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Several deaths, at least one miscarriage and thousands of reports of severe adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination are included in recently released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) V-safe database.

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) released the first two batches of V-safe “free-text” data in February and March. A January court ruling stemming from ICAN’s lawsuit against the CDC forced the agency to release the data.

The ruling, which ICAN described as “a huge win for transparency,” requires the CDC to release all 7.8 million “free-text” entries by Jan. 15, 2025.

The V-safe app allowed members of the public to self-report COVID-19 vaccine-related symptoms. The CDC stopped collecting reports from COVID-19 vaccine recipients last year.

The Jan. 5 ruling by Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas Amarillo Division granted expedited processing of the free-text data, rejecting the CDC’s argument that releasing the data would be overly burdensome.

“Production of the free-text data will permit independent researchers to put the government agencies to their proof by considering all of the available data,” Kacsmaryk’s decision said.

In September 2022, ICAN won a separate lawsuit against the CDC, resulting in the public release of the V-safe “check-the-box” data. However, the “check-the-box” data tracked only minor and generalized reactions like headaches or vomiting.

The “free-text” data allowed users to describe, in up to 250 characters, the specific symptoms they experienced without the limitations of the “check-the-box” options within the V-safe app.

“Thus, the only place for participants to report serious and anticipated adverse reactions, including myocarditis, was in these free-text fields,” ICAN said.

According to ICAN’s legal update:

“At first look, there’s remarkable consistency between the 390,000 text entries received in February and the 390,000 text entries received in March (made by 523,150 unique V-safe users) in terms of the number of times certain symptoms were reported.

“For example, in both the February and March productions, roughly 3,200 entries mention the symptom of ‘shortness of breath.’ For the term ‘heart palpitations’ there were about 1,900 reports in the February batch and 1,600 in the March batch. Concerningly, these are both symptoms of myocarditis.

“In addition, in each batch there were roughly 1,000 reports of ‘ringing’ of the ears (tinnitus), which studies and news reports have linked to the COVID-19 vaccines, despite CDC’s refusal to recognize it as an adverse event.”

Speaking on “The Highwire” podcast last week, ICAN CEO Del Bigtree said the V-Safe data are “the best data that was ever [collected] around the COVID vaccine,” adding that the data released in the February and March installments were remarkably consistent.

“Roughly 3,200 entries mentioned the symptom of shortness of breath,” Bigtree said. Each batch contained approximately 1,900 reports of heart palpitations and 1,600 reports of arrhythmias.

“These are both symptoms of myocarditis,” Bigtree said.

Brian Hooker, Ph.D., chief scientific officer for Children’s Health Defense, told The Defender the free-text entries on V-safe “read like something written by [‘Frankenstein’ author] Mary Shelley unfortunately and affirm much of the other, more forthcoming literature associated with COVID-19 vaccine injury.”

Hooker added:

“The frequency of reports of cardiac-related events affirm other reports regarding the very high prevalence of myocarditis and pericarditis. Also, tinnitus, which was an injury sustained by pro-vaccine zealot and vaccine apologist Dr. Gregory Poland, is reported at an alarming frequency.”

Highlighting the importance of the V-safe data, Dr. Meryl Nass, an internist and founder of Door to Freedom, told The Defender “V-safe allowed vaccine recipients to report injuries and medical visits in free text. This might be the only data source where that kind of granular information exists.”

“In the first month of V-safe, 3% of recipients required a medical visit after their vaccination,” she said.

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told The Defender the CDC has abdicated its duties to the American public:

“The agency has the duty to monitor, analyze and inform the public on emerging COVID-19 vaccine safety issues. Americans have been horrified and outraged with lack of transparency by the CDC and the need for the courts to intervene.

“Release of CDC data describing an avalanche of side effects after COVID-19 vaccination deserves unbiased analysis and publication.”

According to Dr. Kat Lindley, president of the Global Health Project and director of the Global COVID Summit, “The fact that CDC was willing to hide the free-text data because it is burdensome tells us all we need to know about what CDC thinks about pharmacovigilance and the ‘COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective’ narrative.”

Multiple reports of deaths, heart attacks, strokes

According to ICAN, the CDC previously claimed the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines was accompanied by “the most intensive safety monitoring effort in U.S. history” — yet it took three lawsuits to secure the release of the V-safe “check-the-box” and “free-text” data.

