‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘They Act as if These Vaccines Are a Sugar Pill’

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– Polly, great to be here.

– Hello everybody. Welcome to this week with Mary Holland, president of Children’s Health Defense and myself, Polly Tommey. And we have a big week and we have some much better news this week amongst some other news, haven’t we Mary?

– We’ve got some good news today.

– Right. Okay. So, let’s start with Bloomberg. CDC scaled back hunt for breakthrough cases just as Delta variant grew. The CDC stopped comprehensively tracking what are known as vaccine breakthrough cases in May. The consequences of that choice are only now beginning to show. At that time, the CDC had identified 10,262 cases where a fully vaccinated person had tested positive for COVID. But in the month since the number of vaccine breakthrough crisis, patients has grown as has the risk they present. So Bloomberg, thank God that they took in 35 states and identified 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases. Mary, what do you say about that?

– So there are two things I want people to understand that are really important about how they’re distorting the impression of what’s happening. They’re obviously trying to give everybody the impression that vaccinated people are really protected except for rare cases and unvaccinated people are the problem. So there’s two ways that that’s happening. One is what Bloomberg references here. As of May 1st, 2021, the CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases, in other words, cases of COVID in vaccinated people, unless those people were hospitalized or they died. So that means probably 90% of COVID cases or there about, 90% of COVID cases among the vaccinated are not counted because they don’t result in hospitalization or death. So they’re calling that asymmetric counting, but that’s apples and oranges. You count every case in the unvaccinated and you count only the most severe cases in the vaccinated. So that’s one trick that they’re doing. The other extraordinary trick, and these will be in the show notes so that you can look these up yourself. The other extraordinary trick is, they’re calling people who are vaccinated as meaning people who had a full, they are fully vaccinated, which means they got the full dosages, either two for Pfizer and Moderna or one for J and J plus 14 days Polly. So that means that they are considering somebody who got two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, 13 days out who gets COVID, they’re calling that person unvaccinated. That is the most outrageous, ludicrous, distorted idea I’ve ever heard, but that’s what they’re doing. So people need to understand that. So when they say, 98% of the people are unvaccinated, we have no idea what percentage of those people are actually vaccinated and they’re getting sick within two weeks, which could be adverse vaccine reactions.

– Yeah. people being rushed into hospital. So basically what you’re saying is that, if within the two weeks after your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, you have a seizure or an anaphylactic shock or collapse or heart attack or stroke, it’s not counted because you’re not fully vaccinated until the two weeks are up?

– Well, it’s not counted as a COVID case. Conceivably, it’s counted as a myocarditus or an anaphylaxis or a vaccine adverse event, maybe, maybe not. We know that those are underreported too. But it’s not being counted as somebody who’s vaccinated which is incredible. So I’m just trying to explain to people, they’re only counting super severe cases in people who’ve gotten fully vaccinated plus 14 days as the cases in the vaccinated. So it’s apples and oranges that they’re counting. And this is all to distort the numbers so that people imagine that the big problem is in the unvaccinated. But that’s not what the science is showing sadly for the people who’ve gone and gotten vaccinated.

– The deception is unbelievable. Just so you know, you will get these links in The Defender tomorrow. But this is from the

– This is the CDC. I wanted to include the data from the CDC so that you can see this with your own eyes. This is not my opinion. This is how the CDC is manipulating the expression of the data so that people imagine that the problem is the unvaccinated. And if you’re not vaccinated, you’re killing yourself, you’re killing others. This extreme rhetoric that President Biden is now using.

– And on this CDC, one on breakthrough cases, I took this, it says, the CDC have actually stated here that we are working to investigate infections among persons who are fully vaccinated. So that, if you want just plain simple English, it’s right there in front of your face on the CDC site. Okay, let’s move on to Children’s Health Defense, The Defense actually, this links in, this is by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Headline, mathematically impossible for vaccines to eliminate COVID. So in the UK symptomatic COVID 19 cases among vaccinated individuals has risen 40% in one week, meanwhile, symptomatic COVID 19 cases in the unvaccinated declined by 22%. This suggests the wave among unvaccinated has peaked and natural immunity has set in or vaccinated individuals are actually becoming more prone to infection. It’s just mathematically impossible he says for COVID shots to eliminate the infection. Wow, that’s strong. That’s on CHD, The defender people, go look it up.

– It’s on the Defender, but it’s from Dr. Mercola’s site. And the point here is that they’re suggesting that, again, there’s a real problem with infections among the vaccinated and he also points out something that most people didn’t hear, which is that, even though in the clinical trials, the relative risk reduction might’ve been 96. So you might have been much better off than the placebo group in the clinical trial in the first two weeks that they looked at it. The absolute risk reduction of these vaccines Polly, is under 1.5% for all of them. You are very unlikely to reduce your risk of getting COVID by taking the vaccine. In fact, the number needed to be vaccinated is 117 to prevent one case of COVID according to The Lancet. So he’s just pointing out that there’s really, he’s pointing out that the infection fatality ratio is 0.26 and the relative risk reduction is 0.7 to 1.3. So we’re never gonna reach herd immunity with these vaccines. It’s impossible ’cause the vaccines just aren’t that good. They prevent serious cases allegedly. They don’t prevent all cases, they don’t prevent transmission of the infection. So, there are very imperfect instrument. And current science is making it appear that the Pfizer vaccines efficacy such as it is really wanes after four to six months, which is part of the reason that we’re now gonna see this incredible push we’re already starting to see for the booster shots.

