‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Pfizer Now Testing COVID Vaccines on Infants

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– Hey, great to be here.

– Welcome everybody, this week with Mary Holland, President of Children’s Health Defense, and myself, Polly Tommey. Mary, you’re safely back from Europe.

– I am, I’m glad to be back, but I had a wonderful time and it’s just so special to be with people that you care about and that you want to interact with. Zoom is great Polly, but it’s no substitute.

– Yeah, right, and I love brilliant brains in Europe at Children’s Health Defense so…

– And in with other groups that we met with, and, you know, as you well know, Polly coming from the UK, things are ahead of the U.S. in Europe, the curve towards totalitarianism is very serious, and it was very good for me to meet with people from all over Europe and hear directly from them what their concerns are. It’s quite different in Europe than it is here in the U.S.

– You have one more to come on that I’m sure.

– For sure.

– Okay, so we’ve got pack show, so let’s get on with it. So we’re gonna start with something that we covered last week, which is the World Health Organization. And last week we talked about how the headline was, well, it wasn’t a headline, sorry, it was in the literature that children should not be vaccinated for the moment, we covered that this last week, but after this article was published on The Defender, June 22nd, World Health Organization edited its latest guidance on who should get the COVID vaccine by removing the sentence “Children should not be vaccinated for the moment.” And instead saying that a panel of experts have found the vaccine suitable for use by children over the age of 12. Well, Mary, we have our own panel of highly qualified medical professionals who would beg to differ on that.

– Absolutely. So, the timing on that was very interesting Polly, so last Friday, our colleague and advisor, Dr. Meryl Nass live blogged the meeting at the Centers for Disease Controls Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and she was with me in Switzerland and I watched the full five hours with her. And so the WHO in lockstep with the CDC changed this recommendation, and what came out from that CDC advisory meeting was, yeah, they said, sure, yeah, there’s a risk of heart inflammation, you know, they didn’t talk about deaths from the vaccines, but they acknowledged completely, yes, there’s a risk of heart inflammation, but it was very clear Polly that they’re gonna put a very mild warning label on COVID vaccines for children and otherwise full speed ahead. And so they clearly wanted the WHO to go along with that guidance full speed ahead, licensure for to 15 year olds, and we don’t know what happened behind the scenes Polly, but I feel very confident that there were conversations behind the scene between WHO and CDC, and frankly from what I believe, you know, what it seems like the CDC got its way.

– And we got a few more headlines on that coming up later on. So let’s go to New York, your neck of the woods, enforcements of social distancing measures is effective as from the 23rd of June, 2021. The bit I picked up with face coverings, any person who is over the age of two shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or face covering when in a public place, unless a person is fully vaccinated, that’s meaning two or more weeks have elapsed since the final dose. What’s that all about Mary?

– Well, and the key part there Polly is that the fine for noncompliance, for the first episode and any thereafter is $1000, that is ridiculous, Polly, that is a lot of money. And this follows literally a week after Governor Cuomo had said, “Oh, we met our threshold in New York, 70% of the adult population is vaccinated, no restrictions.” So one week, no restrictions, no social distancing, no mask the next week, “Oh, I forgot to tell you if you’re not vaccinated, and you’re not wearing your mask, you’ll be subject to $1000 fine.” With no rationale whatsoever, Polly, in a situation where all of the case numbers in New York are going down. So again, it shows us the reality that there’s a lot more politics in this than there is science.

– And also a two year old who can’t be vaccinated, thank God right now, but they have to wear masks.

– You’re right, it’s a good point, Polly, so they’re essentially saying any child from age two to 12 must wear a mask no matter what, which is absurd Polly, it’s just absurd. So we’re looking at challenging this, this is just beyond the pale absurd.

– Well, I have to just go onto my favorite of piece of news, it’s probably should be at the back on the good news section, but I just have to bring it in nice and early. Really fascinating, we covered Matt Hancock, I think briefly, but Matt Hancock getting into all kinds of shenanigans in his office with who knows, I can’t remember her name. So he eventually resigned as health secretary, which for me was one of the happiest moments of my entire life, because he has been a really thorn in our side in England and indeed all of us really, Downing Street State, Boris Johnson did not sack the health secretary, nearly accepted Mr. Hancock’s resignation, he’s been replaced by Sajid Javid as UK Health Secretary. I don’t know anything about him at the moment, but my eyes will be paired on the UK Column News to learn more about that. But really, I’m sure I don’t know that they’re gonna replace–

– Two things on that, you showed me Polly, footage of the protests in London on Saturday, and the crowd chanted arrest, Matt Hancock, arrest Matt Hancock. The devil standards that we’re seeing everywhere for the elites versus regular people are astounding. So this man now he’s in a position of authority, not only is he not fired, he’s not arrested. People have been arrested for less in the UK, right? These bubbles and non fraternization and so on, and here is this minister of health flagrantly violating his own rules. And just to say, yes Polly, this new gentleman who’s been put in place does not have a health background, he’s from Deutsche Bank, he’s been in the government before, and he’s a high level, you know, banker slash politician, so I don’t think we should expect great things from Mr. Hancock’s replacement, but at least we won’t have Mr. Hancock.

– No, we do not. Yeah, so lets more talk about Matt a little later on, but we’re very proud of you England. Okay, let’s go to the The Guardian. Now this, I actually had to laugh in this article, so see what you guys think. The headline in The Guardian, which is the British National News, the mainstream news, “why most people who now die with COVID in England have had a vaccination.” But don’t think of this as a bad sign. It’s exactly what’s expected from an effective, but imperfect job. It could sound worrying that the majority of people dying in England with the new dominant Delta variants have been vaccinated. Does this mean vaccines are ineffective? Far from it. So here we go, “Someone aged 80,” says in this article, ‘Who is fully vaccinated, essentially takes on the risk of an on vaccinated persons of around 50, and so we can expect some deaths.” Do you see where that goes? I mean, I couldn’t believe they wrote, I can’t believe I’m reading this.

