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On this week’s episode of Children’s Health DefenseCommunity Corner,” two experienced homeschoolers shared tips for parents who, faced with COVID vaccine mandates, are considering alternative schooling for their kids.

The episode began with breaking news that the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine, clearing the way for more vaccine mandates. Video footage from two separate protests — one organized by parents and another by healthcare workers — highlighted the mounting opposition to vaccine mandates.

Featured guest Cassandra Mulligan, mother of five children with 16 years experience homeschooling, shared her inspirational journey with listeners concerned about the potential of COVID vaccine mandates for their school-aged children.

Mulligan discussed what it was like 15 years ago to leave a thriving career in publishing to focus on homeschooling her children. She gave guidance on choosing curriculum for your child and shared the joys that homeschooling has brought to her children and her family. She also dispelled many of the common myths about homeschooled children.

Mulligan recently founded and directs a Christian, classical education homeschooling co-operative in New York. She described how the model came to fruition, and how the loss of religious exemptions in New York has spurred growing interest from families looking to educate their children outside of government-run public and also private schools.

T.J. Schmidt, attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), discussed his role assisting HSLDA members with legal questions and other challenges arising from their homeschooling experience.

Schmidt also shared a high-level overview of different state regulations, and explained how HSLDA can support families who make the decision to homeschool with information, resources and legal support.

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