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May 18, 2023 Big Pharma Views

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‘Absolutely Terrifying’: Candace Owens Reveals Details of Gardasil Shot Vaccine Injury

Candace Owens, political commentator and talk show host on The Daily Wire, recently shared her story of getting two doses of the Gardasil vaccine. “It was absolutely terrifying because I was alone and had bad reactions to both doses,” she said.

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Immediately after receiving her first dose of Merck’s Gardasil human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine at age 19, Candace Owens “hit the ground” and “passed out.”

Owens, now in her 30s, is a political commentator and talk show host on The Daily Wire. She shared her “absolutely terrifying” vaccine story in a recent video.

The day she passed out after getting the Gardasil shot, her doctor told her she fainted because she hadn’t eaten breakfast.

Months later — on a day when she made sure to eat breakfast — Owens received her second dose of the Gardasil three-dose series.

“I remember this moment especially horrifically,” she recalled, “because she [the nurse] had asked me to disrobe because afterward, I was going to have an exam — so I was essentially just wearing a shirt and one of those little pieces of paper, you know, to cover your parts, and I had passed out [and] fallen off of the chair — over the table, rather — that I was on.”

“When I came to, I began having what can only be described as a mini seizure,” Owens said. “I began shaking and I began vomiting profusely.” She said she was “traumatized and scared” by the experience of not knowing what was happening to her body.

It was “very obvious” to Owens that her two male gynecologists were “spooked.” They told her she should discontinue the series because she was having a reaction to the shots.

Afterward, she sat in her car crying and asked herself what she had just put into her body and why she put it into her body. “Why would I just blanket trust a doctor?” she asked.

Owens told viewers:

“I didn’t feel like myself for years after getting that second installment of the Gardasil shot. I had a fatigue that I can’t even describe to you that lasted for years.

“I felt like my brain didn’t work the same since getting that vaccine.”

Owens — now a mother of two who does not vaccinate her children — said “so many women” have written to her about their own Gardasil injury experiences that she finds it “stunning” the vaccine is still on the market.

Hundreds of lawsuits allege harm or death from Gardasil vaccine

Gardasil, approved for use in 2006, is commonly administered to teens and young adults before they are sexually active. Merck claims it protects against HPV infections, which can be sexually transmitted later in life and may lead to the development of cervical cancer.

However, most HPV infections are benign and resolve on their own.

Owens showed viewers a commercial that promoted the Gardasil vaccine as a means of preventing cancer.

“If you use a phrase like ‘this is going to prevent you from getting cancer,’ you are obviously going to inspire people to act out of fear,” she said.

But Owens pointed out that in 2005 — the year just before the rollout of the Gardasil vaccine — there were approximately 149.9 million females in the U.S. and “just 10,370 cases of cervical cancer,” according to the American Cancer Society.

“That means that if you were a female living in the United States in 2005, you had just a .0069 chance of being diagnosed with cervical cancer,” Owens said.

Meanwhile, Merck faces hundreds of lawsuits — including a wrongful death suit — over its Gardasil HPV vaccine, alleging the drugmaker knew its vaccine could cause serious injuries.

According to the law firm Wisner Baum:

“In 2022, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) consolidated all federally filed Gardasil cases before Judge Conrad in North Carolina, where more than 75 claims have been consolidated. Another 80 cases that have already gone through the mandatory Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) are expected to be filed in the MDL in 2023.

At least 200 additional cases are currently pending in the VICP, and another 150 are under review. Most of these cases will likely end up in the federal Gardasil MDL.”

Last month a young woman in Utah filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging Merck’s Gardasil vaccine caused her to develop cervical cancer and other injuries.

For more on the dangers of Gardasil, watch this video by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children’s Health Defense chairman on leave.

Owens said she is now grateful for her Gardasil injury experience because it is what set her on the path of creating an educational video series that aims to provide information to parents so they can “truly have informed consent.”

Her series — “A Shot in the Dark” — has 11 episodes and covers “the history of every single childhood vaccination on the [Child and Adolescent Immunization] schedule.”

The series was first released in early 2022 on Parler, before the COVID-19 vaccine was added in October 2022 to the Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule.

Owens shares her Gardasil injury story in the first episode of “A Shot in the Dark,” which aired May 11 on The Daily Wire.

Watch the 8-minute excerpt of Owens’ Gardasil injury story here:

Watch “Episode 1: Gardasil and HPV” here:

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