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Investigative journalist Ben Swann last weekthis week interviewed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. chairman of Children’s Health Defense, and others on RT’s No Bulls**t Coronavirus Podcast.

Swann and his guests, which included among others Paul Hunter, professor at the Norwich School of Medicine, Jeffrey Tucker, editorial director of the American Institute for Economic Research and Dmitry Kulish of SKoltech, environmentalist, writer, philanthropist and professor at Skoltech, covered a number of COVID-related topics, ranging from masks, lockdowns and vaccine safety.

During his portion of the interview (beginning at 1:20:02), Kennedy focused on what we know — and don’t know — about vaccine safety in general, and COVID vaccine safety, specifically.

Kennedy addressed the COVID vaccine efficacy rates being touted by Pfizer and Moderna, the lack of publicly available safety data on either vaccine, flu vaccines and more.

On what we know so far about the leading COVID vaccines, Kennedy said:

“How long does the immunity last? Is there immunity enhancement, in other words is there a significant percentage of people who are going to get the vaccine and actually get sicker than they would from COVID, which is what they’ve seen in the past? And then there’s the question of side effects. So the Moderna vaccine, 100% of the people had some side effects, many of them mild … 20% of the high-dose test subjects had serious side effects … What we have to ask ourselves, is it better to get COVID, at least for most age groups, then it is to get the vaccine?”

Watch here: