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American comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore told Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast that the side effects he experienced after the second dose of Moderna’s COVID vaccine never subsided.

Dore also said he was attacked online and called “anti-vax” when he tweeted about his adverse reaction to the shot.

Dore said he got the COVID vaccine because he has an underlying health issue — a rare bone disease called hypophosphatemic osteomalacia — so his doctor recommended it.

No, I don’t trust the government or Big Pharma, said Dore, but I trust my doctor “who saved my life.”

After the second jab, which he received in April, Dore told Rogan he continues to suffer from fevers, body aches, joint pain, exhaustion and a stiff neck.

Dore said he was also told by a doctor he has brain inflammation that’s likely caused by the spike protein in the Moderna vaccine.

Dore said he tweeted about his symptoms to see if others had a similar experience.

That’s when the backlash started, Dore said. “People started to call me ‘anti-vax,’” he said. “I’m like, ‘No I got the vax.’ When people have a reaction to an experimental vaccine that is not FDA-approved, you’re supposed to not suppress the reactions. You’re supposed to ask people what the reactions are so we can make the vaccines better.”

Dore said when he contacted his doctor about the side effects of the shot, his doctor said he was treating five people just like him, including a neurosurgeon and a nurse.

Dore said:

“They were afraid to talk about their symptoms because they were afraid to be ostracized and stigmatized. What a messed up situation, when in this culture they politicize medicine where doctors and medical professionals are afraid to talk about their symptoms.”

Talking about the side effects of COVID vaccines is a “nutty, divisive issue,” said Rogan.

“People are so rabid online,” said Rogan. “They’re furious if anybody talks about any negative side effects, even if it’s accurate.”

Rogan said:

“It’s also putting people in a position where Big Pharma is the good guy now, which has never happened before, especially the exact same companies people were openly criticizing in the past and pointing out lawsuits they lost for hiding information about test results and things that have happened during studies. And these same people are now ignoring any possible side effects.”

Rogan accused the White House of spreading false information about COVID vaccines.

For example, when asked about “vaccine misinformation” being spread on social media, Psaki said in a White House press briefing on July 16 mRNA COVID vaccines “are approved and have gone through the gold standard of the FDA approval process.”

Rogan said:

“When Jen Psaki is talking about misinformation online, and combating misinformation, she distributed misinformation. She said it’s approved by the FDA and their ‘gold standard.’

“You can’t say that when you’re the White House press secretary because that’s not a true statement. It’s approved for Emergency Use Authorization because we’re in the middle of a pandemic.”

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