‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘They Are Ramping Up Coercion to Get Vaccinated’

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– Polly, great to be here.

– Hello everybody, and welcome to this week with Mary Holland president of Children’s Health Defense, and myself Polly Tommey So we’ve got a lot to cover this week, again, as always follow the stream of everything. I don’t think that this is any of this is particularly bad news Mary, because I think that they are losing and you can read between the lines. Lots of reading from the same script going on from the other side. So let’s start with the CDC numbers. So Children’s Health Defense “Defender” their headline, “CDC, corrects number of reported deaths “after COVID vaccines, by dumping foreign reports. “The CDC revised downwards its official number of deaths “reported to VAERS following COVID vaccines. “But on analysis of VAERS data shows that the CDC “arrived at the new lower number by excluding reports “of deaths from outside the U.S.. “The CDC said it was a result of error “that showed the sudden increase in deaths “following COVID-19 vaccines.” “So I say panic not because ignore “the 12,313 deaths reported, “we are back to only 6,207 U.S. deaths. And in fact, even a spokespersons from the CDC said, “Actually, we checked our stats “and we’re down now to just 6,000.” So I don’t know, it seems to be a bit of a mess, Mary, what’s going on there?

– Well, this is all based, Polly, on this completely inadequate Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which is a passive reporting system. We know that a very small percentage of real deaths and injuries are ever reported. And obviously they must be under a lot of pressure to lower the number because the numbers are so staggering. So there’s absolutely no prohibition against reporting deaths anywhere. And frankly, you know, you want to have reported injuries and deaths related to the drug, it shouldn’t really matter where it occurs. But this is a slight of hand. The VAERS numbers are still the higher numbers, and, you know, to me, these numbers, regardless of whether it’s 6,000 or 12,000, they’re incriminating, obviously these products are not safe, Polly. The data just becomes more and more overwhelming between anaphylaxis and heart problems and neurological problems and deaths. It’s obvious that they’re not safe. They’re just not safe, and people know that, and that’s why in this country, the fully vaccinated population is still under 50%, 49% is what they’re saying. They have not, despite this non-stop campaign for nearly 18 months, less than half the people have taken it.

– And of course, as someone just pointed out, yes, there are whistleblowers out there saying the numbers are hugely more.

– Hugely inflated, so one of the cases that’s been filed by American Frontline Doctors in Alabama has a whistleblower who’s asserting that the actual number reported is 45,000. I can’t fully assess that at this point, but I think, you know, we know that these numbers, whether it’s 6,000 or 12,000, we know that those are under counts of actual deaths. And we know that that sadly doctors don’t want to report. It takes a great deal of time and then they do come under pressure. And we know that people often don’t understand what’s related to a vaccine. People don’t always understand that if there’s an injury or a death, two weeks later, it might be related to the vaccine.

– Yeah, well, we’ll keep an eye on that. “Defender,” Children’s Health Defense will be continuing to report on that.

– Every Friday. Every Friday is when we come out with the new VAERS numbers. And I think that’s a really important time to make sure you read “The Defender.”

– Yes, and one tip for you all, if you wanna post anything post those? Because I tell you it reaches people around the world, people that are still not quite woken up to it. Okay, let’s move on. This is the “Epoch Times.” “49 fully vaccinated, New Jersey residents “have died from COVID-19. “The 49 deaths come from a pool of 4.8 million residents “who have gotten a vaccine making the death rate “slightly greater than one in 100,000 “fully vaccinated people. “Dr. Ed Lifshitz says, ‘That means vaccines “‘are about 99.999 effective in preventing deaths “‘due to COVID-19.’ “As of July the 12th, “about half of the fully vaccinated people who died “had preexisting conditions, such as heart disease, “diabetes or cancer.” What I want to say about this is, Mary, the first people they went for were people with preconditions.

– I mean, this minimization of deaths or injuries is truly shocking. There is a difference, Polly, between being injured or dying from a disease and being injured or dying from a man-made intervention that is being coerced on people. There’s a huge difference in my mind, at least. It’s different, you wanna know that if you’re gonna take a remedy, your chances are gonna be infinitely better than if you’re dealing with the disease. And, you know, that’s not obviously true, in particular ’cause there’s so much about these vaccines that we just don’t know. But what we do know is so concerning, and you’re 100% right, Polly, one of the things that’s so troubling is, they keep relentlessly targeting people with underlying conditions. And then when those people are injured and die, they say, “Oh, well, they had underlying conditions.”

– I was just literally talking to a relative in England, two of my relatives now having taken AstraZeneca with blood clotting disorders. But the doctor says it’s genetic ’cause there’s two of them now they have it. And they accept it. I mean, it is what it is, but the people have to wake up to where this is going,

– Where this is going quite dark with now the boosters coming online. And again, it’s this relentless push of, you know, the people with underlying conditions, be it neurological or physical, it’s the developmentally disabled, it’s the aged, it’s the people who are, you know, generally speaking have lower health because they’re lower economic strata. Those are the people who are being targeted incessantly.

– Yeah, right. Let’s go onto this PCR changes situation from the, 21st of July, 2021, it reads, “Lab alert, changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-COVID-2 testing. “After December 31st, 2021,” “CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. FDA “for emergency use authorization “of the CDC 2019 novel coronavirus, “realtime RT-PCR diagnostic panel. “The CDC is providing this advanced notice “for clinical laboratories to have adequate time “to select and implement one of the many “FDA authorized alternatives.” So what do you say about that? ‘Cause everyone got terribly excited about that, didn’t they?