– Yeah. Many of us parents sitting here listening, I know right now are saying, well, there’s never trust again. We trusted, we trusted and it’s just very hard. So anyway, let’s move on. Children’s Health Defense, Defender again, Biden expected to announce the vaccine, to the beginning of but we cover the whole week, mandates all federal employees. Biden was asked by a reporter whether he would require vaccinations for the nation’s nearly 2 million federal workers and he said, at that time, that’s under consideration right now, this is Biden speaking, “but if you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.” That’s our president speaking. It’s like a child speaking my opinion, but nevermind. Anyway, he did actually go ahead and…

– He did. So he’s declared a mandate, but Polly, correct me if I’m wrong, he said that people have to be vaccinated or they have to submit to testing once a week. I believe that irregular testing, is that right?

– Well, I’m hearing from people in the military it’s twice a week.

– Twice a week. No, it’s meant to be coercive. There’s no question, it’s meant to be highly coercive. But yes, this is the biggest workforce in the world. It’s 2 million people. He’s raising the budget for NIH, he’s trying to double down on people who work for the federal government, which is the civilian force and the military. I think though Polly, even though there’s this new guidance from the office of legal counsel, from the Department of Justice that we’ll talk about, I don’t think they can mandate for the military until either there’s a presidential waiver of the emergency use so that they can do it without consent or they have to license. So the law for the military is actually a little bit clearer because of what happened with anthrax.

– And Children’s Health Defense, don’t worry military, they’re on it, they’re doing everything they can. We will not forget you.

– No, we certainly haven’t forgotten the military. We’re working on it. There’s a very good article by Pam Long, one of our military veteran writers for The Defender about the role that pilots can play in the military on this issue.

– Excellent. But, here we go. Let’s start talking about on vacs and mandates and things like that. This is ABC, CHOP virus expert, I wonder who that could be. It says, COVID variant rise was preventable, likely to see a thousand deaths a day. On Tuesday, the CDC issued a major change recommending people who are vaccinated to go back to wearing masks indoors. Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at CHOP said, there are a few things coming together in the next few months and not for the good. As we move into the fall and winter, we have a highly contagious virus and a highly unvaccinated population. Offit said, “it’s frustrating that people are not getting vaccinated.” He said, “it’s their ticket out of this pandemic, is going to come down to mandates.” Now, we can go on because basically the whole reason for telling you these things is, that they’re preparing you like they always do. We see it, don’t we Mary? Over and over again how they just try and get you ready and set for what’s coming.

– Well, a couple other things that he’s saying Polly is that, he wouldn’t feel safe sending a child to school unless they had a mask mandate at the school. So he’s promoting vaccine mandates, he’s promoting mask mandates and he’s vilifying the unvaccinated. We wouldn’t have a Delta variant, but for the unvaccinated, for which there’s no credible science that I’m aware of Polly. But that’s the narrative that he’s selling. And also the false narrative is, it’s your ticket out of the pandemic. At the same time they’re telling vaccinated people they have to put their masks back on. He’s trying to say, oh, if you just get vaccinated, you can go back to normal. Well, obviously that’s a lie.

– Yep. And they’re using the same lines reading from the same scripts that should always alert you, everybody to something’s up. The Epoch Times, first federal agency mandates COVID 19 vaccine. The department of veterans affairs will require its healthcare employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, becoming the first major federal agency to implement such a mandate.

– Polly on that, I want to mention, so, that article in Epoch Times notes that the American Hospital Association has been very active in promoting these mandates which we’re well aware of, they obviously make money from all of these things among other things. But I am told by people that I’ve been in touch with who are working in the veterans administration that they are liberally accepting religious exemptions and medical exemptions. So I do urge anybody who’s in these institutions that wants to keep their job, don’t assume that you can’t get your religious or medical exemption accepted. It’s absolutely worth pushing the envelope and trying to get an exemption if that’s what you want to do. So I am told on good authority that there’s a liberal policy, which makes sense. Most of these institutions don’t want to overnight lose 30% of their workforce.

– Right. Good advice there. And let’s go on to ’cause I know you want to talk about this. It’s the option to accept or refuse. I could read out, but I think you’ll probably

– No, lemme just explain this. So we have taken, Children’s Health Defense and many other lawyers that we work with have taken the position that an emergency use authorization product is experimental. It’s investigational. It hasn’t been approved by the FDA, it hasn’t been licensed by the FDA, it hasn’t been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, it hasn’t been covered by the vaccine injury compensation program. It is an emergency product. And therefore, because all of our federal law related to medical products incorporates the idea of informed consent and is based on the Nuremberg code, that anything that is experimental has the absolute essential requirement for informed consent, we have taken the position based on this statute, section 564 of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act that says that you can accept or refuse an EUA product. We have taken that to mean that you have a right to refuse. It does mention there can be consequences. Our reading of that statute is that, in context, that means there could be medical consequences. You might be more or less susceptible to infection, you might be more or less at risk from side effects. And we believe that court cases have held that interpretation. It’s a slightly different law, but it was about EUA products in the military and federal court cases said, you can’t mandate EUA anthrax vaccines to the military. So we believe we’re on very firm legal ground. It is really saddening to me to see that sort of the brain trust in the department of justice, the office of legal counsel has just come out with this memo that will be in our show notes that says, no, no, no. It says, you can refuse, but that means it’s okay that there can be consequences that you’re expelled from college, you’re expelled from your job, you don’t get your pension and very harsh consequences. I think that it’s a very twisted, distorted, unreasonable interpretation of the law. This memo by a Deputy Attorney named Johnson, acting assistant attorney general, doesn’t mention Nuremberg, doesn’t mention that all of these measures are coercive, doesn’t mention informed consent. It’s a very twisted logic and sadly Polly, this is not new for office of legal counsel who several administrations ago tried to justify the use of torture of people held as prisoners of the military in the war in Iraq as not being torture. They define torture to be, well, it had to be organ failure and anything short of that was okay, a okay. This is the same type of memo. And the memo came out and the next day Biden said they were going to impose this mandate apparently of emergency use authorization products. So, I don’t put much store by it. It doesn’t mean that the courts couldn’t override it, but it’s very, very, very disappointing Polly. It’s poorly reasoned.

– Okay. Well, I’m sure Defender will keep reporting on that up to date. Okay. So on with blaming the unvaccinated, Fox News, CNN’s Don Lemon calls for rules to force vaccinations. It has nothing to do with freedoms he says. If you’ve got to stop telling people, if you don’t get vaccinated, you can’t come into this office or this place of business. Lemon claim the only people to blame are the unvaccinated themselves and they are responsible for putting the country in .

– Polly, it’s so sad to me about these people, I just read something similar to that in the New York Times this morning. They act as if, and maybe they’re acting in ignorance, they act as if these vaccines were like a sugar pill, they act as if it’s like putting on a seatbelt, they act as if there’s no risk associated with these vaccines, as if they don’t know that the doctors won’t accept responsibility, the government won’t accept responsibility, the manufacturers won’t accept responsibility. And if you’re injured, and people get injured and they die every day from these products, there’s no compensation. It’s as if they don’t understand that. They imagine that it’s just like, I don’t know, taking a sugar pill. These vaccines and all vaccines, as you and I know Polly, these are not sugar pills. These are potentially lethal injections. I mean, they just are.

– Well, we’re seeing the injury and death right in front of us

– We are. And somehow they’re even, there are articles out there trying to downplay theirs as being urban legends and so on. I mean, it’s just wrong, it’s just not, it’s counterfactual. Vaccines, like all prescription drugs, like all series medical interventions carries potential benefits and potential risks. And in the COVID vaccine context, those risks can be lethal. There’s no question about that. None.

– Yeah. And so that’s why Children’s Health Defense are doing their own reporting of it. So do contact

– We are. I just want to mention Polly, if people haven’t seen, because many countries around the world, not the U.S. but many countries don’t have their own adverse event reporting system. We have really been promoting something called VAXX tracker, which is a company that tracks medical adverse effects on a variety of things. But we’ve got that there and we really encourage, there’s a portal for people, but also for healthcare practitioners. We really want to be tracking these adverse events. It’s really important.

– And I’m done recording stories about the show, People’s Testaments. So if you’re good enough to be able to tell us actually what happened to you, please contact the CHD at Let’s keep going with the abuse on the unvaccinated. Ken Langone says, get vaccinated or fired, businesses will mandated after full FDA approval. That’s billionaire Ken Langone. He was the co-founder of Home Depot. Now, Home Depot did put out statements saying, he has no say.

– That was interesting. That was very interesting that they pointed out he’s no longer on the board. He was a founder. But I would point out that’s interesting probably is, he said that there’s risk of litigation in mandating emergency products and so he’s not gonna mandate this until they’re licensed. So that’s very interesting. This is a sophisticated guy, but he’s the chair of the board at NYU’s medical center, the Langone Center and he’s deep into vaccines.

– Yup. And he says, I guarantee you all the places I’m involved in, if you don’t get vaccinated, you will get fired. Whatever. We’ll build our own But let’s talk, this is by Colin Dickey, is his name, in The Atlantic, and it’s headed, we’re talking about vaccines all wrong. To reach vaccine conspiracists and other skeptics, focus on what they care about most, freedom without repercussions. The article focuses on representative Marjorie Taylor Green. She was suspended from Twitter for falsely claiming that there had been 6,000 vacs related deaths. She also encouraged people to do their own research. The author goes on to say, the author of this piece, Green is advocating for freedom and freedom to disregard acknowledged authorities like Anthony Fauci. He says, anti-vaxxers want all the rights, privileges and benefits of human community and there must be consequences for them.

– So he basically is sort of a vaccine injury denialist Polly. He’s suggesting that representative Green saying there were 6,000 deaths, there’s been far more reported on VAERS, he’s calling that a rumor or an urban legend. He’s just wrong about that. And it’s very disappointing to see a magazine like The Atlantic put that kind of disinformation out there, a false information. There are real risks to vaccines.

– And it really doesn’t take much to better work look around. And carrying on, we are going, I’m going heavy on this because when they go heavy in one week on a certain subject, you know something’s coming. So this is a New York Times. It’s an opinion piece by Ezra Klein. What if the unvaccinated can’t be persuaded? I’ve just taken one line out of this. This person says, polio and measles were murderous, but their elimination required vaccine mandates. When George Washington wanted to protect his soldiers from smallpox, he made knock relations mandatory and it all worked well.

