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December 9, 2021 Big Energy Big Food Views

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Vandana Shiva: Great Reset Is ‘a Project of Extermination’

Vandana Shiva and Russell Brand dissect the Great Reset and the motives and psychology of the ruling elite.

Vandana Shiva explained how the economic plan known as the Great Reset is a 'project of extermination.'

On the latest episode of Russell Brand’s “Under the Skin” podcast, Indian scholar, environmental activist and food sovereignty advocate, Vandana Shiva, explained how the economic plan known as the Great Reset is a “project of extermination.”

As Shiva previously told The Defender, the Great Reset — or the readjustment of the global economy on behalf of the most powerful companies and institutions — is about “maintaining and empowering a corporate extraction machine and the private ownership of life.”

The World Economic Forum (WEF), a think tank representing business interests from around the world, devised The Great Reset. According to WEF founder and executive chairman, Klaus Schwab, the forum is guided by the goal of positioning “private corporations as the trustees of society” to “address social and environmental challenges.”

Brand asked Shiva what the end goal of the Great Reset is and what people like Bill Gates are pursuing.

“I think the project is a project of extermination,” Shiva said, who believes the project is powered by hubris and greed.

She said extreme hubris leads individuals like Bill Gates, or corporations like seed giant Syngenta, to believe they can be in total control of a life system — and “no matter the mess they create they’ll always be able to fix and profit from it.”

Shiva claimed greed also plays an integral role in this project of extermination because it leads these corporations and individuals to take away people’s life support or land and without considering the consequences.

Destroying people’s life support systems  “is an ecocidal and genocidal instinct,” she said.

Shiva told Brand:

“If you are creating conditions for most of humanity to not meet their basic needs, and creating a condition in which they can’t exercise their fundamental right to clean air, food, water, freedom, education or mobility … it’s an idea of dispensability equal to the idea of extermination.”

She said, “This is not just happening, it is being made to happen through deliberate action.”

Watch the interview here: 

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