– I also confess I got excited initially, but then really recognize that there are about 300 or over 300 already PCR tests that already have emergency use authorization. So this was one of the first ones, the CDC’s own test and it was roundly criticized, Polly, back in 2020, because it’s not a very good test. So there are, you know, one of the crazy things about these PCR tests, which seems to be continuing is they’re all over the map. They have different primers, they have different testing thresholds. It’s not consistent. There’s not one gold standard. So this withdrawal, you know, sort of just verifies that the CDC’s own PCR test was inadequate, but it doesn’t really change the big picture. And what we’re seeing with these mandates now is many jurisdictions are saying, or many employers like New York City are saying, “Well, you either have to be vaccinated “or you have to get weekly or more than weekly testing.” So the testing is still big business and it’s still the way that it’s possible to keep the numbers big, right, of people who test positive even if that doesn’t mean anything with respect to whether or not you have COVID or some variant or anything else.

– Yeah, and which leads us on nicely to the “Forbes” article about Bill Gates and Soros. So this is the headline, “George Soros and Bill Gates’ backed consortium “to by U.K. maker of COVID tests for $41 million.” “It’s to buy Mologic.” “These two,” that I just mentioned, “also announced under the Soros Economic Development Fund “and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “the launch of a new initiative, “Global Access Health known as GAH, “which will be buying Mologic for its technology.” “This technology also can test for dengue, “bilharzia and river blindness. “The rapid so-called lateral flow tests “offer an early warning screening for COVID-19.” And as you pointed out, Mary, in your message to me, they bought the test maker on July 20th, and then the PCR announcement is on the 21st. What’s going on? Interesting.

– Well, clearly the Gates Foundation and many Soros-funded vehicles have been at the heart of this, right, they’ve funded the vaccines, they’ve funded remdesivir. They’ve been behind lots of these efforts and it’s not just the vaccines, it’s also this sort of test and trace and, you know, monitoring and DNA information new system paradigm. So I don’t think this should surprise us, you know. And this lateral flow test you’ll remember, Polly, last week we talked about the health minister in the U.K. testing positive with the lateral flow test. And he said that he had symptoms after having been fully vaccinated. These tests are just bizarre, you know, they don’t test for COVID, they test for viral load. So they’re just not very useful unless you do a second round of testing, which so far is not being done.

– And the UK in absolute chaos with their, what’s known as the pingdemic, people getting pinged all over the place and just chaos. But the U.K., the Brits were really dealing with it really well, and most of them are just totally ignoring it, but it is a mess. And also another person reporting into us, a viewer reporting into us that she works in a hospital and she’s saying, they’re not testing the vaccinated in there, they’re only testing the unvaccinated. So when you get reports of unvaccinated make up the hospital, look I don’t know if this is true, but this was somebody who works in a hospital contacting us, telling us that they’re just simply not testing. If you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to be tested, interesting.

– Interesting, you know, yeah. Yeah, the narrative of the pandemic is in the unvaccinated and that the vaccinated are, you know, protected is just falling apart because the data that’s coming out of Israel, that’s coming out of the U.K. suggests that, you know, a significant portion of the people who are having breakthrough cases are vaccinated. I mean, there may be some level of protection, Polly, from the vaccines, but at what cost, right? You know, the safety issues that we’ve discussed at length are real.

– Yeah, and I mean, you’re right, at what cost, when people say, you know, “It’s one in a million “people get affected by the MMR, “sorry your child took one for the team.” “But I was never told “that he may have to take one for team.”

– Of course, I don’t know, Polly, honestly, if we have a story on this, we can add one, but one of the things that I think is a significant story this week is that Pfizer and, you know, others are telling us now that the vaccine is really only effective before it starts to wane for four to six months. So they’re really telling us now you’re going to need boosters every six months. And you and I have discussed that this has been part of the marketing, but now it’s sort of being confirmed that, “Okay, these vaccines, when we put them out “and we told you it was 95% effective, “well, we only meant that for the first four or six months.” And then it’s under 50% by the time you get to six months. So, you know, this is a bait-and-switch if ever there was one, right. It’s like, “Oh, it’s 95% effective come and get the vaccine. “It’s gonna save your life.” And then it’s like, “Oh,, well I guess you need this every six months.” And there are a lot of risks associated with getting it.

– Yeah, indeed. Right, let’s go on to Children’s Health defense, “The Defender.” The headline here, “Scientists sounds alarm: COVID vaccines “producing symptoms of Parkinson’s “and other neurodegenerative disorders. “Immunologists and former NIH scientists, J. Bart Classen “analyzed data on COVID vaccine adverse events “reported on the U.K.’s Yellow Card system and found “thousands of reports of multiple symptoms “that are clear signals of neurodegenerative disorders.” People, please read that article, it’s good.

– It’s very disturbing. So Dr. Classen has been sort of a whistleblower about problems with vaccines for a very long time. And I think this is his third article, Polly, about neurological harms and looking particularly at prions in the brain, which is associated with these neurological disorders. It’s very disturbing.

