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Amazon U.S. Customers Have One Week to Opt Out of Mass Wireless Sharing

The Guardian reported:

Amazon customers have one week to opt out of a plan that would turn every Echo speaker and Ring security camera in the U.S. into a shared wireless network, as part of the company’s plan to fix connection problems for its smart home devices.

The proposal, called Amazon Sidewalk, involves the company’s devices being used as a springboard to build city-wide “mesh networks” that help simplify the process of setting up new devices, keep them online even if they’re out of range of home wifi, and extend the range of tracking devices such as those made by Tile.

Media Scrambles to Save Face After Massive Fail on COVID Origins Reporting

Mercola reported:

For the past year, anyone who discussed the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 coming from a lab was slandered and censored. Mainstream media insisted SARS-CoV-2 made the jump from bats to humans at one of Wuhan’s open-air wet markets.

To support this assertion, mainstream journalists relied on papers and “scientific consensus” statements concocted by individuals who are deeply involved in the very research that might have created this pandemic.

Many legacy journalists now find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being called out for their collusion with people who have worked to deceive us.

Michigan Bill Would Ban COVID Vaccine Passport

ClickOnDetroit reported:

A northern Michigan representative has introduced a bill that would prevent tax-payer funded entities from requiring people to be vaccinated for COVID. Such a move would include universities like the University of Michigan and the University of Oakland, who have already mandated that students must get vaccinated if they are living on campus.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has said that, as things stand right now, the state is not planning on requiring a vaccine passport — but Republican state Rep. Sue Allor isn’t taking the governor for her word. Rather, Allor sponsored Michigan Bill 4667, which would ban vaccine passports or any other systems where individuals’ civil rights are diminished by their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Is 5G Unsafe For Humans?

NDTV reported:

Actor Juhi Chawla, also an environmental activist, has filed a lawsuit against the 5G rollout stating that the “radiation” caused by it will be “extremely harmful and injurious to the health and safety of the people”.

On FYI, we speak to experts and leaders on whether 5G is harmful to people and also look at what various studies say about it.

Amazon Warehouse Workers Suffer Serious Injuries at Higher Rates Than Other Firms

Washington Post reported:

Amazon, the second-largest private employer in the United States, is also a leader in another category: how often its warehouse workers are injured.

New work-related injury data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration showed those jobs can be more dangerous than at comparable warehouses. Since 2017, Amazon reported a higher rate of serious injury incidents that caused employees to miss work or be shifted to light-duty tasks than at other warehouse operators in retail.

EU Privacy Groups File Complaint, Assert Clearview AI Facial Recognition Software Violates Data Protection Laws

CPO Magazine reported:

Already facing substantial legal difficulties in the United States and Canada, Clearview AI’s controversial facial recognition software is facing a new challenge in the European Union. A coalition of privacy groups headed up by Privacy International has filed a set of legal complaints challenging the troubled company on the basis of violating data protection laws by “scraping” websites for photos without user knowledge or permission.

The complaints have been filed in four EU nations as well as the United Kingdom; the timeframe of the data harvesting dates back to when the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were still enforced in the latter country, though it is also likely to fall afoul of the UK’s current and similar laws. Clearview AI operated in virtual secrecy for years before a New York Times expose in early 2020 drew attention to the massive scope of its data scraping, which includes some 3 billion public images harvested from sites such as Facebook and Instagram.