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August 29 proved to be a landmark day in the history of the health freedom movement, not just in Germany, but for advocates who were watching the events in Berlin unfold from around the world. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for the launch of Children’s Health Defense Europe, spoke resolutely to an enthusiastic crowd estimated by those in attendance to be more than a million people.

In announcing the formation of Children’s Health Defense Europe, Kennedy struck a chord with those who have been fighting government overreach, some who have been at it for decades, and others who are waking up to the increasing power that governments and industries have in deciding what medical procedures and interventions will be required for individuals.

Since that day in Berlin, similar protests have been organized in countries around the globe, attended by people from all walks of life, united in the need to cling tightly to their freedom. The Pharma-controlled media have their marching orders to continue to downplay the strength of this movement, but the images from these protests tell a different story — we are a powerful force that continues to gain in strength, momentum, and numbers, and we’ll stand up to corporate and industry bullies in order to maintain our freedom.

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