‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Shadowy Alliance Between Big Pharma and Big Tech

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– Welcome to the show today. I have with me an amazing guest, Dr. Joe Mercola, who has just completed a book. Does it come out this week, Joe?

– I think it comes out later this month, the third week of April.

– Later this month, so you can go on Amazon and order it now, so that it goes to the top of the best-seller list, which helps us all in the movement. And it’s called “The Truth About COVID-19”. And your co-author is Ronnie Cummins. It’s an amazing book. I did an introduction to the book. Let’s start talking about it. What is happening in our country today, Joe? You’ve been following this for many years, and you’ve been following kind of the slow coup… Slow but deliberate I would say coup d’etat by the pharmaceutical industry, the military industrial complex, the health technocracy, the Silicon Valley digital titans, who are one of the primary beneficiaries of the pandemic. But this very shadowy alliance between these organizations that have removed American democracy. It has obliterated, demolished our Constitution. When you go through the constitutional rights, they’ve been just destroyed. Censorship, the First Amendment, religious freedoms, jury trials against reckless and negligent acts by pharmaceutical companies that have disappeared. Property rights, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, due process, the privacy freedoms to be free of warrantless tracking and tracing and warrantless searches, and on and on and on. And we’re really left with very little of what you and I grew up with thinking of as America.

– Yes, yes, indeed. It’s a sad commentary what’s happening. I hesitate to make light of it. With such devastating news that you just so elegantly summarized, I think it’s wise to inject a bit of humor. And I’m hesitant to tell a joke about COVID-19, because 99.9% of people wouldn’t get it. But on the other hand, there was a mouse asking another mouse if they were going to get the vaccine. And the mouse responded, “Do you think I’m stupid? They’re still testing it on humans!” It’s like…

– Yeah, well, sadly it’s true.

– That’s what makes it so funny, because this vaccine has never been fully tested. And I think this is really the crux of it, because it’s so abundantly and crystal clear that the entire direction of the therapeutic intervention was on a narrow path dictated by Gates for the vaccine. No other intervention was acceptable except for masks, social distancing, and wait for the vaccine, and the lockdowns of course. One of the most important points in the book is that I’ve recognized that there’s two simple interventions that everyone needs to understand, which is really the crux, to optimize your vitamin D levels. There’s no question your risk will go down by 80 to 90% immediately once you get the right vitamin D level. And that’s almost free. It is free if you’re using sun to optimize your D, as I do. I haven’t swallowed any vitamin D in 10 years. So it’s a long discussion that’s in the book. It’s on my site. So it’s virtually free, and there’s no side effects, yet this information was suppressed as was this intervention of nebulized hydrogen peroxide, which is another virtually free intervention, no side effects, no downside. And literally in the vast majority, probably 90% or more of the people that it’s used for, obliterates COVID in its track in hours, in hours. We know that these interventions work. And even drug interventions, which I’m opposed to, like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were suppressed. I mean, I’m sure you recall how cleverly they suppressed that drug hydroxychloroquine, which is the one that Vladimir Zelenko promoted, and Trump promoted, which is maybe part of the reason why they suppressed it. It’s all this politicalized agenda. If you could take the position that the creators of the vaccine and the whole industry behind it authentically and sincerely believed that it was gonna help and it was gonna decrease the deaths, okay. I mean, if they believe that. But if they believe that, why are they suppressing any dissension from this, any contrary view? If you have anything to disagree with that vaccine, you are immediately removed, censored, and de-platformed. They are not allowing for any discussion on this, which how it is virtually impossible to have an informed consent about this, because you’re only given one side of the discussion. I’ll stop there.

– Let me ask you something about the two remedies that you talked about on vitamin D. How do you know that, how do you know how long to stand in the sun? And number two, if you’re Caucasian, is that a different answer than if you’re Black?

– Yes. I’ve been fascinated with the topic of vitamin D as a therapeutic intervention for over two decades. And I published a very comprehensive review specifically on vitamin D in the treatment and prevention and management of COVID-19 in “Nutrients”, which is a very well-respected peer-reviewed journal in October of last year. So those are good questions. And the only way, the only way you can know if you have enough sun exposure and/or are taking the right dose of vitamin D, which for most adults in the United States is about 8,000 units a day, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of the therapeutic trials that showed that it doesn’t work. They are not using the right dose, or they aren’t measuring the blood level, ’cause the blood level is absolutely imperative. It’s an easy test to do, and you need to get the vitamin D level in your blood between 60 and 80 nanograms per milliliter. If you are in Europe or in Canada, they have an alternative index or units, that’s nanomoles. And in that case, it’d be 100 to 150 nanomoles. And if you’re in that therapeutic window, the studies are abundantly crystal clear that you’re virtually immune to developing any side effects from these upper respiratory infections like COVID. So that would be one, and then if you don’t have deeply pigmented skin, like an African-American or Middle Eastern, then that pigment is going to obviously filter out much of the UVB, which causes your body to make vitamin D. So you need more. So as a lightly pigmented Caucasian, you can probably have 1/4 the exposure of vitamin D, not of vitamin D, of sunlight exposure. But you still need to measure your blood, otherwise you’ll have no clue what your level is.

– Let me ask you. I have so many questions in my head, I’m sorry. Yeah, I do. Why do you think that…? The mortality rate among African-Americans. First of all, we have I think 4.2% of the world population in our country. We have 20% of the COVID deaths. And how it is that anybody thinks Tony Fauci has done a good job when he’s absolutely created a catastrophe. And part of that you can blame on Trump, but it’s impossible not to blame probably most of it on Tony Fauci. But why is it that there’re Blacks dying of COVID disproportionately in this country, and yet the African countries have 1/100th of the death rate that we have here?

– Great question. But your question implies that there’s some validity in how they are assessing deaths from COVID-19. And if anyone who’s studied it, and I’m sure you have, you’ll know that the diagnosis of a COVID-19 test has been basically bastardized. Anyone with a positive test, the positive test was absolutely mischaracterized, because they’re typically done with a polymerase chain reaction, which is technology that Kary Mullis discovered in the ’80s when he was doing the HIV, and then to get a Nobel Prize for it. And he said it just was never designed to diagnose COVID. But be that as it may, it’s an amplification measure where they’re actually multiplying the antigen to determine if there’s a positive rate in there. And the amplification-

– They multiply the DNA strands, right?

– Yeah. In this case, it may not be DNA, it could be proteins. So in this case, I think it was really the spike protein they were looking at, but I don’t think it was DNA. Maybe it was parts of it. I don’t know specifically what strand they’re multiplying. But anyway, they need to amplify it about 25. That’s the sweet spot. If you go to 30, 35, or the 40 that they were commonly using, you have multiple levels of false positives. But even assuming that that test was working, we know it wasn’t because it massively inflated the numbers. You only had to have a positive test, and you could die from anything else, anything else, and you would be classified as COVID death. You could die from a motorcycle accident, and you would be a classified in the death records COVID death. So that’s a big part of the problem. Now, interestingly this is-

– And just not to interrupt you, but the CDC acknowledged that only 6% of the people who were counted as dying of COVID died only of COVID. And that there is an average now of 3.8 comorbidities on all the other death certificates. Well, these are potentially fatal comorbidities. And for the first time in history, we started counting deaths, attributing deaths differently on death certificates. And it is that change, which I think was made in March of 2020, the CDC made that recommendation to the state coroners is only used in COVID. Traditional counting method in other deaths is still counted the same for all other disease. It’s clearly a canard.

– The total number of deaths last year compared to previous years, if in fact the COVID increased and there’s truly half a million deaths, you would see any increase in the total death rate. There was no increase! All that occurred was a reclassification of the deaths. So there was people who would normally be classified as dying from a heart attack, died from COVID. You die of a stroke, you died from COVID. You die from a motorcycle accident, you died from COVID.

– How many people die every year in the United States?

– I don’t know that number so I don’t want to guess, but I’m quite confident of that statistic I just quoted. There was no increase in total deaths. The number of deaths from influenza typically is 80,000 a year. There were like no influenza deaths. They were all COVID, all COVID, 100% percent. So it’s just a manipulation of the statistics to achieve their stated end goal, and they were very successful in this intervention. And so anyway, this is still a tangent of a tangent when we were talking initially when I think we were talking about the death rates. Why was the death rates in the Blacks lower I think was the initial question.

– Well, the death rate among American Blacks is much, much higher than any other demographic. And the death rates in the African nations are literally 1/100th to 1/300th of what we experienced in the United States.

