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‘Safe’ Limits on Exposure to Phthalates May Not Protect Human Health, New Study Shows

“Safe” limits on human exposure to phthalates set by national and international regulatory authorities may not adequately protect public health, according to a new analysis published in the journal Environmental Health.

Toxic Chemicals to Blame for Rise in Childhood Cancers, Experts Say

“Recognition is growing that hazardous exposures in the environment are powerful causes of cancer in children.”

‘The Epitome of the Plastic Conundrum’

On the latest episode of the “Trace Material” podcast, Pete Meyers, Ph.D., founder and chief scientist at Environmental Health Sciences, discussed how the production, use and recycling of plastics impact human health and the environment.

Are Humans the Next ‘Endangered Species’?

Shanna Swan, Ph.D., a reproductive epidemiologist, believes humans, as a species, satisfy several of the criteria for endangerment, partly because phthalates and other chemicals are wreaking havoc with fertility.

‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Fauci’s Experiments on Orphans + More

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine news.

Scientists Find Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals in Wide Variety of Fast Foods

According to a new study in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, fast food from popular chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut contain harmful chemicals linked to a suite of health problems.

‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘This Is Not About Your Freedom or Health’ + More

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine news.

Men Are Producing Fewer, Less Healthy Sperm — Are Toxic Chemicals to Blame?

Scientists have known for years, at least in animal models, environmental toxic exposure can alter hormonal balance and throw off reproduction.

Industrial Chemicals Linked to Decreased Fertility in Women

Researchers measured the levels of 31 common industrial chemicals in the blood of 60 women and found women with higher levels of chemicals in their blood sample also had fewer immature eggs left in their ovaries.

Plummeting Sperm Counts, Shrinking Penises: Toxic Chemicals Threaten Humanity

In her new book, “Countdown,” environmental and reproductive epidemiologist Shanna Swan predicts sperm counts could reach zero by 2045 thanks to hormone-disrupting chemicals that are “everywhere.”

The Science Is Clear: Heavy Metals in Baby Food Are Bad for Baby’s Brain

A 2019 report by Healthy Babies Bright Futures noted that in addition to heavy metals, baby foods are riddled with other neurotoxic chemicals — including perchlorate, phthalates and glyphosate — all of which can add up to significant health impacts.

3 Million Masks a Minute: The Next Plastic Problem?

Studies estimate worldwide humans are using 129 billion face masks each month. Most masks are disposable, made from plastic microfibers that are not biodegradable and may fragment into smaller plastic particles polluting ecosystems.

Male Infertility Threatening ‘Future of Human Race,’ Says Author of New Book

Shanna Swan, Ph.D., author of “Count Down,” says endocrine-disrupting chemicals are causing decreased sperm counts, plunging testosterone levels and rising levels of erectile dysfunction.

Experts Call for Immediate Ban of Entire Class of Chemicals Damaging Babies’ Brains

The authors of a new peer-reviewed article linking phthalates to long-lasting neurodevelopmental harm in fetuses, infants and children want the chemicals, found in toys, floor coverings and hundreds of other products, banned.

Lawmakers Demand FDA Remove Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals From Medical Products

Six women in Congress are demanding federal regulators take steps to remove phthalates and other hormone-hijacking chemicals from medical products, especially IV bags and neonatal equipment.

FDA Ignores Law When Approving Chemical Food Additives, Putting Kids at Risk

Investigation reveals FDA’s failure to account for the cumulative effect of chemicals on public health, particularly for communities already facing significant health and socio-economic disparities and for children who are uniquely susceptible to dietary exposures from multiple chemicals.

7-Part Series Explores How Exposure to Toxins Damages Health and Human Development

Webinars feature presentations by top environmental health scientists and experts on how repeated, prolonged exposure to toxins affects fertility, fetal development, maternal health and male reproductive health.

Synthetic Chemicals in Plastics Pose Danger to Children’s Health

Plastics are everywhere: in couches, televisions, makeup, toys, costumes, and even children’s bodies, new report shows.

Baby Bottles Release Millions of Microplastic Particles That Contain Harmful Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors, which interfere with natural sex hormones, pose special risks for children who are still growing and developing.

EU Releases Ambitious Strategy to Eliminate Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals

EU Commission releases ambitious strategy for getting hormone-disrupting chemicals out of food, products and packaging.