– It’s an extraordinary article Polly, I agree. And it’s funny, but it’s not funny. So this is really managing expectations, and this is basically telling us people who’ve been fully vaccinated are going to die, and you should expect that, and you know, the line will be, well, they were gonna die, they were more likely to die if they weren’t vaccinated, but this is not perfect protection, and so you should expect that people who’ve been vaccinated will die from this terrible COVID. It’s extraordinary.

– Mary, how you can read that and not be concerned about taking that too.

– You know, you have to believe in the government, the only basis on which you would still take the jab is that you think that these people are telling you the truth. And sadly, there are still people out there who thinks that these newspapers, you know, and television stations and government officials are telling the truth, they’re not.

– So picked up Business Insider then carried it saying vaccinated people are dying from a Delta variant, but in small numbers and almost all over 50, so don’t worry about it. Let’s move on to the Washington Examiner here, and then it ties in with a Defender as well. The CDC panel says heart inflammation cases likely linked to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, during the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting, the vaccine safety technical work groups stated, “Data available to date suggested likely association of myocarditis with mRNA vaccination adolescents and young adults. The CDC has received over 1,200 preliminary reports of this myocarditis or pericarditis, and people who received Pfizer, BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, mainly after the second dose and the median age of patients with heart inflammation after the second dose was 24, nearly 80% were male.

– It’s now being widely accepted Polly, that these vaccines in young people, especially young men may cause inflammation of the heart itself, or of the muscle surrounding the heart, so myocarditis or pericarditis. And the CDC is recommended that they put a warning on the label, but full speed ahead. They’re clearly Polly, based on listening to the FDA’s meeting and the CDC’s meeting over the last two weeks. There’s no question in my mind that they are planning to license this for young adults and to license it for children, and that then opens the door for mandates.

– It’s gonna to be a catastrophe. Defender CHD, FDA as we’ve just talked about adds heart inflammation, warning to Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines as some experts call for full approval. So the FDA added a warning to fact sheets as advised by the CDC is advisory committee on immunization practices for Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines indicating an increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis following vaccination. And they have officials say, but you know, please know this, the benefits of receiving a COVID vaccine still outweighs any risks.

– As you know, in one of the op-eds that we will talk about by two prominent scientists, they say that’s, you know, the real risk benefit calculus has not been done, it just hasn’t been done. So that’s just a lie that the benefits outweigh the risk. And in fact, you know, many cool heads would say, there’s no question that the risks outweigh the benefits.

– Staying with The Defender CHD, in Exclusive, this was for The Defender, “A teen suffers severe heart damage after second Pfizer dose, the mother says hospital is clueless about reporting to the VAERS system.” Laura Mallozzi who’s 18 year old son developed myocarditis two days after second Pfizer shot, said you would never have connected the dots between the vaccine and her son symptoms if she hadn’t read The Defender. David’s from Indiana, he felt pressured by his employer and coworkers to get the shots, they were uncomfortable that he wasn’t vaccinated, so he got the shot without telling Mercy his mother, when she took her son to the hospital, the first time she mentioned the COVID shot and they were totally ignored and they had to leave, the second time they went in, she didn’t mention that he’d had the COVID shot, and they then ran scans. It’s a great article I really, really recommend that you all go back to The Defender and look at that sad… That’s one of many that we have that happened.

– It is one of many, there are now many reports of teenagers, 13 to early twenties who suffered irreparable harm, and one that sticks in my mind Polly, is an 18 year old boy, they’re telling him his heart won’t recover for at least two years, he was a star athlete, he’s, you know, dead written. And he says,”I would have rather had COVID,” and he’s right, you know, there’s almost zero likelihood that that young man would have died from COVID or been a seriously ill as he is now from the vaccine.

– It’s tragic, and staying with Children’s Health Defense Defender, 13-year-old Michigan boy dies three days after the second dose of Pfizer vaccines, so says his aunt. The initial autopsy results showed the previously healthy boy suffered from myocarditis and inflammatory heart condition. The CDC officials have acknowledged is likely linked to the mRNA COVID vaccines, and the aunt says, “Our family is devastated, I am pro-vaccine, we vaccinated my own 14 year old son, the CDC needs to investigate why should any innocent child be a sacrificial lamb in this endeavor, there are more ethical and health questions that need to be answered.” And yes, we’ve been saying that for years, not just with these shots, we’ve been saying it with all of the shots.

– And it’s still tragic Polly, it’s just every one of these. In the photo of that boy is just, you know, he’s just full of life and charming, and it’s a tragedy.

– It is a tragedy. Again, The Defender, Children’s Health Defense headline here, “Pfizer COVID vaccine linked to rare blood clot disorder” Israeli researcher say. The blood clot disorder is known a TTP, it’s an autoimmune immune disorder that causes blood clots to form in small blood vessels throughout the body. According to the National Institute of Health, these clots can cause serious health problems, if they blocked vessels and restrict blood flow to organs, such as the brain, kidneys and heart. A spokesman said, this should not deter individuals from getting COVID vaccine. Well.

– Well, there you go, that’s the standard line, right? TTP is thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura, and it’s an autoimmune condition, and we see this with other vaccine injuries Polly, vaccines affect the immune system, and they often provoke autoimmune conditions, and in the Israeli science that this article was based on, it said that the reason they started to look into this was because they saw four cases in one month, whereas typically they would see two to three cases in a year. So this is very concerning.