In describing the “free-text” entries as “sobering” and “presumably ignored by CDC,” ICAN highlighted some examples of vaccine injuries reported by V-safe users in their own words, including:

  • My tinnitus is off the charts. It is EXTREMELY LOUD. Had I know [sic] the vaccination would make my tinnitus worse I would have NEVER gotten the vaccine. Put it this way, if I was suicidal I would be dead by now thats [sic] how bad it is.
  • I had miscarriage after 2nd dose of Pfizer covid vaccine. I felt fine until I had the vaccine and within 48 hrs pregnancy symptoms ceased. I have no history of fertility issues or complications and had 2 healthy uneventful pregnancies prior to this.
  • Today, I experienced heart palpitations accompanied by tachycardia, dizziness, and weakness. These symptoms lasted about 4 hours and my heart rate was between 135-145. I have never experienced any of these symptoms until today.
  • Loss of consciousness and seizure immediately following injection. Went to ER by ambulance.

‘My baby died in utero’ 12 days after vaccine

A review by The Defender of a sample of V-safe entries in both February and March data releases revealed several instances where deaths and serious adverse events were reported, including of unborn babies:

  • My baby died in utero 1/2/2020, I got the vaccine 12/21. She was 24 weeks.
  • My 6mo old baby who is exclusively breastfed got a red raised rash surrounding her mouth and on her neck beginning 1-2 days following my Covid vaccine. Unsure if it is related but sharing knowing that this vaccine has not been well studied in lactating women.
  • Died.
  • I am currently in the hospital for a heart attack that took place the day after my vaccination.
  • Had a heart attack8 [sic] hours after vaccine in the hospital.
  • Had a heart attack. 2 stents. In ICU at this time. This is his wife reporting this.
  • Still recovering from the heart attack I had 4 days after my vaccine. Lots of heart palpitations and general fatigue. Would like someone to contact me regarding this.
  • Stroke/heart attack possibly provoked by vaccine.
  • Had to enter hospital with short term memory loss and high levels of Troponin. They thought I had a mini stroke and heart attack. It happened the day after the vaccine.
  • I had a heart attack on 1:12.
  • Ive [sic] been having heart palpitations very frequently. Sometimes with an increased heart rate.
  • Yesterday I had incredible chest pain !!! Lasted for a few minutes than [sic] stopped. Thought I might be having a heart attack. Have never had this feeling before.
  • New onset Atrial Fibrillation.
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate. Feeling like I was going to pass out. Unable to focus, floating feeling.
  • Facial numbness in the side I got the shot, migrated to my lips.
  • Colitis requiring 6 days in hospital on iv steroids, iv fluids and rest. I will be in long term prednisone now!
  • Severe bladder pain with urination that started ~3 hrs after receiving vaccine, urinary urgency and frequency.
  • This morning I noticed pain in my armpit, it felt like a swollen lymph node. I just noticed a very swollen area in my armpit. This is the right arm that I got the vaccine in yesterday.
  • I have painful and stiff joints- in my fingers. Particularly my left index finger. It is noticeably red and swollen. This is new for me.
  • Major herpes/cold sore outbreak on my lips. I usually get them, but not this bad.
  • Yesterday I developed herpes to my moth [sic] at a location I never get it. Also I have not had [herpes] in a very very long time.
  • “Difficulty thinking,” “brain fog” and “foggy feeling.”

Reacting to these reports, McCullough said, “Vignettes describing what went wrong after injection are consistent with what I am seeing in my clinical practice. Side effects are directly caused by the shots, are long-lasting and in many cases require medical intervention.”

Hooker said none of this information has been officially reported by the CDC, which “barely even gives mention of the myriad cardiac sequelae of the vaccine.”

“If CDC were taking these reports seriously, we would have been notified as the public — that’s their job, right? Public health?” Hooker said. “As per usual, CDC is lying and hiding, given their incestuous relationship with Big Pharma.

The February-March data is just “the tip of the iceberg,” Hooker said.

“The CDC needs to release all 7.8 million records, as the judge ordered,” he said. “There is no good reason for them to mete out the information slowly — this shows that they are continuing to hide adverse outcomes from the public.”

Lindley said it seems the CDC “has abandoned one of their important tenets, which is safety and protection of the consumers. The trust they seem to want to be restored will never be restored with the behaviors they continue to exhibit. Actions speak louder than words. Shame on them.”

ICAN said it will perform a “full analysis” of the data once the full release of the “free-text” V-safe records is complete.