– I mean, typically the African-Americans in United States are clearly not getting as much sun exposure, so you would expect that could probably be a big variable. I don’t know of any specific analysis or epidemiological reviews in this state. But clearly the number of Americans who have vitamin D deficiency is well over 80, 85%. And if you’re an African-American, it’s like 95%. And if you’re an African-American child, it’s 99.9%. Virtually, every child is vitamin D deficient, because they don’t understand the need and the importance of vitamin D, so they’re not taking supplements. And it’s physically impossible to get enough sun exposure in the United States. Now the Africans who are in Africa, they have the opportunity to go outside and get free vitamin D, most likely have higher levels of D. And my guess is this is what provided a large element of their protection. And hopefully if they haven’t been eating the processed foods, and there’s a very specific dangerous fat in processed food that’s available primarily in vegetable oils. It’s called linoleic acid. And when you have high amounts of linoleic acid, it just devastates your physiology. And there’s incredible supporting evidence that this factor alone is responsible for the vast majority of the epidemic of chronic degenerative disease we seen this country; heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity largely related to high amounts of vegetable oils, which is probably the worst metabolic poison that you could possibly eat.

– So is it possible to overdose on vitamin D?

– Anything’s possible. It’s highly, highly unlikely. You’d have to have an industrial accident almost to take millions of units, because your body is a very safe threshold to it. But it’s really, really hard. Now, there’s never a reason to go above 60 to 80 nanograms per milliliter, 100 to 150 nanomoles per liter. More is not necessarily better. You want to hit that sweet spot, but the risk of overdosing is very, very rare.

– And so, again, you should be taking, if you’re not in the sun, you should be taking 60,000 units a day?

– Not sixty thousand, 6 to 8000.

– 6 to 8000, okay. I had to clarify that.

– If you’re a small woman, 100 to 120 pounds, then maybe even 5,000 units. If you’re a large obese male, 250, 300 pounds, then you might want to take even 10,000 units, because the more fat you have the harder it is to raise your vitamin D levels. But ultimately have to measure your blood. There’s no way to know otherwise.

– And how long do you have to stay out in the sunlight, get that square?

– It probably takes a few weeks to optimize, but you just can’t go outside-

– No, but I mean, is it 20 minutes a day, or is it five minutes?

– That’s a great question. But the challenge to answering that is there’s so many variables. The variables are how cloudy is it, what time of day is it, or the time of the year, the altitude.

– Well, let’s just say you’re in Miami Beach, and it’s a clear day, how long?

– In June, then you gotta be careful you never get burned, because burning your skin is just crazy. Interestingly, as I was doing it, ’cause one of my next books is on linoleic acid, that omega-6 fat that’s in vegetable oil, if you take a lot of that fat, we now know that’s the primary reason why you get sunburned and get skin cancers because of that fatty acid. But answering your question, I’m thinking if you’re a Caucasian, and you haven’t had any previous sun exposure, just a few minutes. I mean, clearly you want to look at your body’s feedback. So the moment you start getting a little pink on your skin, that’s when you want to get out of the sun. So it could be as little as a few minutes, it could be 10, 15, 20. If you had a previous tan, it could be an hour or two. So there’s so many variables, your age. So just listening to your body and looking at your skin color would be the best way to stay safe and not get hurt.

– Joe, I have to say your prescription for nebulized hydrogen peroxide sounds like voodoo to me.

– Hydrogen peroxide is fundamentally an oxidizing agent. It’s a very safe one. We’re not suggesting that you take a high dose of it. Literally, the type of hydrogen peroxide you buy in the pharmacy, it’s about 3%. We’re suggesting you dilute that by 30 times, 30 times, so that’s only 0.1%. It’s a complex protocol to make sure it’s safe. You just don’t go take some peroxide, put it in a nebulizer and start. You have to watch my video on it, and read the instructions, because you want to do it in distilled water and normal saline, or the right type of nebulizer. But once you get it down, it’s almost a magical treatment, because hydrogen peroxide is a natural signaling molecule in your body. If you didn’t have it, you would be dead instantaneously. Your body requires it. It’s a by-product of the normal process that occurs in your mitochondria, which supply the vast majority of your cellular energy. And one of the byproducts is hydrogen peroxide, and it’s a signaling molecule. There’s important white blood cells in your immune system, like the macrophages, that actually generate, uses hydrogen peroxide, and they combined it with iron and they form this really dangerous free radical called hydroxyl free radical. And that is what your body uses to kill all the pathogens. It’s a miraculous system. And when you augment the system and give it a little boost with this inhaled nebulized peroxide, it is directly toxic to the pathogens that are in your upper airways. It augments your body’s immune response. It gives that little push. I can’t tell you, I’ve had dozens and dozens of personal… I don’t practice anymore, but friends, and relatives, and neighbors who I’ve suggested it to, every single one of them got better. David Brownstein is a practicing physician about my age. And he’s actually published a study with a hundred, but since he publishes his anecdotal evidence, he’s had another hundred people. So 200 people who’ve been on it, not one failure, not one complication, 100% success rate.

– Are there any peer-reviewed publications that support this?

– He published it. The problem is like you know. I mean, it’s so hard.

– I know you can’t get anything that’s not part of the-

– Even my review of vitamin D was rejected five times before they finally accepted. It’s just like, and it’s just simple vitamin D! Almost every journal is going to reject this stuff, so you have to go to some of these less rigidly-

– Well, Paul Offit, who everybody knows is one of the panjandrums of vaccinology, said until recently on his website that aluminum was a vital nutrient. And you’re saying that hydrogen peroxide is a vital nutrient. How do we know who’s telling the truth between the two of you?

– Aluminum, that is really clear. I mean, there’s so much of evidence in peer-reviewed journals. Chris Exley, he’s out of the UK, he’s done a lot of work on that. And it’s a neurotoxin, there is no qu… Especially when you inject it as an adjuvant in vaccines, it probably is worse than mercury. So you definitely do not want to inject aluminum. As far as I understand it, there’s no benefit of aluminum. It’s not a nutrient. It is not a nutrient, it’s an anti-nutrient. So with peroxide, I’m suggesting you would benefit from augmenting your body’s response, because almost no one is leading optimal lifestyle where they have this adequate sun exposure, you have exercise, they don’t have processed foods, or you get enough sleep. There’s so many things that we do to wreck our health, and so we’re compromising. We don’t have an optimized immune response, so peroxide can be a simple one. And I believe in almost an ideal lifestyle from my perspective. I’m doing everything I can, and I’m not impaired, I don’t have any financial constraints, or issues that take up a lot of my time so I can’t do these things. So there’s no reason for me not to do that. And I still do the peroxide, because it has other benefits. Tom Levy, who I actually interviewed, and it was on my site yesterday, I was recording this, he wrote a book on that, which is available for free. There’s not even a charge about nebulized peroxide and his experiences, and the logical scientific rationale for it. And he noticed himself personally when he was inhaling the peroxide, it normalized his bowel movements. And he’s speculating that it radically improves the microbiome, which is why I’m doing it twice a week now. You don’t have to do this every day, just twice a week. But if you do get sick, and you do it like instantaneously, and that is the key, because the earlier you treat it, whether it’s peroxide or some other natural intervention, the more likely you’re not going to get long-hauler syndrome, because the virus, you’ll stop the replication. You stop it from producing and multiplying. And it’s when it goes to high level, you have high levels of viral multiplication that you’re going to have potential long-term complications. So that’s another incentive. And you’ll feel better much quicker. But even if you got treated late, it’s still likely going to work. It’s just that you’re going to have some risk of having long-term side effects.

– Let me just ask you this. And this is really off the topic, but it’s kind of interesting in light of what you’ve been talking about. First of all, how old are you?

– I am close to 67. 67 this year, 66 right now.

– So you’re a year younger than me. There’s a lot of these Silicon Valley guys who are really interested in living forever; Peter Thiel, Larry Ellison, I think Elon Musk.

– I’ve not seen any evidence from Musk. You can see he’s probably carrying about 34 extra pounds. He’s an amazing man, but I don’t think longevity is one of his goals.

– Who?

– Musk. Musk, Elon.

– Oh, Elon. But the other guys, Larry Ellison said he’s gonna live for hundreds of years, and he’s figured it out. And they’re using this extraordinary wealth that they have to invest in these stem cells and these regenerative processes that appear to actually offer a greater chance for longevity. What do you think about that? Do you think that’s actually possible?

– I do. I absolutely do. Full disclosure, I share the same passion in using these simple interventions to extend not only the length of time that you’re living, but the quality of life. So with respect to stem cells, that’s a great question. I’ve looked at it really carefully. I think most stem cell treatments are not good. The only ones I would consider are autologous, or from your own body. When you’re getting them from other people, there’s loads of potential complications. I definitely would not do it. And even if you’re getting them from yourself, there’s two-way routes that they are typically obtained. One is from your bone marrow, the other is from your fat cells, and there’s complications with that. So what I found that is… I mean, this is recent, I just found this late last year. I’ve had one treatment already, I’m going for another, is that you can take a special type of stem cell. It’s called a VSEL. And VSEL is short for very small embryonic-like stem cell. And these are pluripotential, which means they can turn into any cell in your body that needs to be done, and they stay with you for life. And they’re available in your peripheral blood, so you draw like 9 or 10 tubes of blood. They’re spun down in a very special tube. The tubes are expensive. It’s like $100 dollars a tube. And it isolates these very specific cells. Then these cells are activated with lasers and photoacoustics, and they’re activated or amplified. And then they’re injected in your body and directed with this laser to where they’re needed. And I think this is amazing. I can’t tell you. I mean, I’ve already seen some results, but I’m going to probably get this every quarter. And there’s a clinic in San Diego. Dr. Todd is the person. There are other people, but he’s the primary researcher. And he’s starting to launch it out to the rest of the country. I mean, it’s just unbelievable for what it does. And actually I think you’re going to be… We’re signing you up for your-

– My birthday present. You’re gonna-

– I do notice you have a lot more hair than the last time I saw you.

– It’s good for hair, too. I screwed myself up with a lot of things, which is I believe why I got the hair loss. I mean, I ostensibly thought it was good for health, but subsequently learned that wasn’t such a good idea. I didn’t understand all of these vegetables, not that I was having a lot of them, but it was a big issue. But you’re gonna love Dr. Todd. Dr. Todd is a Hopkins grad, brilliant man, and I think he’s going to get a Nobel Prize.

– Let’s talk about the great reset.

– Yes. The end result is what is driving this whole thing. That’s the motivation. That’s the catalyst. That’s what they want to do. That’s what this entire narrative is all about.

– I mean, the thing is that even people kind of who believe that Tony Fauci is infallible and a deity, I think this has to seem, so much of it just feels like it was preplanned.

– There’s a lot of evidence for it.

– Event 201 and the Dark Winter. Planning documents. All these weird planning documents for the coronavirus pandemic have come out of the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. That outfit is kind of a quasi-military outfit, correct? The Johns Hopkins School.

– There’s a lot of evidence, along with many of the Silicon Valley components, including Google. I mean, lots of connections there. I mean, the military, and even the Internet. I mean, the connections there. I just finished a book called “Surveillance Valley”, which goes-

– Yeah, I got that book. I haven’t read it yet. But Eric Schmidt is sort of deep into the military part of it, who is one of the-

– Oh boy, he is. I mean, Google is one of the worst companies on the plant. That’s why I would recommend that you do not have a Gmail account, because they’re copying every character that you write, and every character, letter, period, exclamation point. And they’re keeping it forever, and they’re using that. I mean, I thank you so much for helping the world understand that the tool that they use to catalyze and drive this whole narrative was fear. You so eloquently explained it with Roosevelt and his description of that. But how did they understand that? And specifically how do they know the specific interventions to do to generate the maximum amount of fear, so that almost everyone will willingly and enthusiastically accept their recommendation? Largely, I believe because of Google. For nearly two decades, two decades, they’ve been collecting almost all your personal information. How, through use of Chrome, through Android, through Gmail. All that information they’re sucking down. And they know, they’re collecting this. They’ve got some of the most magnificent artificial intelligence algorithms and incredible computing power, deep learning. They own… DeepMind, which is a UK company by Demis Hassabis, who created AlphaGo that beat the world’s Go champion. That’s their company so they can take all this data that they’re collecting for two decades, and analyze it, and then determine precisely what needs to be done to not only predict behavior, but manipulate behavior in the direction they want to.

– Well, I was talking to my son Finn, who’s 22 years old, was telling me last night that when he was at colle… He went to Brown. When he was at college, he deleted a letter that he had written to a friend. And several months later, like four or five months later, he realized what he had done, and he really needed to recall that letter. And he wrote a letter to Facebook, and he asked them if they could help him find it. And they sent him back the letter. He said it was on a completely different interface. It was kind of gray on black, and it was all coded, and it had all this weird kind of stuff. But it made me think deleting something doesn’t actually get rid of it. They’re keeping it.

– Facebook’s even worse than Google, I think, for collecting it. They’re just terrible, so I mean the two of them are an incredible combination.

– The other thing that Google does it has what they call a search engine manipulation effect, which social scientists say is the most powerful public behavior manipulation device ever created. And what it is is when you do a search on Google for a certain term, it’s pretending, and what it tells the public is that it’s a neutral search engine. And so if you search the term “anti-vaxxers are”, it will tell you, tens of thousands of people have searched that term, what the most common landing points they made were, what they were looking for. But actually that’s not what it does at all. In fact, Google is a vaccine company. It makes vaccines. Its parent company Alphabet has four or five vaccine companies. They’re making flu vaccines. They’re making COVID vaccines. They’re making cancer vaccines. They have a $760 million deal with Glaxo. They have partnerships with all the other vaccine companies to harvest their data and to deliver drugs, et cetera. So they’re really part of that industry. And the way that they use that search engine is they don’t actually give you a neutral search term. They give you terms that they want you to search. So they will steer you away from anything that challenges the pharmaceutical paradigm. So they’ll steer you away from chiropractors, osteopaths, from functional medicine, from integrative medicine, from vitamins, from nutrition, from anything that challenges pharmaceutical companies. Depending on what part of the country you’re from, if you put “anti-vaxxers are”, it will say killers, unscientific, uninformed. There’s actually a way to search to see what the actual search traffic has done, and none of those terms come up on search traffic. It’s just Google trying to manipulate you. And because people believe it’s neutral, it has a capacity to really craft and mold public attitudes in ways that people don’t even know that they’re being manipulated.

– And part of the reason why it’s so effective is that most of the time it is correct for things that don’t really matter, like where the airport is. So most of the time you type it in you’re gonna get exactly what the truth is, but for the important topics that they want to control, it isn’t. And the person who really exposed this the most is Robert Epstein, who is a sociologist at Harvard and really testified before Congress on this. I interviewed him for like three hours, and it was a phenomenal interview, and he went in great detail on this. So if anyone’s interested, I’ve got a really long interview with him on that. But you’re right. And so the whole thing is it’s taking people like us, you and me, off of the Internet essentially, and others. So we’re not the only two. So almost all the natural medicine people are gone from the Internet now. And if you want to find the treasure of national health information that’s out there, you will not find it on Google anymore. It is not there. I mean, it might be there, but you’d have to type it in word for word and know the author of that. But it’s buried so deeply that it will not come up appropriately as it used to in the past when you’d write in a keyword. For over a thousand terms in natural health, we were the first one that would come up on Google. Now we’re zero, no terms, because we don’t exist in their search engine, essentially. So it’s not just us. They’re not just picking on me and you. They’ve targeted this whole natural health sector, and they’ve been very effective now.

– Tell us what they’ve done to you in terms of managing your traffic, et cetera.

– Well, interestingly-

– You were the number one vitamin guy in the world, right?

– Well, I’m not really a vitamin guy, I’m more in natural health. I mean, people think about selling vitamins, for the first three years of my site I didn’t sell anything. I had spent $500,000 of the money that I earned in my medical practice just to pay for the bandwidth and post content. I said, “Listen, this does not scale. I cannot keep this up. I’m going to go broke.” So I had to sell stuff or I could have advertised. And I said, “I’m not going to advertise for stuff for people selling other things that I have no idea what it is.” So I said I’m going to sell things that I use myself, and that’s the way we get the site going, and we’re able to do things and support. 10% of our revenues are donated to nonprofits that are really activists in this area, areas that we both are fond of like vaccine information like NVIC. I’ve donated millions of dollars to them, but I do get a side benefit though. I get to be criticized and villainized on the front of “The Washington Post” and “New York Times”, the primary funder for the anti-vax movement, but anyway, I forgot where I was going with that.

– But let me ask you what it has done to your traffic, because you had enormous traffic at one point.

– We were the most visited site in natural health in the entire Internet for 17 years. I think that’s changed a little bit. It depends on what your classification is. You used to be able to tell by Alexa, but Alexa stopped ranking them, which is part of Amazon in case people didn’t know. But we were. And then so our traffic, we were getting I think 30 to 35 million unique views a month, and now it’s dropped by half. But what we realized is that most of those viewers were like tire kickers. They just came and they didn’t do anything. They just looked around. And actually, interestingly, our revenues have gone up significantly since they did that, because they’ve taken us off almost two years ago. We’ve been out of Google, just short of two years before they kicked us out. And quite truthfully I’m surprised they didn’t do it earlier. I said, “How are we getting away with this thing. We’re telling the truth about health, and the industry isn’t controlling it,” because literally I’ve been responsible for taking tens of billions of dollars away from some of these industries, especially the pharmaceutical companies. And I’m not their fan. And they’ve got influence over these companies, the media companies and the search engine companies. It took a while for it to catch up, but they finally did.

– How do you communicate with your customers now?

– Well, we have a newsletter, and we send out a newsletter every day.

– And your newsletter is amazing. I read that every day. I really, really love it.

– Thank you.

– And we actually reprint a lot of your articles on The Defender as you probably know.

– I love what you’re doing, too. I mean, this is going to take a team effort. And that’s why I want to collaborate with you, because when we started talking about the great reset, which is really the core of what this whole issue is, because what they are looking at, and you know this, you can articulate this better than anyone is that we’re racing towards global tyranny and loss of our personal freedoms, which I will not allow. I will spend my last breath on defeating them for this. And I know we’re going to be successful, because there’s so many people who agree with you and me, that they’re not going to get away with this. But they’re successful so far, but they will not be successful. And I’ve got some really good ideas on how we can circumvent them. It’s not going to happen next week, next month, next year, this is a long-term plan. This is years, maybe decades, to figure out, but we’re young enough and we’re going to do it.

– Let’s talk about this kind of onset of global tyranny. We have really Tony Fauci… He’s kind of the enemy within that opened up the gate and allowed all of these people in, and allowed all these forces in. He’s taken his agency, which gets $6 billion from the taxpayer, and he’s supposed to be studying the etiology, the pathogenesis of all these chronic diseases, of allergic and autoimmune diseases that have become under his watch epidemic. Gone from 12% when he took over in ’84 to 54% of Americans today are afflicted by chronic disease. He’s the guy who’s in charge of making sure that didn’t happen, and he’s been just failing upward. And he’s taken all that money he’s supposed to spend on figuring out where these chronic disease epidemics are coming from, and he’s turned that money into creating new drugs for the pharmaceutical industry to treat the disease. So instead of eliminating disease, he’s turned it into an industry. And then he gets 1.7 billion a year from the military to do this bioweapons research, including this stuff in Wuhan, gain-of-function studies that almost certainly resulted in the release of this virus. And he’s turned his agency into an incubator for the pharmaceutical industry. And people who are liberals from my Democratic Party do not understand that he is the author of the agency capture, of the coup d’etat by the pharmaceutical industry against American democracy. And he’s the one who opened the gates and let the barbarians let in at the beginning of this pandemic. And we now got this totalitarian superstructure that is overwhelming our democracy, and the whole purpose of it is to addict us to these mischievous vaccines.

– Well, it is, it’s an interesting term to use, addiction, because it just continually surprises. Well, when I initially see those results, like half the population is embracing this. They can’t wait to get a vaccine passport, so they can be liberated and be free. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just another effort to race towards this global tyranny, ’cause these vaccine passports, they’re absolutely a mechanism, a tool that is being used to control you in the future. There’s no way around that. I will not submit to that vaccine passport.

– I’m encouraged lately by the resistance to it. There is a large-scale broad resistance to it. And I think at least we’re gonna have a chance of winning that battle. I hope so. There’s a lot at stake. Republican governors are passing legislation to ban the COVID 19 passport. I’m embarrassed that it’s not my party that’s doing that, but I am happy that somebody is.