– Yeah, it is. Let’s go to The Independent again, “Children over 12 should be vaccinated as soon as possible to reach herd immunity against the rising Delta variant” experts say. UK health officials awaiting further data on the safety profile of Pfizer jab and rates of post COVID syndromes in children before making this decision, the joint committee of vaccination immunization will make a decision later next month, so heads up on that for the UK, even though Britain’s medicines regulator have approved the use of the Pfizer for 12 to 15 year olds three weeks ago. Israeli, sorry, Israel, France and USA have already started using the Pfizer vaccine in these age groups. Professor Aris Katzourakis, an evolutionary biologist at the Oxford university said, “With the UK in the grip of a wave of the more transmissible Delta variant, any delay is likely to have significant public health consequences.”

– As one of the signs that the London rally said, they’re going after the kids, and they’ve got these vaccines, they’re saying it’s about herd immunity, they’ve hit a wall with adults. So this is the next market that they’re trying to reach, and they’re using the stories about the Delta variant as the basis to whip up the fear so that parents feel like they must protect their children. This is what they’re doing worldwide. You know, one of the things that was so interesting Polly, about being in Europe for a week is it’s so striking, all of these narratives are absolutely the same around the world, there’s very, very little variation, they’re the same everywhere. You know, maybe it’s a different variant in some place, but now it’s going to be the narrative about the variance, and if you weren’t already vaccinated, you have to get vaccinated now, and as we’ll discuss, then it’s gonna be the third… You know, it’s the next shot, it’s the booster, and so on. This is worldwide.

– And so back to The Defender, Children’s Health Defense on that note, a very good article by Joseph Mercola, “COVID Delta variant reignites fear, how real is the threat?” The emergence of a new virus COVID variant from India called Delta may result in a new round of lockdowns around the world. Chile has one of the highest COVID jab rates in the world, and so as of June the 10th it was locked back down again, after reporting highest COVID 19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, the Director of European Office of the World Health Organization says Delta is poised to take hold in Europe, which may necessitate for new lock downs. While single dose recipients are said to be at greater risk than those having received two doses, more fully vaccinated people have actually died from variant, unbelievable.

– It is, so again, interesting, the person who’s saying that it’s poised to take hold, you know, worldwide necessitating new lockdowns, is it the World Health Organization? So again, this is global, and one of the striking things in this article to me probably was that this British Medical report says that if you’re hospitalized with COVID, you are six times more likely to die from this Delta variant if you’ve been fully vaccinated, six times more likely to die, this is an official publication. What you said before, I mean, why would anybody if they were thinking correctly, why would they take this vaccine? But they do, and other thing that was fascinating about this article to me is that for the time being in the United States the Delta variant is allegedly 10% of cases, but it is rising quickly, so it’s doubling every two weeks. And they had Dr. Gottlieb, who is the previous FDA commissioner under the Trump administration. He’s citing Neil Ferguson, you know, the discredited epidemiologist in the UK to say, oh, in the fall, there’s going to be a terrible epidemic. So as the conclusion of Mercola’s article says, you know, they want us to fear for our children. And that’s really because right now they have a very hard job rationalizing why anybody would vaccinate their children, there’s virtually no risk, but there seems like they’re hyping up the risk of this Delta variant.

– Yeah, everywhere really–

– I don’t mean to say it’s not in our list, but I found very persuasive several podcasts and articles with Dr. Michael Yeadon who used to work at Pfizer saying, you know, this is a 0.3% variation from the underlying COVID virus, and it’s absurd that you would need a booster for that, it’s just absurd. So there’s a lot going on here that’s just not comprehensible.

– And we were talking earlier, before we came live, I was listening to podcasts as well, and they were talking about how do doctors around the world are warning, if you’ve had COVID they’re warning you, please don’t take it, don’t take the shot because I’ve seen terrible, terrible injuries from the people who have tested positive. Look that Pfizer, there’s lots of good doctors out there warning you about that, and also this doctor also warned if you’re under 50, don’t take the shot because we know there’s an issue with the spike protein going to the ovaries. So more on that to come, I know The Defender they’re looking into–

– We’re definitely following the fertility story, which they’re just crediting and saying, oh, there’s no evidence, that’s not true, there’s a lot of evidence and this is affecting fertility and reproductive systems.

– All right, New York Times, as parents forbid COVID shots, defiant teenagers seek ways to get them. Medical consent laws require parental permission for minors to get a vaccine. Now, some places are easing restrictions for COVID shots while others are proposing new ones. And then it talks about a girl called Elizabeth, she’s a high school senior, and she doesn’t want her parents to know that she has already been vaccinated against the COVID 19. The article then goes on to say, “The vaccination of children is crucial to achieving board immunity to the coronavirus and returning to normal soon.”

– They’re valorizing the teenagers who defy their parents, and these are the smart kids and their parents are just kind of, you know, luddites, they’re stupid, they don’t understand the technology. And it’s not even just in the level of culture, which this shows us, but in several cities, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, and in Washington DC, there either been ordinances or executive orders that teens can go and get these shots without parental consent. And I was delighted that Children’s Health Defense spearheaded demonstrations last week at five clinics in five cities around the country where children were allowed to come without their parents. And they did educate people and they gave them handouts, and they tried to discourage children from getting these vaccines because people don’t have adequate information, Polly, I mean, we’re not trying to tell anybody what to do, if people are resolute in, that’s what they want, that’s fine, but people really don’t have adequate information, particularly about the risks to children.

– And on that note, I was saying to Mary, this was the hardest obstacle of all to read this week, and I know a lot of you have already seen this article. It’s the one I’ve got with from Fox Atlanta, an Atlanta three-year-old rolls up her sleeve to test the COVID 19 vaccine, the three-year old after piercing did not seem to be sweating her first shot appointment at the Emory Vaccine Research Center. She sat on an exam table, surrounded by her toys, her mother said she had tried to prepare her daughter, she said, I explained it’s a very special shot. As Jude is enrolled in a pediatric vaccine trial of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, the Emory team eased her through her first shot of the test vaccine with juice and stickers, while Astrid played games on her mother’s cell phone, the children are divided in this study interest three groups, the five to 11 year old, the two to five-year-old groups, and I kid you not the two months to six months or group, which absolutely shocked me. I couldn’t really read all of that article because I didn’t like all the toys, and this poor little, the image of this three-year-old girl, where she’s got toys and stickers, and it just made me sick to my stomach to be honest with you, Mary.

– For good reason, Polly. So several things that were striking to me, so one is that the mother herself had participated in a clinical trial. And participants get significant amount of money for participating in these trials, don’t think that people do this truly for altruism, they don’t, they do it for the money. And one of the things that worries me is that through this pandemic, a lot of families have been impoverished, so that’s a sort of an underlying story that may be going on there. The mom says, “I’d like to save my daughter from discomfort.” So she recognizes that the child is probably not at risk of death and she wants to prevent discomfort. I mean, it’s a big risk to take to prevent discomfort. And the other thing that was troubling to me, not only like you, I was troubled by the admission that they’re doing tests in two month olds to six months old, I thought they were gonna start at six months, and they’re now going down to two months, you know, you know that if they can do at birth or pregnancy, they’ll try that next. But the other thing that was striking to me is they say that all the participants will have the opportunity to get the vaccine. So there’s gonna be no control group on this study Polly.

– They can’t.

– That’s science, this is just not science. This is advertising masquerading as science.

– I can’t find the words to describe what it is, you know, I just can’t, it sickens me. So well, let’s move on. Children’s Health Defense Defender. So here we go, this should stop everybody. The creator of mRNA vaccine technology tells Tucker Carlson, government is not being transparent about the vaccine risks, Dr. Robert Malone told Tucker Carlson, “We know the vaccines pose risks, but it’s hard to assess them because the government isn’t capturing the data rigorously, we don’t have the information we need to make a reasonable decision.” “Malone is likely the single most qualified person on the planet to discuss vaccine risks,” goes Tucker Clarson, “He helped create the mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines. Mary, why is the world not listening to this man?

– So this man is the inventor of the mRNA Technology, and he’s saying they’re lying to us. So I think that the video that he did on DarkHhorse Podcast with two other prominent individuals has been taken down by YouTube owned by Google, but I believe that you can still find it, and I have not watched the whole three hour video, but I am told it is absolutely must-watch viewing and I will watch it, and I believe that it’s being made into a shorter version, but this is three very highly credentialed mainstream scientists explaining why the risks are completely unknown.

– Okay, well, thank you to these people standing up and thank you to Tucker Carlson, because he is really going out there, and I know he’s getting–

– He’s really covering this issue, Polly, there’s nobody, I mean, there’s a few other people on Fox, Laura Ingraham and others, but other than on Fox, and it is ironic that it’s being covered on Fox because, you know, Rupert Murdoch is the main owner and he’s highly invested in Glaxo, so it is interesting and peculiar actually that Fox has covering this so well, but it’s the only mainstream media that is really going up there, with the exception to some extent of Wall Street Journal, which is also owned by Murdoch, and they also are covering this story, so thank you that they are covering it.

– Yeah, and so someone asking that they can see some of these things. Tomorrow, or depending on how much news is going into The Defenders so tomorrow or Thursday, this show will be edited and in The Defenders, so the signups the Defender, until August, it’s free, and it will have every link–

– You have the links, exactly. So that’s when you look at the articles yourself and put in a comment if you disagree with our interpretation, that’s always interesting.

– Yeah, okay, so just a heads up from the NewScientist, the trial, the first Corona virus variant vaccine is underway, wow! This trial is a tweaked version of the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. It’s underway in an effort to boost immunity against the variant. The first participants received a slightly modified version of AstraZeneca, the trial involves 2,250 participants across the UK, South Africa, Brazil, and Poland. The modified vaccine will be given to people who have been fully vaccinated with two doses of AstraZeneca or an rMRA vaccine. So that really getting going on on creating something that they can package and say, this is for the variant.

– Well, I think this shows us that the intent here is to create this ongoing pandemic, and to force more products on people together with more restrictions. And that article notes that in the UK, the restrictions won’t be lifted until July 19th at the earliest, and in South Africa, there’s no very strict curfews from 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM every day. So, I mean, this is just telling us that these… You know, we knew that the boosters were coming Polly, we’ve covered those stories, but here they’re really just reinforcing that, they’re coming and they’re expecting people to be vaccinated, you know, indefinitely against COVID.

– Okay, now I wanna go to Fox Sports. Now I’m not a sports person in particular, don’t follow sports, but I’m married to Thomas’ baseball or it’s football, that’s how stupid I am on the sports thing, but this is very interesting because this is a whole new group of people are waking up to this, can we do this? This is directly from the Fox Sports. There were some major drama going down at the College World Series. The NC State competed with only 13 of the 27 players. Earlier in the week, two unvaccinated NC State players tested positive for COVID, prompting the NCAA to test the entire team, including the vaccinated players. That revealed four more positive tests all from the vaccinated individuals. As a result, the NCAA declared that the semifinal game a no contest, thus eliminating NC State from the tournament. After the NCAA’s decision, the outrage and frustration was swift from all sides. The stadium is in Omaha, Nebraska, and it’s a full capacity with no protocol for fans. And then you go down to the comments, which is most interesting. And I liked this particular comment from someone who said, “Let me just get this straight, “six players test positive for COVID, four were vaccinated. You have 25,000 fans to attend the finals, without being masked, tested or vaccinated. And lots of people saying this is madness, please stop it. So do you see how we have a whole group of new people

– Absolutely, Polly and they’re seeing that, you know, the misstep here for the powers that be is that they check the vaccinated and there are twice as many positive PCR tests among the vaccinated as the unvaccinated. And presumably we would know if these young men were sick, they’re not sick, these are positive PCR tests. And as we’ve discussed, the PCR tests are almost meaningless in the context of COVID. So more and more people are starting to see the words in the comments that I saw were insanity, madness. And they’re starting to see the madness here, right? Nobody in the stands is gonna have masks, testing or vaccination, and yet these players who obviously are healthy, and have assumed whatever the risks they’ve assumed, they can’t play. I mean, so the madness starts to seep in for people.

– And you don’t mess with fans of sport.

– You’re right, Polly, you come from, you know, the football world of the UK, but fans are serious, fans are very serious.

– So we’ll watch this space, see how that happens. And they’re not stupid either, people aren’t stupid, you can only–

– People are not stupid, yeah.

– Anyway, okay, as this was covered by Reuters and Children’s Health Defense, Morgan Stanley, to bar unvaccinated employees, clients from New York offices, the staff will not be allowed to enter banks in New York offices if they are not fully vaccinated. Employees, clients and visitors will be required to attest to being fully vaccinated. Those not fully vaccinated will be required to work remotely, and this new policy comes into effect on July the 12th.

– Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts Polly. When many multimillionaire clients say, you know, to hell with you, I’m moving my money, Morgan Stanley will think twice about that. I don’t think that one’s gonna last, Polly, I really don’t. And the other thing that’s shocking to me about that one is that this is taking effect as of July 12th. So in effect, this is a mandate of an emergency use authorization only product. So this is unethical, this is completely unethical and I would argue it’s illegal, right? This is, you can’t mandate something that’s experimental, and that’s what Morgan Stanley, one of the premier banks in the United States is doing.

– But here’s what I can’t get my head round, and I know you will correct me and tell me that I’m wrong or whatever. So if they were lifting the restrictions, which say, oh, that means that the pandemic must be over because we’ll be lifting restrictions. So why are we even having this emergency use authorization vaccine? And shouldn’t be go back to trials, we’re not in a pandemic anymore, but it just doesn’t make sense.

– Well, the pandemic isn’t over Polly, you know, according to the mainstream narrative, we’re sort of in this low and we’re about to get the licensed vaccines thank goodness. Sort of according to the mainstream narrative, and the mainstream narrative, it’s absolutely in the fall when people are back in doors, when they’re not getting vitamin D from the sun, when they’re in small spaces, there’s going to be a great risk of these variants because it’s mutated during the pandemic. So the mainstream narrative is, this is not over, it’s not over for years and therefore we still need to keep up the vaccination. And one of the oddities is we have to create herd immunity, therefore we have to get the kids, we have to get everybody. Now, these vaccines were not tested for whether they block transmission. In fact, we know they don’t block transmission. And yet one of the rationales that’s being pushed is herd immunity, which is just silly. But at any rate, these institutions that are part of the mainstream, that are making money from this, that are part of the Build Back Better, that are part of the World Economic Forum, they are expected to roll out these measures that are consistent with the narrative. But I expect, Polly, that if there is significant financial pushback on an institution like Morgan Stanley, they will change.

– Yeah, that’s we’ve got to, it’s almost like we’ve got to boycott and say, no, well, if you’re gonna–

– I think if anybody who’s a viewer happens to have an account, and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t, if they have an account at Morgan Stanley, they should write a polite letter and say, I am withdrawing all my funds and I want you to know it’s because of your restrictions that violate my human rights.

– That not in PayPal, if you have an account and what you’re doing about it? Like back to Children’s Health Defense, The Defender, a university fires surgeon who voiced safety concerns about COVID vaccines for kids. Dr. Francis Christian, a practicing surgeon and clinical professor of General Surgery was suspended effective September, 2021 after he released a statement to 200 doctors expressing concerns about giving the COVID shots to children. Dr. Francis Christian says he is pro-vaccine and he does not represent any groups. He says a patient should be fully aware of the risks of the medical intervention.

– You know, what’s so sad about this, Polly is just, this is censorship. This is absolute muzzling of a doctor who’s standing up for informed consent, this is so deeply troubling. If you don’t have informed consent, if then, you know, it’s not medicine, it’s government policy that can kill people, it’s not medicine. In the modern world, you know, even since Greek times, first do no harm, and then that became prior free and informed consent. If you’re not gonna abide by that, first do no harm, informed consent, it’s not medicine, it’s not medicine.

– No, and this doctor is not on his own. I actually just got a tweet and I’m just gonna read this tweet that was sent in to me by a viewer this morning, it’s from Caroline Tourette, she’s a medical doctor and she tweeted out this, “Help me understand this. “As an MD, I can give the COVID vaccination “without giving any informed consent, “and if a patient has an adverse event, then that’s okay. “But if I ever discussed risk benefits “and the patient then declines the vaccine, “then I get investigated.” Help me understand this. So you doctors, you’re doing a great job, the ones that are standing up, but–

– We’re so grateful for the doctors standing up, Holly. I am so grateful for the doctors and scientists around the world who are standing up, because we need them. And we at Children’s Health Defense are doing everything we can to stand with those doctors and scientists, because they are absolutely crucial. I mean, they’re destroying, you know, what’s happening is not only destroying civil society, which it is, but it’s certainly destroying any hope of medicine or public health.

– Exactly, what we’re gonna do a bit about viewer sending him stuff from that country. So let’s go to Australia, if you’re sending us in, “AstraZeneca likely to be phased out “as Australia’s COVID vaccine forecast is revealed. “More Pfizer and Moderna doses “join the immunization program. “AstraZeneca is no longer recommended for people under 60, “because of extremely rare, but serious blood clot. “So heads-up Australia, “the Australian government has secured 25 million doses “of the Moderna vaccine,” so thank you to the viewer sending that in. Then onto Trinidad and Tobago, this is some that CNC. Breastfeeding mothers to get the Sinopharm vaccine. Doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine will now be offered to breastfeeding mothers. They will not be able to receive the AstraZeneca. So I then went on to the World Health Organization International, ’cause what is Sinopharm? And it’s an inner inactivated COVID-19 vaccine known as BIBP, and they say on their site, the available data on the COVID 19 BIBP in pregnant women is insufficient to access either vaccine efficiency or vaccine associated risks in pregnancy, and in the interim, the World Health Organization recommends the use of BIBP in pregnant women where the benefits of vaccination to the pregnant women outweighed potential risk. There was nothing on breastfeeding on the World Health Organization at all. It said, people who should not take this vaccine are individuals with a history of anaphylaxis to any component of the vaccine, they should not take it. Well, people, we don’t know the full ingredients of what’s in these vaccines. So again, I just wanted to bring that up because first of all, I don’t like the sound of any breastfeeding, we’ve already had a death reported of a mother breastfeeding. Secondly, do your research, you can look these things up, and actually the World Health Organization does not anywhere say that this is okay for breastfeeding. And it recommends against, that no sufficient data they say on any of it. So it’s all down in front of your face if you research. Right, another view going up to Russia, Russia mandates vaccinations for some as the virus cases surge. This is Moscow, they tried grocery giveaways and lotteries, new cars and apartments, but an ambitious plan of vaccinating 13 million Russians by mid-June still has fallen short by 1/3. So now main regional governments across the vast country are obligating some workers to get vaccinated and requiring the shots to enter certain businesses like restaurants. Russia is battling a surge of infections, even though it was the first to authorize a vaccine in the world and among the first to start administering in December. So thank you to the viewer for that.

– I just wanna mention, I thought it was a very good article, actually it’s a very thorough article from AP News. And one of the things that I’ve noticed that my Russian colleagues have been writing is that this is all really started after the Biden-Putin summit that happened at the G7 in Geneva. So that timing is very interesting. But one of the other interesting points in this article, Polly, is that the Levada Center, which is the best social polling organization in Russia, says it’s 60% of Russians are unwilling to get the vaccine. And the other thing is, so in Russia, you know, people who’ve lived in a repressive governmental culture in the past, they know ways to navigate around this. And so part of the article is about how there’s already been criminal cases brought against people who are producing fake documents and making them available through things Telegram. But it’s very interesting that this is all really stepped up now and they’re expecting people to get shots by July 15th and then both shots by August 15th. So it’s very interesting that really Russia’s sort of been pretty laissez-faire I think, although there’ve been cases of COVID, but that after the summit at the G7, things are now getting very, very strict.

– Yeah, and also I remember you saying it’s gonna get a bit worse, they’ve got to throw their last rocks, they’ve gone down this tunnel, they can’t go back out again, and so this variant is the last push, is how many they can get vaccinated, I think. We can see the panic around the world. Okay, so this was sent by a viewer and we both thought this is fascinating. So heads up in Canada, this is from thank you to the viewer who sent this, this really is interesting. It’s from the Alberta Health Services. And the viewer says that they’ve quietly added another MMR, BAR, which is the varicella, which is a chicken pox or mixed together to the childhood schedule. And we will put this up, you can see this in the edited version in The Defender. So normally, you have the MMR at 12 months and four years, not in Alberta, they have stuck another one in at 18 months. So you can work 12 months, 18 months and four years. And if you don’t know where Alberta is, Alberta is a province in Western Canada. So that was interesting maybe, coming to a place near us soon.

– For sure, you know, these things are not isolated, we’re in a global thing, but what was so striking to me, Polly is when you looked at the chart that the viewer sent us, at the 18 months, it’s not just the MMR, sorry, at that 18 month visit, it’s not just the MMR, it’s the five in one, the pentavalent DTaP-IPV-Hib and then MMR plus varicella. So they’re at 18 months wanting to inject the children with nine antigens, it’s just crazy. And in the U.S., the MMR varicella, which are all live viruses, you don’t give them at the same time as the inactivated, so, you know…

– Canada Heads Up, this is from Canadian viewer, thank you for that, and it is worrying. And I’m a member, Billy story, at 13 months, he had just the MMR, you can’t even get just that on its own now.

– And this is the story for so many children. The MMR is what has taken millions of children over the edge, so the notion that they’re adding an additional third dose of MMR, and they’re doing it as simultaneously with all these other vaccines is frightening, it’s really frightening.

– And one of them is the MMR and the DTaP and various others that you said. I remember looking into the insert, it says that they’re not to be given together. If you look at the insert, they had to be given one month apart, but no, they just give it, they follow CDC schedule. Lots of people cannot recommend enough, take the inserts and see for yourself what you’re about to put into your children. Okay, we’ve gotta move on, Independent. The headline is, “Minister says travel quarantine rules “do not apply to ‘important people.'” So, Kay Burley is a long-time reporter in the UK. She challenged the media minister, John Whittingdale, saying, so people who want to go on holiday or vacation are not important? And the media minister said, people who are important should be entitled to avoid tough ground quarantine rules when traveling to the UK. And this is all coming up as the soccer players are coming in to England for the Euro final, which is about 11th of July. And they don’t have to quarantine, it’s like, listen–

– It’s the exact opposite of the sports team we just talked about.

– I know, I think this is of serious, Burrows is gonna kill us, or it’s not, you can’t have it both ways.

– Right, right, but they do, but they do.

