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The plastics crisis gets a lot of attention, but the headlines usually focus on plastic that ends up in the environment — not the bigger story of how the lifecycle of plastic production, from start to finish, harms people and the planet.

This short video from the Story of Stuff Project goes behind the scenes to reveal how oil companies are doubling down on plastics production, and how corporations like Unilever, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble are aggressively marketing plastics products to communities around the world.

More than any industry, the plastics industry is driven by supply rather than demand, the film explains. And contrary to popular belief, recycling is not the solution.

As the narrator says, it turns out we can’t burn, bury or recycle our way out of this problem — it’s like trying to bail out a bathtub with a teaspoon while the tap is running full blast.”

Watch the video: