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EDITOR’S NOTE: Tony Lyons is an attorney and president and publisher at Skyhorse Publishing, publisher of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s, new runaway bestseller, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.” Below is the publisher’s note Lyons wrote and which appears on page xii of the book.

Complex scientific and moral problems are not resolved through censorship of dissenting opinions, deleting content from the internet or defaming scientists and authors who present information challenging to those in power.

Censorship leads instead to greater distrust of government institutions and large corporations.

There is no ideology or politics in pointing out the obvious: Scientific errors and public policy errors do occur — and can have devastating consequences.

Errors might result from flawed analysis, haste, arrogance, and sometimes, corruption.

Whatever the cause, the solutions come from open-minded exploration, introspection and constant review.

Ideally, science and public policy are never static. They are a process, a collaboration,  a debate and a partnership.

If powerful people challenged by this book claim it contains misinformation, our response is simply this: Tell us where you believe something is incorrect, make your best arguments and offer the best available support for those arguments.

We encourage and invite dialogue, criticism, engagement — and every suggestion will be heard and considered.

Since “The Real Anthony Fauci” is being published in the middle of rapidly unfolding events, and since censorship and suppression of information is underway, it’s best to approach this book as a living document.

When new information emerges that can add to or improve the thousands of references and citations in this book, updates, additional notes and new references will be provided via the QR codes that appear throughout the book.

We’ve published authors with views on all sides of many controversies. That’s what we do, because at its best, publishing is a town square that lets everyone be heard — and lets everyone else listen, if they choose to.

As Alan Dershowitz says, “I always learn when I read or hear Bobby’s take.”

I can go several steps further, knowing from my inside view how principled and careful Bobby is as an author — and how painstakingly this book was researched.

We look forward to taking this important journey with you.