– Yeah, it is. Okay, but we’re gonna go to the “New York Post,” “The New Jersey hospital fires six managers “for refusing to get COVID 19 vaccines. “They were required to get jabbed by June 30th “and regrettably six staff, they say, “at the supervisor level and above have not complied “with the mandate and are no longer employees “as per our policy says RWJBarnabas Health. “This follow some 150 workers “at the Houston Methodist Hospital who either quit “or were fired after refusing to get vaccinated.” We’ve nearly got a hospital of our own if we take all those stuff haven’t we Mary?

– Well, I think we are needing to set up our own healthcare systems, because I do think what is gonna be coming, Polly, without a lot of question is you’re not gonna have access to hospitals for any kind of elective health procedures, unless you’re vaccinated. We’re already seeing that. But remember the Houston Hospital case is on appeal right now. There are gonna be a lot of, you know, terminations based on these mandates, but remember the courts take time. I wish they were faster, but there’s some beauty in things being methodical and following certain, sort of, rules so that when you get judgments that say, you know, “That was illegal.” It can’t happen going forward. So don’t think that this story about licensure and mandates is over. It’s just starting really. It’s really, really just starting with, sort of, they’re now really refusing to have students come to these universities and actually terminating employees.

– But really proud of the people, that just those six that stood up and the others–

– Kudos to them. It takes a lot of courage to say, you know, it does take a lot of courage to stand up to your colleagues, to stand up to your boss. But, you know, it matters to say my life is more important. You, have no guarantees for me. There’s no money in a pot someplace if I get injured and I know people can be injured and die.

– Their loss. And that nicely onto, we probably should be in the good news section here, ABC 7, “Union protests New York Presbyterian COVID “vaccine mandate the staff.” “The largest healthcare union in the United States “held a rally protesting one of the biggest hospital group’s “policy of COVID vaccination or termination. “The demonstrators said they shouldn’t be required “to be vaccinated to keep their jobs.” So good for them getting out there–

– Polly, that’s big news. So that union is SEIU and it is the health, it’s the biggest healthcare workers union, and it’s a big supporter of the Democratic Party. And it’s really this administration and democratic blue states that have been pushing these mandates like New York and California where it’s both houses, the legislature and the executive. So if SEIU starts to say no mandates, we won’t be down with this, that’s a big hurdle for the people pushing on these mandates. So I’m very excited by that news, and I know a lot of people here in New York who are talking to the unions and really seeing where we can collaborate with them.

– Excellent. And now, of course, I mean, this is why I think that they’re losing is there’s a massive push to get everybody vaccinated, pretty much all reading from the same script. But anyway, let’s get on with some of them. But this should make you, people listening, feel hopeful because this is them really panicking. So let’s start with the “New York Times” headline, “Why vaccinated people are getting breakthrough infections. “The vaccines are effective at preventing serious “illness and deaths, “but they are not a golden shield against the coronavirus.” See, they’re still warning you in these articles, “Breakthrough infections, those occurring “in vaccinated people it’s still relatively uncommon. “More than 97% of people hospitalized “for COVID-19 are unvaccinated.” We’re hearing that a lot in all the presses, their new little thing that they’re doing, “Dr. Celine Gounder says, “If you’re vaccinated, you are protected. “You are not going to end up with severe disease, “hospitalization or death.” That’s simply not true.

– That’s false. That’s just not what the data are showing us from Israel and U.K., with the highest vaccinated populations. It’s not what individuals stories are telling us. We know that fully vaccinated people are succumbing to severe illness and to death. I mean, that’s just the reality. So they are lying. I mean, the press, unfortunately, the mainstream press in order to carry this water and put out this narrative, they are lying to the public.

– Yeah, they are. This is simply, I don’t know how they get away with it for now, but anyway, they weren’t forever.

– No.

– This next one, “The days of vaccine lotteries are waning. “Here comes the mandates. “Getting the vaccine should be the easy choice. “Opting out has to be the hard one. “Israel, France, and Italy ramped up pressure “on unvaccinated people this week by unveiling “various rules requiring people to prove vaccination, “prior infection or recent COVID tests “to gather in some public places. “But in the U.S. 100 million people “who are eligible for the vaccine “still haven’t got their first dose.” That’s good news. And then Dr. Leana Wen says, “We need something a lot more dramatic. “People have the right to remain unvaccinated,” correct, “as long as they stay completely isolated. “The choice to get a vaccine is not just about you.” So we’re being told off. And again, it’s panic, that’s panic.

– Well, it’s panic, I mean, they’re trying, you know, so I was at a fundraiser over the weekend and somebody appropriately said, you know, “Repression is a tool of the weak.” You don’t have, if these vaccines were so great, if they were as good for public health, as toilets and refrigerators, you would not have to have any mandates, Polly. They’re not, and that’s the reason that they’re fleeing to mandates. And, you know, it’s not working so far, right. It’s not working. We haven’t really now seen the license and the mandate, those they’re gonna try to push out soon. But if people don’t take this stuff, it doesn’t work.

– The whole thing is ridiculous.

– Yeah.

– If you just stop and think about it for a second. If this virus is as deadly as they say it is, if the unvaccinated are pushing it around, as they say it is, why are they sending health ambassadors door-to-door to chat with them? I mean, just think about that if nothing else. It doesn’t make sense.

– It’s not about the virus Polly. It’s not about the virus.