– Okay, so let’s go to WalesOnline. And we talked about this before on earlier shows, they are coming for your pets. So the COVID jabs should be given to pets after the human vaccine rollout is over. The cats and dogs should be next in line for the COVID jabs. According to experts, vaccinating pets may help stop variants developing and spreading. I don’t wanna laugh, I’m sorry, it’s not funny.

– I know when to laugh, then they tell you–

– Last July a cat tested positive in the UK after catching the virus from its owner. I’m sorry, I can’t read this. A Denmark member culled 70 million mink after finding the Coronavirus mutant in the farms, that’s up on that. Now people love their pets. I’ve said this before, some people, a lot of people more than humans. This is, I think this is what I’m gonna see a big one, stay away from my pets.

– They’re telling you to wash your hands every time he touched them.

– I can’t. Okay, this is again from a viewer. Yes, thank you for this, we have been watching, this is a local CBS reporter fired after sharing network’s pro-vaccine rhetoric via Project Veritas. April Moss, who has been fired was the CBS 62 weather reporter, for going off script during her weather report to share CBS practices regarding COVID-19 vaccine interests. She says, I’m watching my country disintegrate, and if I don’t stand up and do something when I’m able to, I just don’t know that I could live with myself. And this comes after Fox 26 in Houston reported Ivory Hecker did a similar thing on her live reports. Both did interviews with Project Veritas, and thank you to those girls, and many more that I know will follow doing the right thing.

– Yeah, I would put that in good news. I mean, you know, scientists are standing up, journalists are standing up, Project Veritas is interviewing these people, there are many people to whom we must be very grateful for their contributions to helping us on this madness.

– On the right side of history for sure. Okay, so let’s talk about Make-A-Wish foundation. This kind of went viral, people are angry, they put out a statement that there are two grant wishes only to the terminally ill children who are fully vaccinated. The top executive of the Make-A-Wish foundation says as the charity begins granting air travel and large gathering wishes, again, children and traveling family members will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID 19 to receive the gift. Based on the CDC guidance CEO, Richard Davis says “All Wish participants, including siblings and families “as the recipients will need to be two weeks “past their vaccination.” Now we’ve got some exceptions–

– I do, so, you know, the overall message is troubling to me as it is to you, but when you read the fine print, it says, they’re actually not gonna require proof of vaccination. This is not like the passports, this is not like the QR codes, they’re gonna make the adult in the family sign a waiver stating that they’re fully vaccinated. So from my perspective, they’re telling us, they’re worried about insurance, they don’t wanna be in a position where they could be accused of having in any way, been negligent or made it possible for somebody to get COVID. So they want to get representation from people that they’ve been vaccinated, fully vaccinated, but they’re not gonna ask for proof. To me that is really setting up, you know, a sort of false compliance situation where, you know, the adult who signs on behalf of the family, they can’t sue Make-A-Wish foundation, but they also don’t have to get the vaccines. So it’s really interesting when you read the fine print.

– It caused a big stir and also many people saying how would anyone vaccinate a terminally–

– No, I mean, no one in their right mind would vaccinate a terminally ill child, why would you take that risk, that would be horrific. But it’s interesting to me that in essence, they’re saying you don’t have to vaccinate, you just have to tell us you vaccinated, that’s what they’re doing.

– I think you’re right. Okay, so again, we’ve already covered this a little bit at the beginning, but I really want to just do a couple of things here. First of all, the Daily Mail, Tens of thousands of anti-lockdown protestors march on London and the biggest demo yet, with signs demanding, as you said earlier, arrest Matt Hancock, crowds demanding and enter all the COVID 19 lockdown regulations in England. Remember still not out of full lockdown. Now there was hundreds of yellow tennis balls, apparently, which had not very nice messages, which were thrown over the fence onto the grounds of the parliament on Downing street. Not in the buildings, not on the thing, onto the grass. I’m not saying this is a good thing, I’m just telling you. And they’re very upset because the poor policemen had to kick the balls out of the way. But to all those people, I watched that, it’s on Children’s Health Defense, go and see our amazing host did a fantastic job, lots of people that, and it was just, you guys are what’s going to change history.

– All right we have a question, and it’s just so shocking, Polly, that the global mainstream news isn’t covering this at all. That was a huge demonstration and kudos to all the people in the UK who participated.

– Mary, I was told by one person, many of the stores shutting their doors, not letting these people go to the loo, their toilet, whatever you want to call it. So these poor protestors walking miles and miles and miles and the Starbucks and things shutting the doors, refusing to let them in. So they did really well holding their bladder for six hours or not, as I hear from some, anyway, moving on.

– Congratulations.

– So let’s talk about the brilliant brave people here in this country, Children’s Health Defense covered this as did many mainstream press, well done to these people. The headline was, “Anti-vaccine protesters gathered “at Springsteen on Broadway,” you predicted this would happen, Mary. A group of anti-vaccine, this is their words, not ours, protesters. I think you’ll find it, most of ex-vacs showed up at the opening night of Bruce Springsteen on Broadway last Saturday, holding signs against the theater policy that required that the show attendees to have proof of vaccination by the World Health Organization FDA-approved vaccines. Now this was organized by V is for Vaccine and they were, that’s a group, you can look it up. They were protesting what they are calling a discrimination and modern segregation. V is for Vaccine co-founder Joshua Coleman stated, “Our goal is to point out how this medically “and scientifically unjustified discrimination “is setting a dangerous precedent, “and it seems history is repeating itself.” Well Josh, I agree with you on that, and well done to all of those people, and they were peaceful and there was way more people–

– I mean, yes, they were outside, I think it was a very important thing to demonstrate against, that Broadway is reopening in a segregated way, and it did get coverage in mainstream media, I read about it in the New York Times. So that’s great news, people are asking questions.

– Yeah, good job everybody. So I’ve got this down as good news because it is. As of June the 26th, 2021, no restrictions on gatherings due to COVID 19 apply in Iceland now, and if you’re in England, we’re not talking about the store Iceland, we’re talking about the country. Limits to the number of people at gatherings are none. Social distancing rules are none. Mosques are not mandatory anywhere, restrictions of any kind of operations are no longer applicable, neither the obligation to register guests, no restrictions on opening hours. Iceland is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic ocean if you don’t know where it is, so good for them.

– Good for them is right, and I’ve been to Iceland, it’s a beautiful country, and I, you know, makes sense. They seems like very sensible, so it’s very exciting.

– It is so exciting.

– Now we have from a viewer, a little just thing coming in. So I thought I’d read this out. It says, “Hi, Children’s Health Defense. “I read in the Defender, that there was a surge of people “reporting shingles after getting vaccinated. “My partner and I are not vaccinated, “but we attended a family gathering “where everyone pretty much was vaccinated. “The same day we both broke out in shingles.” And so anybody else with a similar situation as this lady, then to contact children’s health, “CHD at Children’s Health Defense, cause we’re–

– We encourage people to report injuries, not only after vaccination, but if you are un-vaccinated and have come into contact with people who are vaccinated, you can report that on the Children’s Health Defense website, where you report injuries and we get a lot of those reports. People who are unvaccinated, who are in close contact with people who’ve recently been vaccinated are reporting all kinds of changes in their bodies.

– And if you want to tell a story of anything that’s happening, contact CHD at Children’s Health Defense, and I will put you on the people’s testaments live on Children’s Health Defense, and we will discuss this. Now also just bit of general info here, RFK Juniors, the Defender podcast is really good. You need to check this out if you don’t know about it, it’s in The Defender, so you’ll be able to see it. And this one, particularly is good, a graduate student tells Bobby how she took her school’s COVID vaccine policy, she took it on and she won. She’s Kate Kerrigan, and she said she was threatened and harassed by her classmates and professor academic advisor. She pushed back with her religious belief exemption for the COVID vaccine, so please go and listen to that because we all need to be like her. She did a fantastic thing, she was in Indiana, and she really turned this around, they were prohibiting her and her family from coming to graduation unless they were vaccinated. And she turned it around and it’s an amazing story. So yes, she’s a model for all of us.

– And just so you know, it’s not that we’ve stopped doing the truth, we are changing the names of heads up on that. Just anything that Bobby does, RFK Junior on his podcast, we’re still gonna have the visual video too. So just keep your eyes on The Defender to keep up with that. Now I want to remind everybody about the Freedom Symposium event in Philadelphia, July the third and fourth coming up, and Mary is speaking. And what we’ll do, you will see when this comes out tomorrow or the next day, we’ll put the link up so you can go straight to that. And I did not know that there is half price tickets when you use the code CHD. And Mary, what are you gonna be talking about?

– Well, it’s the 4th of July weekend, which is the celebration of, you know, U.S. freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And so I think that our work, Polly, is just central to freedom, right? If we don’t have control over our bodies, if we don’t have informed consent over medications, then we don’t have freedom. So I’m gonna be focused on that, what are the connections in the law and in the culture between freedom and these ideas of informed consent?

– And it’s really interesting because, you know, I used to say to people, well, you know, this medical freedom thing, I had medical freedom when I vaccinated Billy and my children, I just didn’t have informed consent.

– We didn’t have information, right? We were, it was cause I voluntary, but we didn’t have adequate information. So we didn’t have informed consent.

– Now, anything else to tell us about Children’s Health Defense before we signed it?

– There’s a lot of good news going on, Polly. So the one other thing, this coming weekend during the 4th of July, for those of you who may be in the New York area, there’s an African arts festival in Brooklyn, and Curtis Cost, and many other people who are volunteers and affiliated with Children’s Health Defense will be there, they’ll have a table. It should be a lot of fun near the Brooklyn Navy Yard. And in the legal sphere, a couple of new interesting lawsuits have been filed against restrictive measures. So a lawsuit has been filed against Indiana University that has in place a vaccine mandate. And also a case has recently been filed by America’s frontline doctors in California to prohibit the vaccination to get rid of the requirement that people who have recovered from COVID be forced to take the COVID shots, because the evidence suggests that it puts them at high risk of injury. So this is very exciting, Polly. I think people are pushing back around the country, around the world, I was so inspired to be in Europe and see how people are pushing back there and making noise and, you know, making headway. So we’re gonna hang together, we’re gonna play big.

– We all gonna play big and Mary will, hopefully you’ll talk, I don’t know, we’ll either be recorded–

– I hope so too, I’m working to make sure that happens, yes, absolutely.

– And everybody remembers, it’s the Freedom Symposium and it’s this week, I’m really excited that you’re speaking with the other great speakers there as well.

– James Lyons Weiler, many, many great speakers, Karen Kain and others.

– So everybody, I know some of you were writing on there. I did see your comments of, you know, we felt very low that you’re living in a time like this. I’m actually proud that we’re living in time like this, ’cause we’re gonna win, we will win this.

– We will absolutely gonna win, Polly, there’s no doubt in my mind. There’s no doubt in my mind that we will win. There’s no doubt in my mind that within a very short period, the whole world will look back on this time and look back on the COVID scenario, the COVID circus, one person called it, the Corona circus in Europe, and they will say this was a fiasco. There’s no doubt that that is going to be the mainstream narrative in a very short time. And it’s already starting to happen.

– Exactly, so everybody, remember you’re loved, pray big and stand firm. Join The Defender,, it’s free and keep up today. We need to be one big unit going through this together. Mary, thank you so much, we’ll be back next week.

– Yes, absolutely.

– Happy July the fourth to everybody.

– Yes, happy July the fourth, we’ll be back after the weekend and we can give an update.

– All right, bye everybody.

– Bye.

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