– So, he’s advocating for mandates and for vaccine passports and that the issue not be partisan.

– It’s interesting that people that they’re using to do this or maybe it’s the only people that can get to do it, that book authors or something else, none of them with medical qualifications

– No medical qualifications. And sort of the good news of Polly is, he’s suggesting that 30% of the population can’t be persuaded. And that may be a number that’s too low. So they recognize that the only thing they can do is mandates and passports. And I think they’re optimistic. I think they’re very optimistic that they can make that fly in the United States today.

– And it’s possible 30% of the population have already had an injured child from trusting the system and would rather live in the gutter than ever take this shot. You’ll never change enormous amounts of people that aren’t

– Correct.

– The New York Times, New York city is expected to require, this is just in by the way, this morning live. New York city is expected to require proof of vaccination for indoor dining and fitness. This is mayor Bill de Blasio. He plans to announce this right now probably as we’re speaking, Tuesday morning. We’ll require proof of vaccination for people participating in indoor activities including restaurants, gyms and performances. The policy is similar to mandates issued in France and Italy last month and it’s believed to be the first of its kind in the United States. New York city will create a health pass called key to New York City Pass.

– Yeah. Polly, I promise you, this is gonna be challenged in the courts. Lawyers have already contacted me this morning. And they say that they’re gonna start enforcing this by mid September. They say in this article that 66% of the adults in New York city are fully vaccinated. Let’s see them make it work. I’m pretty dubious. When they came out with the Excelsior pass in New York state, it took like three minutes for some person to hack the app. This is Bill de Blasio’s dreams. I can’t see it. But we’ll keep reporting on it.

– And we’re already getting reports of people leaving…

– Oh, people, my friends have left New York city and New York state in throngs Polly. It’s tragic. Since the repeal of the religious exemption in 2019, thousands of families have left New York state in substantial part because of these draconian policies already for children where they’ve repealed the religious exemption, they’ve narrowed the medical exemption. We’re fighting back on both those fronts with Children’s Health Defense, with lawsuits. But it’s tragic. And we’re just gonna lose more people. More people are gonna move to Tennessee and Florida and Texas and get the hell out of New York. And it’s tragic. These are productive citizens with school-aged children. So it’s tragic.

– It will be the vacs on vacs states. Right. Zero Hedge, Apple bans Tinder for anti-vaxxers on app store. So Apple removed a dating app for unvaccinated people. Allegedly, the app violated Apple’s policy for COVID content. It was called Unjected. It’s a dating and community app for unvaccinated people. Apple and Google are making it clear that anti-vaxx content will not be displayed on their platforms. So we may not get a CHD app, just saying.

– So Polly, my favorite line in that article by this writer, Tyler Durden, I guess is that, these policies would make George Orwell turn over in his grave.

– All right. Well, okay. Education Week, Biden called on schools to host, we’re going into the children now. Biden calls on schools to host COVID-19 vaccination clinics for kids 12 and up. The president also directed pharmacies to prioritize children 12 and older for vaccinations and to work with school districts to host vaccination clinics. Biden said, “parents get your children vaccinated because fewer than a third of children, between the ages of 12 and 15 have been fully vaccinated as of late July.”

– We’ve discussed before Polly, there is no science that suggests that the benefits outweigh the risks for children. There just is no science on that. Children are at the lowest possible risk of COVID infection or severe hospitalization complications or death. There’s no justification for this. And parents, many parents are actually taking the vaccines for themselves because they do consider themselves at risk, they think there’s some effectiveness, but they’re standing firm not to vaccinate their kids. So, all of these draconian sort of exhortations and mandates and vaccine passports, all of these things are a reflection of the weakness of their policies, not the strengths. If their policies were really strong, everybody would go out and do this voluntarily. If this was as great as refrigerators are for public health or cleanliness, you don’t have to mandate it.

– I was sticking with that, they are really pushing on this. This is another one here. COVID-19 surge affecting babies, children and teens. Dr. Klein is a professor of pediatrics. The virus we thought was most dangerous to seniors now has new victims. It’s making children much sicker than they were before, almost all of the children in hospital who were seriously ill are unvaccinated. Dr. Klein said he’s concerned more on vaccinated children, teens will soon need hospital beds. Well, of course this comes, Mary does it not? They’re trying to get their trials extended, they’re trying to get five years and up.

– So we’re expecting that, Pfizer has submitted an application to have its emergency use authorization approved for five to 11 year olds in September. So this is sort of making the ground more fertile for new authorization for younger children and trying to sell this through fear to parents of young children.

– Right. The next one was, Moderna, Pfizer set to expand COVID-19 vaccine study for children under 12 years old. Children as young as five could receive shots later this year. Doctors say the vaccine will better protect children. As cases continue, there’s nothing to say that that is true. And Moderna expects FDA authorization by late this year for younger kids, Pfizer expects supply September for children ages five to 11. So the push for the children is going to start to get really heavy people.

– It is.

– Right. I have got now the stat. but you reminded me that we shouldn’t be going there. This is not good news apparently. But I think it is. But anyway, whatever you decide what you think people. Headline, a double vaccine crisis is endangering millions of children. World health experts met recently to discuss an emerging global health crisis linked to the COVID 19 pandemic plummeting rates of basic vaccinations among the world’s children. So startling new immunization data from World Health Organization and UNICEF indicates that decades of progress against some of the world’s most dangerous diseases is being severely threatened. Last year, 23 million children missed out on basic vaccines. And then 17 million children around the world are considered zero dose children, meaning they’ve not received a single dose of routine vaccination. And it goes on to say how it puts millions at risk, blah, blah, blah.

