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Family Research Council Decries YouTube Censorship of Discussion on Whether Schools Should Vaccinate Children Without Parental Knowledge or Consent

Family Research Council reported:

Big tech giant YouTube has removed a video interview from a YouTube channel which features interviews conducted by Tony Perkins, who serves as president of Family Research Council and is host of Washington Watch, a program that broadcasts on nearly 800 Christian radio stations as well as Christian TV. YouTube removed the video citing alleged “medical misinformation,” likely related to mention of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The interview in question was with Mary Holland, which originally aired on July 16. Three days later, on July 19, YouTube removed the interview from its platform. FRC promptly appealed the YouTube decision the same day. The appeal was rejected by the big tech giant the next day, on July 20.

Journalist Alex Berenson Tells The Defender: ‘They Are Censoring Dissenting Views and That Is Wrong’

The Defender reported:

Alex Berenson thinks social media companies have gone too far in censoring opposing views.

In an interview with The Defender, Berenson shared how he was banned from Twitter for 12 hours because he linked to a thread containing data that challenged the mainstream’s narrative that COVID vaccines are effective.

The former New York Times reporter and author of 12 novels and two nonfiction books — and currently author of the Substack publication “Unreported Truths” — said Twitter suddenly flagged several of his posts about COVID.

Will Military Mandate COVID Vaccines? Know Your Rights.

Pam Long reported:

With the Armed Forces projecting a SARS-CoV2 vaccine mandate by Sept. 1, many military families are inquiring about their exemption rights for an experimental drug.

As of July 1, the military reported COVID vaccination rates of between 58% to 77% across all branches. That means potentially 25% of U.S. military personnel may seek exemptions. What are their rights?

More Than 450 Airlines Can Now Use IBM’s Blockchain-Based Vaccine Passport

Quartz reported:

In April, travelers at London’s Heathrow airport had to wait as long as six hours to be cleared to fly. The bottlenecks were a result of airline agents struggling to make sense of the various COVID-19 health clearances travelers were presenting. Imagine small cards, stamped documents, and digital apps in various languages and formats. The lack of standardization was a killer.

As international travel ramps up in parts of the world, Amadeus, a reservation system used by 474 airlines, has adopted IBM’s digital health passport solution called IBM Digital Health Pass. Instead of presenting paper-based certifications, travelers need only scan a QR code sent by email at the gate. Travelers without smartphones can print a QR code. The backend technology authenticates credentials against requirements of each country—relieving from agents an onerous burden, given how frequently countries change travel restrictions as the pandemic evolves.

Biden Says CDC Will ‘Probably’ Recommend Kids Under 12 Wear Masks in School

NBC News reported:

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will “probably” advise children under age 12 who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to wear masks in school this fall.

Biden said at a CNN town hall in Cincinnati that kids older than 12 who are fully vaccinated should not wear masks, but he acknowledged that it could be difficult for some school districts to determine who is and is not vaccinated.

Nation’s Largest Hospital Group Supports Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccines for Health Workers

Washington Post via MSN reported:

The nation’s largest hospital association called Wednesday for all health workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as case numbers surge again.

“To protect all patients, communities and personnel from the known and substantial risks of COVID-19, the American Hospital Association strongly urges the vaccination of all healthcare personnel,” the organization said in a policy statement. “The AHA also supports hospitals and health systems that adopt mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies for healthcare personnel, with local factors and circumstances shaping whether and how these policies are implemented.”

Interview: ‘Facebook Cannot Arrest Me. That’s Why Pegasus Is Much More Dangerous Than Big Tech’

Scroll.in reported:

​​Over the last few years, there has been a steady stream of major news stories involving government surveillance or privacy concerns regarding Big Tech, from the Edward Snowden leaks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. For some, the most recent Pegasus Project reports are neither surprising nor terribly concerning in their revelations of how governments have been using spyware developed by an Israel company to target journalists, activists and political rivals all over the world, including in India.

Yet these stories are not the same. The manner in which Pegasus was potentially deployed in India, covering Opposition leaders, Election Commission officers and journalists in the run-up to the 2019 elections, threatens the pillars of India’s electoral democracy.

Rolovich Won’t Attend Pac-12 Event Due to Vaccine Mandate

Associated Press reported:

Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich said he will not participate on site next week during the Pac-12 media day in Los Angeles after choosing not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

“As the Pac-12 Conference has required that all in-person participants at next week’s Pac-12 football media day be fully vaccinated I will participate remotely and look forward to talking about our football team and the incredible young men in our program,” Rolovich wrote in a statement posted Wednesday on Twitter. “I have elected not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for reasons which will remain private. While I have made my own decision I respect that every individual — including our coaches, staff and student-athletes — can make his or her own decision regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Eric Clapton Refuses to Play Venues Requiring Vaccines for Concertgoers

BBC reported:

British rock icon Eric Clapton has said he will not perform at venues that require concertgoers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said proof of vaccination must be shown at clubs and venues from September. Clapton said he will not perform anywhere there is a “discriminated audience present”. His announcement came through the social media accounts of an outspoken anti-vaccine activist.

The guitarist said he felt “honour bound” to make the statement, which was posted on Wednesday to the accounts of Italian architect and film producer Robin Monotti. In May, Clapton said he had experienced a “severe” reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

France Mandates Vaccine Passport to Visit Eiffel Tower, Other Tourist Sites — and Restaurants Are Next

Forbes reported:

No sooner had the Eiffel Tower reopened to the public than a new hoop materialized through which tourists must jump if they want to visit the iconic Paris landmark. In a new initiative to fight what the French government calls a “stratospheric” rise in delta variant infections, individuals must download and use a digital COVID pass to enter French museums, movie theaters, sports venues, festivals, top tourist attractions and more.

A government mandate to use le pass sanitaire, or “health pass,” took effect yesterday at cultural and tourist sites across France, as well as all events or places with more than 50 people. Visitors who turned up at the Eiffel Tower without proof of vaccination were offered on-the-spot COVID tests.