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This week, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” covered the latest headlines on COVID-19, Big Pharma and other issues, including news that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines doubled the company’s annual revenue, and gave the drugmaker unique weight in determining U.S. health policy.

Polly and Mary also discussed that the German Federal Ministry of Health posted a “stunning tweet” admitting 1 of every 5,000 COVID-19 vaccinations caused “serious side effects.”

Plus, one of the former U.S. officials who led the COVID-19 response during the Trump administration said that COVID-19 vaccines were never expected to protect against infection.

Also on tap this week: President Biden tested positive for coronavirus, despite being fully vaccinated and boosted, and is taking the anti-viral drug Paxlovid for his symptoms.

More of this week’s highlights:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) hosted its second emergency meeting committee to discuss the monkeypox outbreak.
  • Monkeypox has been detected in the first two children in the U.S. “Let’s wait and see,” said Mary.
  • The WHO released its updated global COVID-19 vaccination strategy. “I really want to call people’s attention to this report,” said Mary. “It is a big pharma marketing plan.”
  • U.S. deaths from antimicrobial resistance rose 15% in 2020, as drugs were used to treat COVID-19. The WHO has issued an “urgent” call to develop more than 150 vaccines to address this global health threat. “It is fascinating,” said Polly.
  • Pandemic of the boosted? New data reveals a fatal problem with COVID-19 vaccinations. “You must read this,” said Polly.
  • Projections based on his past, current and future salaries suggest Dr. Anthony Fauci will net the largest federal retirement package in history when he retires in 2025.

  • Top-ranking Biden administration officials and five social media giants have 30 days to respond to subpoenas and discovery requests in a lawsuit alleging the government colluded with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech “under the guise of combatting misinformation.” “This is my favorite article this week,” said Mary. “This is very exciting.”
  • A lawsuit filed in federal court accuses the U.S. government of stonewalling because officials won’t release documents pertaining to potential conflicts of interest involving Christine Grady, Ph.D., chief of the National Institutes of Health Department of Bioethics — and wife of Dr. Anthony Fauci. “I had no idea about this,” said Polly.
  • Napping regularly linked to high blood pressure and strokes. “The most ridiculous article ever,” said Polly.
  • 42% of women reported heavier menstrual bleeding after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, who collected data on menstrual irregularities related to the shots, believes the spike protein could be the culprit.
  • Advisors to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have unanimously recommended Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine, claiming the unvaxxed are the product’s “primary target population.”
  • A sponsored research agreement at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital explores vaccine development for norovirus shell and protrusion platform for multiple diseases. “This is troubling to me,” said Mary. “This is all about making money.”
  • The first human case of dengue virus has been reported in Florida.
  • The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has been given authority to declare public health emergencies.
  • The U.S. reports its first polio case in decades.
  • According to CDC data, no significant differences were found in COVID-19 case growth between states with or without mask mandates, during periods of low or high transmission.
  • Nearly two dozen firefighters are taking the Calgary Fire Department to court over allegations that the city’s vaccine mandate violated their human rights.
  • In Sri Lanka, fuel passes via QR codes will be required to purchase gas. “I find this really disturbing,” said Polly.
  • Genetically modified salmon, pork, and chicken are coming to your plate soon.
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., told the superintendent of schools for the District of Columbia that CHD will sue the school district unless it rescinds its recently announced COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students ages 12 and up.
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