– Okay, onward with this, let’s go to New York. “De Blasio to expand COVID vaccine-to-test mandate to all.” So that’s to city workers. “Bill de Blasio announced, “This is for the entire city workforce,” says this article, “all 300,000 plus municipal employees, “including Department of Education and the NYPD. “Last week, de Blasio ordered employers “at the Public Hospital System “and Health Departments Community Clinics “to get their shots.” “Also, he announced, unvaccinated employees to wear a mask “or be sent home and not be paid for the day. “If people want freedom, jobs to be able to live again, “we have got to get more people vaccinated says, de Blasio.”

– So, you know, Polly, we’ve seen over the course of this pandemic, that New York and California are the avant-garde, so I don’t think this is surprising. But it is over 300,000 people, and these are now deadlines, right, so people are gonna have to be vaccinated by August 2nd, by August 16th, by September 13, if everybody who’s a state employee, everybody who’s a city employee. So they’re now putting real dates on this. In my mind, they’re clearly are assuming that the Pfizer vaccine will be licensed. And, you know, they’re really gonna push hard. And, of course, there’s going to be lots of people who either are, you know, terminated, or they have to submit. They have the option right now in New York of submitting to once a week testing and wearing masks. So obviously the masks and the tests are gonna be coercive, and that’s going to stigmatize people, if they wear a mask, it means they’re not vaccinated. So they are absolutely ramping up coercion to get vaccinated. And let’s see what happens. I mean, they may be rudely surprised, Polly, you know, they may be very, very surprised.

– Well, the two states, I think, that are in the biggest trouble right now, as we speak our New York and California. So New York Governor Cuomo, his quote of the week is, “We have to knock on these doors “and we have to convince people, put them in cars “and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm. “That is the mission.” And then Gavin Newsom, governor of California coming in with just copying the same old line from Fauci and everybody, “We’re experiencing a pandemic “of the unvaccinated.” So panicked .

– The other thing that Cuomo said that I thought was really telling, Polly, is he said, “We have to get in those communities.” You know what he means by “those communities,” I believe are densely populated communities, which tend to be lower income communities and people of color. You know, they’re not going around the suburbs of, you know, Westchester. So what does that mean? What does that really mean? Why are they targeting these densely populated communities, which is what they’re doing?

– Yeah. Well, every day there’s more news and everyday it changes. So let’s talk about Delta, shall we, the new variant. Well, not the new variant, the biggest variant. So the “Insider” says, “One in five COVID-19 infections in L.A., in June “were in the fully vaccinated people, “but most had mild or no symptoms, officials say.” “Fast spreading Delta variant is set “to cause the majority of infections. “Los Angeles County Departments said in June 20%, “fully vaccinated people, 80% unvaccinated “or partially vaccinated people were to blame. “L.A. County Health Officials say 4 million “unvaccinated residents in L.A. County “means the risk of increased spread “of this variant remains high.” So that’s blaming the unvaxxed again. That’s L.A. “Business Insider.” “Fauci she said fully vaccinated people “might want to consider wearing a mask indoors “as a precaution against Delta variant. “Fauci said, the Delta variant “had an extraordinary capability “of transmitting from person to person. “Fauci is President Biden’s chief medical advisor, “and he said, ‘If you want to go the extra mile of safety, “‘even though you are vaccinated, consider wearing a mask.'” So those poor people that followed along and went and got vaccinated so they can have freedom.

– That echoes, Polly, just to say the Surgeon General, who’s saying specifically that people who have been vaccinated should be wearing masks when they’re in large groups, when they’re in a crowd. And he says, “Okay, well, if you don’t wanna backtrack CDC, “then call it a clarification.” But they’re now telling people Fauci and, you know, Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General, they’re telling vaccinated people, “You have to wear a mask if you wanna be safe “when you’re around people in a group.” That’s extraordinary, I mean, isn’t that an admission that these things just don’t work very well.

– Everything is admission of that things don’t work. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous. Okay, let’s move on. “Forbes.” “Senator’s knew bill would let Facebook, “YouTube, Twitter be sued for health misinformation.” So they’re ramping this up. They are really freaking out about what we’re doing right now, basically. So this is “Two Democratic Senators” and they, of course, “introduced a bill that would put “social media companies on the hook for promoting posts “and videos that spread misinformation “about a public health emergency.” “Defining health misinformation would be “up to the President’s health secretary.”

– So one of those senators is Senator Klobuchar, so what we’re seeing, she also has suggested that Children’s Health Defense should be deplatformed. She’s also raised questions of antitrust actions against the big social media empires. We’re no friends to, you know, the social media empires in terms of their liability protection, but look at how targeted this is Polly. This is not, you know, that they should have liability across the board or for promoting violence, or for any other, you know, for trafficking, this is very specific to misinformation, which we know in effect means if you go against CDC government policy, that is by definition misinformation. We know people who posted VAERS data, right, the CDC’s own data about injuries and deaths, and they have gotten warning, or they have been taken off of the platform because of that. So again, it’s interesting that they are so worried about people communicating. People who are really, you know, confident in their position they’re not worried about people talking about things. They’re just not. So this is a sign of weakness not strength.

– And a reminder to everybody on here listening and to please tell everybody this, very shortly this show will only be able to be viewed on “The Defender” for many censorship and other reasons. So please make sure you all signed up to “The Defender.” And obviously the CHD websites, you will know when we go live on there, but we’re really, really, really only weeks away of not even being able to go out on Facebook like we are right now. So put in your email address, completely free, and you will be alerted to see this show, Bobby’s show, and many other shows that are coming. Right, so we will become the media.

– We are the media, Polly.

– We are the media. Let’s go on to talk about more than one dose. So “Reuters ” here. Two doses of Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots are effective, apparently, now against the Delta variant, The article goes on to say, “The Delta Variant is now the dominant variant worldwide.” And it says, “Our finding of reduced effectiveness “after the first dose would support efforts “to maximize vaccine uptake with two doses “among vulnerable groups,” here we go again, “in the context of circulation of the Delta variant.” And that’s written by the authors of the study. So they are now really, really pushing, even though the AstraZeneca is an absolute disastrous shot and as is Pfizer . But yeah, they’re really saying to people, “Come on take your second dose.” A lot of people stopping after one dose because they’ve had such horrific injuries. I don’t think they’re gonna change the mind of the people that have been hurt, that people are suffering blood clots and terrible disorders. They’re not gonna go for a second one.

– No, and Polly, the more doses that people have, the higher the possibility of the injury. And so more people are gonna be talking to one another. And even if they’re deprived of social media, you know, it is human nature to talk to your friends and family. And you know, these injuries stories are not gonna stop. So they’ve got a problem, you know, they really have a problem in trying to push this out.

– And hematology, by the way, Mary, in England is absolutely backed up. You will not get appointment, but they’re telling you to go to your local GP, to get your blood drawn to go and get your blood analyzed. They cannot cope, it is through the roof.

– Wow.

– Yeah. Bad times. Right, carrying on with boosters, “New York Times.” “Biden officials now expect vulnerable,” this vulnerable word, “Americans to need booster shots. “Senior officials now say they expect that people “who are 65 years and older or have compromised “immune systems will most likely need a third shot “from Pfizer BioEnTech or Moderna. “A sharp shift from a few weeks ago “when the administration said it thought “there was not enough evidence to back boosters yet,” we all know what yet means when they write that. “Compromised immune systems include those with cancer, “organ or stem cell transplant, HIV among other conditions.” So again, twisted information here, they’re saying, Oh, they’re dying or they’re not well because they have compromised immune systems with these conditions, yet they’re urging you to go ahead and have another one. That sounds sinister to me, Mary.

– Polly, I’m not gonna disagree with you. You know, it’s what we said, it’s targeting the vulnerable. And we talked about this a week or so ago where Pfizer came out and said, ‘We want you to approve the boosters.” And CDC and FDA came out together within hours and said, “No, no, no, we’re not ready yet.” But now they’re sort of in chorus saying, “Okay, the time is coming and the vaccines “are only effective for a few months.” So it’s extraordinary, it’s really extraordinary.

– It is. So onto CNBC. “Dr. Vin Gupta encourages Johnson and Johnson,” which is so similar to AstraZeneca, “vaccine recipients to get a Pfizer or Moderna booster. “A new study from a lab at NYU raises serious questions “about the effectiveness of Johnson and Johnson “single-dose vaccine against the highly contagious “Delta variant. “Dr. Vin Gupta is an intensive care and lung doctor “and said, ‘The definition of fully vaccinated “‘is two doses of the vaccine.'” So forget all the one dose, whatever that line was on that, “Just one dose and off you go,” or whatever, we knew that wasn’t gonna last long. And just like AstraZeneca, which is very similar to Johnson and Johnson, they’re now wanting you to get a shot of either Pfizer or Moderna. They want you to get that MRNA in, that’s what I think anyway, but it’s all twisted.

– We’ve talked about this, Polly, over the last weeks, you know, it’s this mix and match. I mean, they didn’t do extensive clinical trials on mixing and matching these vaccines. And what is this about? I mean, maybe they did some small trial, but this is just bizarre. When have you ever heard from, you know, a medical organization, “Oh, just mix and match the medications.” It’s kind of bizarre on its face.

– It is. And on that, just to end that nicely off, again, people this is really important. This is from “The Hill.” Johnson and Johnson project $2.5 billion from vaccine sales, globally. The forecasted sales are a small fraction, a small fraction of the sales expected from the other two vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, who have a forecast of $26 billion and $19.2 billion in annual sales of their vaccines, respectively. That statement alone should make you be cautious about taking these shots? Polly, just like, you know, wars are very profitable for some, you know, pandemics are the new wars in terms of, sort of, global profit taking. I mean, this is an incredibly profitable opportunity for big pharma and for many parts of the medical and academic establishment. I mean, that’s just what’s happening.

– Absolutely right, so let’s move on. So this is a subject, very close to Children’s Health Defense, and all of our hearts. And we get so many messages from people in the military. We will have your backs, I’m gonna just say that. Children’s Health Defense will have your back. We’re gonna do everything we can to help you because so many of you not wanting to take this and some of you in very high positions in the military contacting us. And you’re, you know, lots of bullying going on in the military as well. Lots of the military buying into, “Oh, the unvaccinated pilots or the naval, “or the on the ground troops,” so we’ve got your back, but this article coming out, a loved you sent this to me. “Former surgeon,” so remember that for start people, this is a former surgeon, so we’re not really too interested in the former anything. “Former surgeon general predicts mandatory vaccines in military after full FDA approval. This is Jerome Adams. “The Health Authority said the FDA has no clear timetable “on when Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson “will gain the full go ahead as all are authorized to use “only for those over 12 years. But he says Jerome Adams, “The quickest way to get people vaccinated “is through mandates. “So if you want to get a bunch of people vaccinated “really quickly make them mandatory “and then you’ll see the military make it mandatory.”

– The only people who are gonna be forced to be mandated, Polly, are the people who don’t want the vaccine. The vaccine is widely available everywhere for anyone who wants it. So really we should be thinking about that. How do we feel about mandating people to take a medically invasive product that can cause death when they don’t want it? That’s what this is really about, and it’s very disturbing. There are other ways to protect oneself from COVID and it’s not, you know, for most young, healthy people in the military, it’s not likely to ever conceivably cause them death or likely even permanent things like heart injury. I mean, it just, the risk benefit analysis at least to my mind is really not there.

– And many of the people that write to say ’cause the military tests them, they use PCR tests over and over and over again, especially the ones that won’t be vaccinated and they test positive. So therefore have had COVID. So why are they saying, are they gonna have to get the, so there’s lots of questions. And I think, well, we have some great people. You have a great writer who writes, Pam–

– Pam long covers our military affairs, please people if you’re in the military or have a family member concerned about this, look up in our, sort of, you know, information thing on “The Defender,” look up Pam Long written some excellent articles. And you’re right, Polly, we’re very concerned about what’s happening in the military. And we’re talking to people behind the scenes and, you know, we’re very, very concerned. This should not be happening to our people who are defending the country. They’re not guinea pigs, they’re defenders and they shouldn’t be treated like guinea pigs. Yeah, so we’re on it. “The Defender” will defend the defenders.

– Exactly, exactly. They are the defenders and we honor their service.

– Yes, we do. Okay, let’s talk about Moderna. “Moderna COVID-19 vaccine gets “EU regulator endorsement for teenagers. “Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine could become “the second shot okayed for adolescent use “in the European Union after regulators “recommend approving it for 12 to 17 years old. “The use of the vaccine called Spikevax,’ that’s what it’s called peeps, the Moderna vaccine is called Spikevax, sorry, “will be the same in adolescents “as it is in people over 18.” So they’re not gonna reduce it for the young ones, same vaccine shot. “Moderna says its vaccine “was found to be safe and effective, so everyone should be happy about that, “in teenagers.” “They say it’s a smaller study size, “so the trial could not detect new uncommon side effects “or estimate the risks of known ones, “such as myocarditis or pericarditis.” And just in, just before we came on, was another article, “With Moderna seeking to expand “this COVID-19 trial for younger children.” It says in that article, “It’s our objective to enroll a larger safety database, “which increases the likelihood of detecting rare events.” And they wanna be testing children as young, they say Moderna at six months. So basically they don’t know, and basically these babies, six months and older or complete guinea pigs to having adult doses. I mean, it’s absolutely sick Mary, it’s sick.

– Anyway, pray for them people. Right, let’s go on to this. This is just ridiculous, this is how they’re panicking. This is from “Time Magazine.” “When parents say no to their kids being vaccinated, “we’ve got a teenager that’s come up to defend that. “This teenager created VaxTeen.” And the reason I think it’s important to tell you about this article is because those of you sending your kids off to college or in high school, you really need to have them aware of this. So VaxTeen says it’s now more crucial than ever, and it’s all started by an 18-year old called Kelly, “and she’s preparing for college “and helping teen across the country “to navigate vaccine hesitant parents,” can you believe we’re even saying this, “and get their COVID-19 vaccines.” So they’re really worried in this article they say, because vaccine rates are lagging particularly in young people. “Only 38% of 16 to 17 year olds “have got the shots and 25% of 12 to 15 year olds.” So that’s a lot of people that haven’t, that’s good news. “The Biden administration has ramped up “outreach to young people, “launching a COVID-19 student corporation to get teens, “to advocate for the vaccine among peers.” So watch out for that as well. So you’re gonna have a whole team of ghastlies going and telling your children they’ve got to have it. “And there also is a COVID-19 college vaccine challenge “to encourage colleges to boost their vaccine efforts.” So the best college wins, so that that’s never a good thing either. “Teens are writing into Kelly from VaxTeen “for help to convince parents, to let them get vaccinated.” This is quite worrying really.

– This is all, Polly, part of what we’ve been seeing for some time of trying to separate the kids from the parents, trying to go around the parents. And just to remind people, we did just file a lawsuit in the District of Columbia, against the law that they passed, that allowed children 11 and up to consent without their parents’ knowledge or, you know, information is concealed from the parents. And that’s getting a lot of play. I’m really happy to say that my colleague, Rolf Hazelhurst, who’s the lead Children’s Health Defense lawyer on that is, you know, been on Fox and been on numerous radio shows, and I think there’s a tremendous amount of support from people that children and teenagers cannot effectively make these informed choices, they just don’t have the information or the judgment.

– No. Okay. So let’s move on. The reason why I’m telling you about this article, I wouldn’t normally give it the time of day because I know where they’re going with it. It’s a very, it’s a sad story, we don’t, I mean, it’s according to the godmother here, but the “Atlanta Journal” ran this, from Georgia. “A five-year-old died after contracting COVID “amid the coronavirus surge. “Wyatt Gibson, died after he was diagnosed with COVID-19, “this is according to his godmother.” Now this is the push, remember they’re trying to bring vaccines, these shots from five years and up. So this child is five and the article goes on to say, “The surge of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, “much of it driven by the spread of the disease “among the unvaccinated,” listened to those words, “on July the 16th, 2021 Wyatt died. “And they said he had a massive stroke “which struck the soul of his brain. “A spokesman said they couldn’t discuss his case, “but Dr. Jane Wilkov, does say, “‘This is because adults should get vaccinated “‘to protect children.'” So it’s very sad is that a five-year-old died, we all agree with that, of whatever he died of is very sad. But it’s all about this whole article, he’s being used in this article to say, “You adults will be killing the children “if you don’t get vaccinated.”

– And it’s preparation, Polly, for, and your children need to be vaccinated or they could die from COVID.

– So quick announcement here for new variants, Gamma coronavirus variant is detected in Russia, but it’s not Russia’s problem because it was found in Brazil. So it’s now detected in Russia, so it’s Brazil’s problem. Moving on. France–

– Seems we have a whole alphabet for these variants, Polly.

– And we will be Zulu or whatever it is soon. Okay, France. “French hospital goes on indefinite strike to protest “COVID-19 vaccination mandate. “The staff at the hospital in Montelimar “are protesting the new rules to take a vaccine “or face losing their jobs. “This affects some 200 doctors and 1,500 nurses. “Elsa Ruillere says, she’s the local union representative,” “she said, ‘We don’t agree there is no choice “between tests or vaccinations.” So you can’t even have a test, no choice. Vaccination is compulsory. So good for them. Again, enough to build your own hospital there.

– Yeah, and a lot of pushback right now in France and very, very severe repression to get the vaccine, so kudos to more protesting.

– So a little bit here from Italy, France, and Britain, “New York Times,” reporting on this. “Italy restricts access to restaurants “and museums for the unvaccinated. “The Italian government said it would require “proof of vaccination or recent negative test “in order to participate in certain social activities, “including indoor dining, visiting museums “or attending shows. “This follows France, who announced the same thing, “and in Britain, Boris Johnson plans to insist “on proof of vaccination to enter nightclubs “and similar venues by the end of September.” But Mary, judging by the protests and rallies from the amazing English lot over the weekend in London, I’d say, they’re not having any of it. So he better watch out.

– Awesome. Right. You can tell us more about it, but yeah, people are really pushing back and that’s good to see. And if people want to see that go to “Children’s Health Defense Live” on and you’ll see the amazing host from London did a fantastic job. Taking you right through the streets of it. Okay, Israel to confirm, “To commence clinical trial testing for orally administered “COVID-19 vaccines. “It’s called Oravax, the parent company, Oramed “reports that the exclusive owner of a virus-like “particle vaccine technology that targets three “SARS-CoV-2 viruses surface proteins.” Sorry, peeps. That came in really late, I scribbled that down just so we–

– We didn’t have that, yeah that’s interesting. I don’t think, Polly, we’ve seen other oral COVID vaccines yet. So this is something that we’ll watch. It’s interesting, the idea that you can take a tablet instead of the injection. I think it’s worth watching that. Yeah, ’cause they could hide it in our food. I remember taking a sugar polio thing.

– Right, so polio is the big one that’s been done orally. It’s interesting that they’re now introducing the notion of oral COVID vaccines. I just think we have to follow it. I don’t think we know enough about where that’s headed.

– No. Viewer sent in this, yes, we have been seeing videos coming in from around the world of food shortages. So people, this is just a heads up. You might want to prepare because we don’t know where it’s coming, maybe coming to us soon. And even if you don’t have a hoard, just have to be really sensible because that food shortages, we saw terrible footage in South Africa and parts of America as well. People complaining, they can’t get good quality, organic meat or anything like that. People are finding it hard, price of food shooting right up as is the price of gas. So my advice to you all is to prepare and try and grow something. Right, let’s talk about some good news. Eric Clapton, love Eric Clapton. This is from, the source of this is from “Ultimate Classic Rock.” Eric Clapton says he will not play to discriminated U.K. audience. “So Eric Clapton will not perform at concert venues “that require proof of vaccination for entry. “Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated “that nightclubs and other event locations “hosting large crowds must require visitors “to provide verification of their vaccine status. “But Eric Clapton responded saying, “‘I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage “‘where there is a discriminated audience present.’ “Earlier this year, of course, Eric Clapton detailed, “severe reactions after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.” So good for him.

– Bravo, bravo, Eric Clapton. We’re thrilled to hear that. You know, discrimination on the basis of vaccination status is just unethical, it’s just unethical.

– It is, now I know just before we go that you have a very special person in your house–

– We do, we have a very special guests who I’d like to introduce. We have Dr. Meryl Nass, who is on the Scientific Advisory Board for Children’s Health Defense, and she’s been assisting us in many matters, and she is prepared to talk to you about some of them.

– Yeah, well, first of all, we’re so honored to have you here. Love your work, and we’re so grateful for good people, good doctors, like you doing what you’re doing. Thank you on behalf of everybody watching for everything you do.

– Well, I love it. So Children’s Health Defense with the help of myself and some of my colleagues filed a citizens petition to the FDA two months ago, the end of May, pointing out many, you know, a couple of dozen things that the FDA had done wrong in granting the EUA and asking them, you have to ask first before you litigate, asking them to withdraw the EUAs for the COVID vaccines and for particular groups like pregnant women, for example, and not issue licenses. Now FDA has failed to respond to us so far and we are anticipating that we, that this will come to litigation probably as soon, we would love to litigate it before they issue a license. But because of the Administrative Procedures Act, we may not have standing to do so. So if that is the case, which we’re discussing with lawyers, we will be filing a suit against them the day they issue a license. And certainly to us, it looks like a license will be issued within the next month because it’s going to be required to mandate the vaccine. You know, legally they cannot mandate an EUA product, either in the military or in the civilian world. So we don’t think they are gonna try to do that, they don’t wanna get entangled with that legal problem, which will muddy the waters for the vaccines. But we do believe that the FDA will issue a license, probably first for Pfizer, which was the first to apply. But we are very much convinced that they do not have sufficient evidence of safety or effectiveness. The effectiveness of the vaccines is wearing off, everybody admits that. The data on injuries caused by the vaccine has been hidden by U.S. Federal Agencies and by other countries, but particularly by ours. And the overall risk benefit is totally unclear because of the hidden information, because of the fact that it doesn’t work very well after a few months. It’s not clear, it can’t possibly be 95% effective early on. We don’t have a vaccine that’s 95%, maybe small pox and measles maybe, but, of course, there are almost no cases of those diseases, so we can’t be sure. Every other vaccine is much less effective. It’d be hard to believe these vaccines are 95% effective, two weeks after they’re issued, and six months later they’re only 40% effective. Anyway, there’s a lot to be learned about them, and there’s a lot that nobody is being allowed to learn. And we plan to do something about that as soon as we possibly can.

– And is there any way that the people can help? Is there anything we can do to help you or to help Children’s Health Defense with this?

– So we ha so there is a citizen’s petition outstanding on the Federal Dockets Website. We have the information–

– [Mary] It’s on “The Defender.”

– On “The Defender” website.

– They must look up FDA.

– And we have had 30,000 people comment to the FDA about our petition. It’s about 20 pages long. It details many, many things that the FDA has done, basically illegally in the authorization of these vaccines. So we want people to read and learn about that. Write to the FDA. Write to the the newspapers. Call your Congress people. Do everything you can to make a lot of noise because otherwise they’re approximately 30 to 40% of Americans who do not want these vaccines, who may have already had COVID and have better immunity than you could possibly get from the vaccine are going to be forced to take it, even though they are at higher risk. So there’s a lot of people that may be forced to take a vaccine or suffer severe consequences, like loss of job and loss of the ability to get an education, unless we Americans stand up and do something, as well as the people in the rest of the world. So join us and let’s work together to make a difference.

– I love that your at Mary Holland’s house, I imagine amazing things are happening right now and, of course, people need to know. As I keep saying this all the time, first of all, how big Children’s Health Defense is, and how many people are working behind the scenes. People really didn’t, I didn’t know until I saw it for myself. And so that should give you all great hope because really, truly, you guys have brought in the best of the best from around the world. You have, and they’re all working together to end this. So really everybody please join all of us together to get to us, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder in this fight.

– Thank you Polly, we do and we’re so delighted with Polly’s help and Meryl’s help. And let me just say that on “The Defender,” which Polly’s asked you to sign up for, there’s a banner right now that says, “No mandates.” And on that, there’s a draft letter that you could send to the colleges and universities in your area. There’s draft letters that you could send to your employers. There’s lots of brochures. Where the battle is today to protect our civil rights and literally our health is no mandates. We’re at that point now. We know that within the next matter of weeks, it’s likely that the FDA is gonna license, and that’s gonna trigger mandates throughout the country. And so the time to speak out against mandates is right now, as Meryl was saying, and we have a lot of tools that you can use. So you’re not on your own, go to the banner on the defender that says “No mandates,” and just do one thing a day. Do one thing that pushes against this idea that it’s okay for your employer, or your school, or your government to tell you what should go inside your body. Think about how dangerous that idea is. Even if you think this is a great vaccine and it is for some people, it may be the right choice. But think about how dangerous this precedent is, if this goes down that, you know, your employer can tell you what has to go inside your body.

– And not only that, but right now, and then six months from now or nine months from now and for the foreseeable future, with nobody having any idea, what the ultimate side effects will be of that cumulative dose. This is a completely, you know, these MRNA vaccines or new platform, the adenoviral vector vaccines are practically a new platform that, you know, the side effects could be huge. Their effects on the genome are not ruled out by any means. And we are the guinea pigs, and we don’t have to be the guinea pigs, we do have a constitution that tells us we don’t have to be the guinea pigs, and that is being trampled on by our own authorities and we need to fight that.

– We do, and we will, and to everybody out there, thank you for your messages. If you wanna contact Children’s Health Defenses it’s [email protected] Join us and let’s keep fighting. We’re going to win this because it’s the truth and the truth will win. Always does in the end, look at history. It all comes out in the end. So we are gonna win this, it’s gonna be a bit tricky. So stand firm everybody, you do not need to have this shot and we need to look after each other. So look out for each other. Everybody know that you’re loved, join Children’s Health Defense, and we will be back next week, but maybe not on Facebook because our days are numbered. So please keep in “The Defender,” every Wednesday. This show goes out, edited with a link to everything that we’ve been talking about, so you can do your own research, yourself. So thank you both, to both of you so much for today’s show and to everybody out there, remember how much you’re loved and we will see you next week, somewhere.

– By Polly, pray big, right. Pray big.

– Oh, absolutely. Pray big.

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