– Well, Polly, this is a natural experiment. So we are certainly interested in tracking this data. And we did already publish about fact that there were fewer sudden infant death syndrome babies during 2020, the pandemic year. And if a significant percentage of that 17 million zero dose kids don’t get vaccinated, they will be our unvaccinated controls particularly against these children who are gonna get COVID shots. So, it’s very, the science that we have on our website, and we have robust science on our website, is that, unvaccinated children are healthier, unvaccinated people are healthier. That’s what the science is really telling us. It’s not where the money is. It’s not where the money is for pharma, it’s where the money is for the society. Healthy people make robust, productive society, but it’s definitely not where the money is for pharma.

– Correct. Okay. Remember Children’s Health Defense to old people, you need to be signed up for that. It’s free. Okay. Now, this is medical licenses, this is just a short statement here. But that obviously now concerns so many doctors speaking out. So, the federation of state medical boards put out a statement saying, spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation may put medical licenses at risk. July the 29th statement, it said, physicians who generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards, including suspension of their medical licenses and it goes on. So that’s where they’re trying to warn.

– So this is how they’re disciplining doctors Polly. And what does misinformation or disinformation mean? Well, it essentially means if you disagree with the CDC. Which is Orwellian, this is terrible. But one of the things we’re seeing around the country which is so disturbing is that, doctors who want to do right by their patients and who want to prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which have very robust science behind them as being therapeutic for COVID, the medical boards are basically preventing the doctors from doing that, suggesting that that information is misinformation and the only thing that works is ventilators and Remdesivir and vaccines. That’s just false information that the mainstream and the CDC are pushing, and the NIH. That is misinformation. There are effective therapeutics and we support the doctors who are trying to get that information out and to use it with their patients. So this is very sad. It’s another very effective kind of enforcement mechanism that exists.

– Well, this is an interesting one by, no, sorry, by no doctor, by Robert Bridge. It’s on It says, let the debate begin. Policymakers should engage with COVID dissidents in public and put the conspiracy theories to bed. Any doctor activist or health organization that merely hints at an alternative method of tackling the pandemic is smack down as a crack before citizens of any democracy are expected to be pricked, poked and, for the rest of their lives, they should be demanding the greatest debate the free world has ever seen. And then it talks about Dr. Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and saying, we should at least listen to them. It’s surely journalism, unethical medical practice not to consider other professional opinions when formulating a medical response that affects literally billions of lives around the planet. Interesting.

– I couldn’t agree more.

– Probably should have gone into the good news section. Anyway, now let’s go to something really serious. I sent Mary this morning that thank you to the person who sent this to me. The BBC, with the headline, and it’s our duty to warn everybody listening and everybody who is going to be listening to this, it’s our duty to warn these people. Pregnant women urged to get the jab as majority are unvaccinated. In a letter to midwives and GP practice, chief midwife for England, Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent says, all healthcare professionals have a responsibility to proactively encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated. She recommends advice on jobs be offered at every opportunity. She says, “vaccines save lives.” The COVID-19 jab can keep you and your baby safe and out of hospital. About 51,724 pregnant women have received one COVID vaccine in England so far, 20,648 have had their second dose. Professor Knight says, pregnant women could be confident about having the vaccine. And the study shows, it was very protective with no concerns over safety. Well, Mary, that’s simply not true.

– No, it’s not. It is not yet been adequately researched. Fetuses are the most susceptible, most vulnerable of anyone. And the notion that it’s just fine to give it to a pregnant woman and it won’t have ill effect is just not supported by the data. There’s a lot of cases of miscarriage that have already been reported to VAERS. There are cases of, it’s just not, I don’t know why anyone would assume that that’s safe. And it’s very disappointing to hear that this midwife would make that recommendation.

– And not just any midwife, the chief midwife for England. So, England, we really do need to get to these women and save as many babies as we can. That’s why I think. But the Daily Mail, staying in England, all over fifties will get COVID booster shots by autumn. People who got AstraZeneca, which is very similar to the Johnson Johnson over here, are set to be offered a Pfizer jab in a new vaccine drive because it’s more effective they say against what they call the Indian variant. This is for over fifties and clinically vulnerable as well as healthcare workers. So around 23 million people will be offered this and only will be offered Pfizer as claim is the most effective. A UK government backed study published earlier this year found that mixing and matching COVID vaccines may result in higher protection against the virus, but they do, people really need to read this properly, may, may, may, they don’t know.

– Polly, we’ve known from the get go that they wanted to sell boosters. And that’s where the projections are, they’re gonna keep doing this. They want the next seasonal flu shot. This is a new income stream, but they’re always pushing it first to the most vulnerable. And when those people are injured and die, you and I both know they’re gonna say, oh well, it was their underlying condition. So they’re already creating the plausible deniability when things go wrong. And in general, with vaccines, we know very well, is that, the more doses you get, the higher risk you have of some kind of adverse effect.

– It’s true. Okay. Fox News, so here we go with the game of the boosters. Israeli president kicks off the COVID-19 vaccine booster campaign. The President, Isaac Herzog, received the booster of Pfizer publicly, he’s 60 years old and also the president’s wife also received a booster dose. Israeli president told reporters he was proud to start the campaign. So just everybody wheeling out as many celebrities and presidents as they can, as they did the first time around to show us that it’s so safe and effective. Well, I don’t think people are buying it anymore. Okay, onto this. The FDA extends the expiration date on Johnson Johnson COVID vaccine to six months. This provides healthcare workers six more weeks to use millions of doses of the shot. Again, they just love that number six, don’t they Mary? It comes up every single time. The FDA say that they are now safe and effective for at least six months when properly stored and refrigerated before it could only be used for up to four and a half months. The use of Johnson Johnson vaccine has of course been hurt by several very rare and potential side effects.

– Well, obviously they haven’t been able to use them all up Polly. So this allows for a potential greater revenue generation. That’s an extra six weeks to generate revenue from these vaccines. are effective or not, who knows?

– I just get concerned when you see those drive-throughs or people are getting drives, how do we know they’re storing them properly? The little tent set up around the country and random fields or school grounds. And that makes it really clear, the FDA right here, unless it’s properly stored and refrigerated. But I don’t know, it looks dodgy to me.

– I’m not gonna disagree with you Polly. I think the notion of having all of these people who are not medically trained get their vaccines in a parking lot and then drive off when they might be subject to anaphylaxis or seizures is insane.

– It is. Right. Children’s Health Defense, Defender, recipes for regulatory corruption, how CDC, NIH pull in millions from licensing deals including COVID related technologies. I’ll let you talk about that. But it does say at the end, among the scientists scolded for testing products for which they secretly receive royalties was Dr. Anthony Fauci. It says that right there in the article. Mary, talk about that one.

– Oh well, it’s not even a secret. So one of the things that happened in this country by law in 1980 was Congress said that, to get things more quickly into the marketplace, it would be okay for universities to get patent royalties and for the U.S. regulatory agencies, i.e the National Institutes of Health and the CDC to get patent royalties. That’s an inherent conflict of interest and absolutely is a recipe for corruption as Robert Kennedy has quoted and the article is saying. So, the CDC, the NIH under HHS in 2020, the HHS made $63.4 million in royalties. The NIH has a budget of $42 billion. The funding for the CDC is double in 2020 what it was in the years before. Two thirds of the funding was COVID related. I mean, follow the money Polly, this is a ton of money. And these people partner directly with the pharmaceutical industry and people like Tony Fauci directly get royalty income from the drugs that they work on and the vaccines that they work on. This is not unbiased science. This is an absolute abrogation of fundamental notions of objectivity, which is the basis for science. So we don’t have objective science, we have profit-driven science, if you can call it that.

– I’m hoping a lot of this Fauci stuff will be in the new book that’s coming.

– Oh, it will be. So Bobby has a book coming out in September, The Real Anthony Fauci. And it will be a page turner.

– Yeah. Make sure, you can actually pre-order that

– You can pre-order it and we encourage people to do that. That’ll help us get to the bestsellers list and then more people will have access to it. It’ll be picked up by more booksellers and so on.

– Yeah. Actually on that note, we did have a few people writing to us saying that they’ve ordered this book and Amazon were trying to cancel that order. So dodgy things already going on their peaks. Let us know if you get any things or asking, are you sure you want to get that book? So let us know what happens when you try and order the Fauci book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. All right. Let’s go back over to the UK. From the Evening Standard, something’s up here, I’m suspicious of this. But let’s have a look at this. Vegans exempt from compulsory COVID vaccinations, legal experts warn. Employers risk legal action if they insist workers are double jabbed. Again, this is, experts say, an estimated half a million Britons who do not consume animal products would not have to adhere to the job for jabs rules under employment laws. It means only employers would risk legal action if they order staff to be vaccinated. The vegan society however has encouraged people to get the but it is weird.

– What’s interesting Polly, apparently in the UK in the last year, being an ethical vegan has become a protected class. And so if those people are fired because they don’t take a COVID jab, that can be considered constructive dismissal and they could get basically unemployment benefits, they could get whatever the benefits are that you would get by being fired because of your beliefs. And so a lawyer has quoted in that article in the UK saying, there are gonna be interesting developments in discrimination law. Yeah, definitely.

– Well, we’ll just keep our eye on that one. Okay. Let’s go to Berlin. Mayhem, many of you have seen these, all these lives going around on social medias. Mayhem on the streets of Berlin, antilock down protests turn into violence scuffles with police in Germany, 600 arrested. I saw a lot of that footage Mary and the police were ruthless. They were really…

– Polly. It’s especially painful to me because last August I was with Bobby Kennedy in Berlin and we were at a peaceful demonstration of a million people and the police were extremely respectful and the demonstration was extremely well-organized and there was just absolutely no violence, no scuffles, no nothing. And so, it’s so sad to see how things have declined. And apparently one of the sort of things that made people very angry and took them onto the streets is that the president of the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament said, well, everybody in the world, the WHO, the CDC is saying that COVID is fantastic and horrible and it is deadly. And so these people, he’s saying, they’re saying that they’re smarter. And he says, it’s just an unbearable degree of arrogance. That’s how this government official is viewing the protests of people who are simply saying, enough already, let us make our own decisions.

– Yeah. And we’ll keep an eye on I’m kind of proud of a lot of those gems. I didn’t see them being burn. I saw the police being burned, that’s the videos that I saw. So, just saying. MarketWatch fewer hospitalizations, but 74% of those testing positive for COVID 19 in Massachusetts outbreak were vaccinated. This was searched by the CDC as a latest sign that people who are fully vaccinated may need to return to mask wearing, social distancing and other measures as the more infectious Delta variant test through the U.S.

– Well, this is very concerning Polly. So this article says that there were, in Cape Cod at Provincetown, there were 469 infections and 74% of them were people who had been fully vaccinated and four of five people who were hospitalized were vaccinated. So this reminds me, and we will put in the thread an interview that Dr. Robert Malone did last week. He is attributed to be the inventor of the messenger RNA vaccine technology. So someone deeply knowledgeable about this world. And he has said that this is suggesting to us that the phenomenon that we knew might happen, called antibody dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming, is happening. In other words, vaccinated people are at higher risk or at least at the same risk as unvaccinated people. And the CDC director, Walensky, acknowledged that. She said in that article from MarketWatch, she said that vaccinated people had the same viral load as unvaccinated people as looked at by swabs of their nose. In fact, it may even be that they had higher viral loads. That’s suggesting that the vaccines are not only ineffective, they actually may be backfiring and they may be putting people who are vaccinated at increased risk. And the Pfizer vaccines apparently have very low effectiveness, less than six months after people have gotten the vaccine. So, it’s terrible news for people who’ve been vaccinated. It’s really terrible news. It’s very dangerous. And I should say, Dr. Malone and this video, interview that he did with Steve Bannon on Breitbart News, he calls for the vaccine program to stop because it’s putting more people at risk. So we will have that in the show notes. You can watch it yourself. I think it’s very significant from the person who invented this technology.

– Yeah. And not to mention, hematology and all the cardiac units are absolutely backed up with people that are fully vaccinated. We’re hearing from the people saying that you can’t ignore it. Okay. So this was a little weird thing that someone sent to me. Thank you for that. You’ll see the link tomorrow in The Defender. People, press on that link. It’s an unbelievable list of job advertisements, all the same, exact same salary, exactly the same for all England public schools. And the ad says, school immunization health professionals, speciality, immunization, salary, 30 to 34,000 pounds. And it’s every single school, public school in England. So something’s coming for them suddenly to be advertising for a school immunization health professional. We’ve never had that before in our English public schools. That should worry you as a parent in England. Fine. We’ve got to get a shout time to The Swimmer. This is swimming world magazine. So the U.S. OPC declares Moscow’s Michael Andrew did not violate the COVID 19 protocols. Andrew was carrying, but not wearing a mask as it was required as he was coming out of the pool and going past the reporters. He was asked why and he said, well, it’s pretty hard to breathe and after, the kind of sacrificing my body in the water’s just hot. He said, “when we are racing, it is important to get my oxygen.” We completely agree with them. My conduit is also in the news before that because he refused to be vaccinated before the Olympics. And so, it’s a shout out for him because I’m proud of him. He’s a young guy and he’s doing really well. He’s being really brave and really calm as well.

– And he made a point Polly. He said, “I’ll wear the mask as soon as I leave here, but I just exercise like crazy and I need to breathe.” It’s just basic common sense.

– Yeah. So, good for him. Sky News, employers told forcing staff to have a vaccine could be a criminal offense amid warning over no jab, no job policies. The government says, companies proposing to check the vaccination status of staff will need to consider how this fits with their legal obligations. In England, only care home staff will need to have both vaccine doses to work under current legislation, but in the U.S. tech giants like Facebook and Google are among those who say their staff will have to show proof of vaccination before returning to their workplaces. The equalities watchdog urges companies to be proportionate and non-discriminatory.

– Well, the only thing that’s good news there Polly is, they’re actually explaining that, forcing people to get jabbed is criminal. And so, they have to at least let people leave, they can’t strap them down. But it’s odd that you have to remind people about that.

– CHD Defender, this is by Americans frontline doctors, University of California vaccine mandate violates students’ civil rights. The lawsuit says American frontline doctors filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court against the University of California targeting the university system’s plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all students regardless of natural immunity. But we have another…

– I’ve learned that they asked, they applied for a temporary restraining order that has been rejected to sort of immediately stop it. But the case is moving forward. And listen Polly, the reality is, a lot of cases have been filed, will be filed, there needs to be lots of legal pressure applied. It may be like in many other struggles where it takes lots of lawsuits before one kind of breaks the dam, but then things will change. So, kudos to American frontline doctors for bringing several, very important law suits.

– Yeah. Good for them. And we’re in the good news section now people. So here’s from our Texas Governor Abbott. He threatens fines against local officials and businesses that enforce mask mandates and vaccine requirements. The measure bans government agencies for making individuals get vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination. It forbids local government and school districts from issuing mask mandates. Abbott says, the past forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates.

– Yeah, it’s very important. So the nursing homes can still have a mandate, but anybody else, any other parts of the society cannot have mandates and they can’t have a vaccine passport. This is really good news. This is definitely going up against sort of the Biden exhortations. And so, if people want to wear masks, great. If people want to get vaccinated, great. If people want to advertise that they’re vaccinated, great. But it’s not an obligation. So this is very exciting as an executive order.

