is also a page-turner, enabling us to understand in a much deeper way what we have just lived through.

No kidding: RFK Jr.’s book has the receipts. Dr. Anthony Fauci is only one pawn on the chessboard in this story. There are many others, and I will mention just a few.

Assistant U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Robert Kadlec is another. Sir/Dr. Jeremy Farrar is a real Knight, despite or because of having played a pivotal role in the overdosing of over 2500 patients with hydroxychloroquine in the U.K./Oxford and World Health Organization clinical trials that he oversaw and funded, of whom nearly 500 died.

There are the funders; the scientists who will do anything for another grant; the massive network controlled by a syndicate: the moneymen and women from the National Institutes of Health’s many institutes, especially its best-funded National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; the National Science Foundation, whose former director was on the board of EcoHealth Alliance; the Wellcome Trust, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation; and other charities deeply entangled with the ones I just mentioned. There are think tanks that help guide the direction the funding takes.

A U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) that contributes billions to whitewash and hide its biowarfare research. And a massive bureaucracy and media that protects all these people from exposure and punishment.

Nobody really wants to think about bioweapons. They are unpleasant in the extreme to contemplate. They should not exist. They challenge our entire concept of medicine as being sacrosanct, the knowledge of medicine never to be used for harm. This is in the Hippocratic oath.

Unfortunately, we cannot bury our heads in the sand over this issue. Our lack of knowledge about it, our revulsion toward it and our deep-seated fears about it have enabled the specter of biological warfare to lead us on a long and winding road to hell.

The 2001 anthrax letters, sent at the right time to the right senators, led to the Patriot Act, a hugely profitable biodefense industry and the rise of the surveillance state.

By 2005 we had the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness, or PREP, Act ostensibly to allow the DOD to continue using the anthrax vaccine despite the revocation of the vaccine’s license in 2004.

Did anyone know back then that the PREP Act would be used to green-light contaminated gene therapy injections for billions around the world?

Why didn’t the scientists designing these injections predict some, if not all of their harms, having spent hundreds of $ millions to study beta coronaviruses over two decades? Or did they?

Without the PREP Act removing liability from the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, the injectors, and the government planners who designed the program and gave away billions of taxpayer dollars in bonuses for each shot administered, such untested, unlicensed and deadly shots would never have been administered.

These Patriot and PREP Acts were passed because Congress and the American public were played like a fiddle, induced to be terrified.

Congress attempted to immunize itself from criticism by throwing money at the problem, much going to Fauci, while through ignorance Congress made the problem of biological warfare far worse.

Many Americans took the COVID-19 experimental shots willingly, out of terror and ignorance. The half that held back were mostly beaten, shamed or cajoled into compliance through the most incredible, federally funded fifth-generation mind control assault the world has ever experienced.

We have just lived through three bioweapon events, at least: the original Wuhan coronavirus, the Omicron variant and monkeypox, all of which assuredly came from labs.

It is obvious many more nasty viruses and other microorganisms are still sitting in labs, many sponsored by military and intelligence agencies using our tax dollars.

It is absolutely critical that the public act a lot smarter than it did last time if there is a next time. It is critical to know what it is we are dealing with. And critical to understand there ARE ways we can save ourselves that lie outside the government’s prescribed Overton window.

“The Wuhan Cover-Up” gives you the facts, the history and the understanding you need to grasp what is actually happening, right now.

If enough of us read it, we will gain the knowledge and strength in numbers to stop and defund the biowarfare industry, revoke these terrible laws and lay down our deep, unconscious fears regarding contagion.

Full disclosure: I helped edit this book. I was the first person in the world to study an epidemic (epizootic) and prove it was due to biological warfare.

Originally published on Meryl Nass’ COVID Newsletter Substack page

The Defender on occasion posts content related to Children’s Health Defense’s nonprofit mission that features Mr. Kennedy’s views on the issues CHD and The Defender regularly cover. In keeping with Federal Election Commission rules, this content does not represent an endorsement of Mr. Kennedy, who is on leave from CHD and is running as an independent for president of the U.S.

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