– It would never happen unless it was facilitated by the media, which censors every opinion to the contrary to that. So you’re getting 100% prejudicial biased view of what the truth is. And the only way you can get a glimpse of the reality is to start looking at the other side in these relatively obscure places where they aren’t censored, typically platforms like yours, and BitChute, and many others that have people on them that are able to explain what this really means. And there’s a many good people out there telling the truth, but you’ve got to search hard for it, and you’re not going to find them on Google.

– Tell us before we quit, what are the sources that you have of optimism. And I want to hold up your book here.

– Thank you. And the reason you’re using a photograph of a printed copy is because the books aren’t out yet. I don’t have a copy of the hard copy, print book.

– I’ll just say about the book. Please go on Amazon, if you’re listening to this, pre-order the book, because what it does is it drives it up on the best-seller list. And that is the best thing that you can do as an individual right now. It drives crazy the pharmaceutical industry, “The New York Times”, the media, because when Amazon sells these books, they cannot deny it.

– And we’ve had enormous success with this already. Amazon has pre-ordered over 100,000 copies, which I think might be comparable to what you published with Judy Mikovits, ’cause she had a number one book on Amazon. I think ours will be number one, too. So there’s a lot of interest in this. It’s surprising there’s not many people who are publishing. I thought there’d been a whole lot of other people publishing, but we put it together. I already got the second book coming out, but this is going to be mostly on vaccines. And we’ve got the first chapter, which is a dystopian novel. But what are the sources of my optimism was the original question. And I think that I’m not sure that it’s gonna get any better soon. It might get worse, it might get a lot worse soon. But I know, I am confident with my innermost being, there’s not a micro-doubt in my body that we will succeed. And is it hyperbolic enthusiasm, or delusional beliefs? I don’t think so. I think because there’s enough people who understand and know the truth, that understand and recognize that our forefathers 200 years ago fought and sacrificed everything so that we could have liberty. And there’s enough people who get that in America. Once they know the truth, they will get together. So what is the mechanism that’s gonna allow to do this? And I believe personally… I love technology. I took my first computer programming class in 1968, which is like 53 years ago. And I think technology is the answer. Unfortunately, it’s being manipulated against us now. I think that the blockchain, specifically the decentralized blockchain like Bitcoin, like other decentralized cryptoassets, and the technology that can be built upon those are essentially censorship resistance. And part of the focus of the great reset is to essentially capture the global wealth. Well, they can capture it, if you’re in the traditional financial models. They can liquidate your bank account instantaneously. Especially once they switch the CBDCs, which is central bank digital currencies, and that’s a centralized blockchain. But they can’t touch the decentralized one, which is why anyone that wants to preserve their wealth wants to look at cryptoassets like Bitcoin, which will probably go up 10 times in the next few years from here. It has enormous volatility, but eventually if all you do is hold it, and you don’t sell it, it goes up, and then you’ll have financial resources. So you don’t have to be a slave, literally a slave, to the current financial system. So a big portion of the foundational core, I’m connected with many brilliant tech people who understand this. I mean, these are people who are developers, and they really are. There’s a lot of people who are even associated with Facebook or early funders of them who have become absolutely disappointed and were just saddened at their deepest core that they ever participated in this project. So connecting with those people and others who share this vision of maintaining their personal liberties and freedom, I’m confident we’re going to be successful.

– It’s amazing that 200 years ago in 1776, 1781, there were a lot of Americans, and then 100 years later, or seven, eight years later in the American Civil War, who considered it that dying was not the worst thing that could happen to you. The worst thing that can happen to you is losing your constitutional rights, and they gave their life in battle. And that there are so many people today, because the media, Fauci, and the pharmaceutical industry have hyperinflated the fear of death, it’s the worst possible thing, that people are taking those constitutional rights people died to create for us, and they’re saying, “Take them back as long as you protect our health.” And we’ve lost touch with the values that make America what it is, the land of the free, because we are the home of the brave, not the home of the people screaming and running away from perceived threats. Let me put it that way.

– And there’s not many people in this century who have more personal family tragedy than you have that can say that. So those words mean a lot with your father and your uncle. I mean, they died for this, and they did. Really, they were taken out by the system. No question about it.

– Joe Mercola, thank you very much. You’re my favorite doctor. Here is his book again. Please go on and order it today on Amazon. It’s the way that you can stand up for liberty and against this totalitarian takeover of our country. Thank you very much. Thanks, Joe.

– Thank you.

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