– Yeah. Okay. More good news people. New York state United Teachers issued the following statement, we have advocated since the beginning of the year that any educator who wants a vaccine should have easy access to one. We would support local efforts to encourage more vaccinations, such as through programs that required that those who are not vaccinated get tested, but it’s critical that districts come up with plans to make testing available onsite and at no cost. What we have not supported is a vaccine mandate.

– This is really exciting. This may be a game changer in New York Polly. They represent 600,000 teachers outside of New York city. So these are teachers around the states and staff from kindergarten through 12th grade. This is a backbone of the democratic party, which are the three, which is the party that predominates in the two houses of legislature and the governor’s office. I don’t think the democratic party is likely to hazard a mandate for students, K-12 in the state if the staff and the teachers are saying, we will not support that. So this is really, this is creating a kind of chasm in New York between Mayor de Blasio and a lot of the teachers union, the United Federation of Teachers in New York city and then the rest of the state. So for us in New York, and I’m in New York, this is good news that this is a sort of a wrench in the gears of the pro mandates for schools camp.

– Okay. The next is so exciting, I cannot even believe it. Okay peeps, this is how we know we’re winning and this is how we know that you are part of what makes us win. Okay. Get this if you have not seen it already. Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s anti-vaxx website shared more than the World Health Organization is the headline. It gets even better than that. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s anti-vaccine website is shared more on Twitter than the websites of the CDC and the World Health Organization combined. According to data from Indiana university’s observatory on social media, it shows has consistently ranked among the most shared website outpacing the CDC, the World Health Organization as well as news outlets such as the Associated Press, USA Today, NPR, it goes on and on and Daily Mail, all those things. This is the people. This is what happens when the people join together and tell the truth.

– It is extraordinary Polly. It’s amazing news. It’s sort of, this backhanded compliment in this article, in this Byline Times is sort of suggesting that, this is misinformation and, blame the unvaccinated, all of that’s there, but the really important news is that we’re shared more than any other websites except the New York Times and the Guardian. That’s amazing. And more than the WHO and the CDC combined. So, this is absolutely music to our ears. We are very grateful to Byline Times for letting us know that we’ve been that successful. And as you’re saying Polly, thanks to all of you who are sharing us. If you’re on social media and you’re telling your friends and you’re putting it in your posts and you’re putting it on your various social media platforms, it’s making a difference. The word is getting out there. And it looks like we have basically 30% of people in the country who are really firm and saying, we are not down with this, we will not take this, you will not mandate us. So, it’s a result of people coming together to do that.

– Yep. And that’s exactly it. The people will make it happen, power in the people. Okay. So some of you are saying that this is cutting out. I have to tell you, I think this is our last week on Facebook. We may be able to come back for one more week, but I think this is it because we are losing too much. So what we will be doing is going live next week, but we’ll let you know. If you sign up to and you follow The Defender, we will tell you when this is coming out and you will be able to watch this live on Children’s Health Defense live. Now, I know some of you have had some issues with that, but we are putting, we’re working really hard to get that so it works really clearly for you. But we cannot rely on Facebook or…

– We really can’t everybody. We’re litigating with Facebook now. Facebook has not been our friend, Google is not our friend. These are institutions that are censoring us. And so we really do have to be migrating and seceding to platforms that we create and that are hospitable to our views and our truth.

– Yeah. And so you’re gonna see, not just our show, Bobby Show, the Defender podcast will be on their, Community Corner, People’s Testaments, and we have some more shows coming. So we are building up a Children’s Health Defense TV I guess.

– And this is the best news of all, which we saved for last is that, Polly Tommey has come on full-time with Children’s Health Defense and she is going to be in charge of Children’s Health Defense TV. And we’re just so thrilled that Polly has joined us.

– Well, I’m really, really excited. And people, just know that we will build, because we all know our times are so limited on all these platforms, but is where it’s all gonna happen. CHD TV is going to be on there. So please get over there. It’s free, it’s free, it’s free, it’s free. And you’ve just shown us the power of what you can do by sharing the articles, putting Children’s Health Defense way up there above all those major news outlets. We are winning, we are standing firm. We have got each other and we’re way more powerful people than we can even begin to imagine. So, is there anything else you want to talk about Mary before we go?

– Just the last thing I want to briefly mention Polly is, on The Defender, you sign up for free, there’s a banner that says no mandates. And if you click on that banner, it gives you lots of tools so that you can write to your colleges, you can write to your schools, you can write to the school boards, you can take further action to really push back against these mandates, which is what we need to do now. We’re in August, these mandates are really gonna start, the rubber’s really gonna hit the road starting September one if not before. So help us use the tools that we put at your disposal. If there’s something there that you don’t see that you need, write to us at CHD at But we’re so grateful for all of your work. And we’re gonna make it happen.

– It’s so exciting people. And so, I’m gonna say this every week to my new thing, but I truly mean it, if you can plant food, plant food, it’s way important. We got to look after each other. Because it may get a little tricky as they throw their last box with us. So let’s prepare to look after each other. And pray big. It’s the biggest weapon against all this evil, is prayers. So, pray big everybody, remember how much you’re loved and next week we’ll be back. But tune into The Defender and Children’s Health Defense to know where we’ll be. Most likely live on Children’s Health Defense. We will let you know. Okay.

– Polly.

– Bye everybody.

– Bye everybody.

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