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Published: 2019

Animal protein containing vaccines cause autoimmune diseases even when
the vaccine does not contain an adjuvant. Adjuvanted vaccines only make the problem worse.
Vaccines interact to cause autoimmune diseases.


Vaccination with bovine, chick, yeast antigens synthesizes cross-reactive antibodies targeting human acetylcholine receptor and MuSK protein to cause Myasthenia Gravis: Confirmed by natural experiment (VAERS data), bioinformatics, case reports, animal experiments and titer study


Arumugham, Vinu. Zenodo, 2019, September 16


Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a neuromuscular junction disorder, development of which is often reported following the administration of many vaccines. Most cases occur following administration of the influenza vaccines (per the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System-VAERS), most of which are manufactured using embryonated chicken eggs and contain residual egg proteins (AchR proteins). The chick proteins are very similar to the AchR proteins in human beings, so when the antibody production is directed against the chick protein there is a cross reaction with the human AchR, causing MG.

A similar mechanism is involved in Graves’ disease (GD). Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is used to produce recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV), Human Papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) and injectable insulin products. We show significant protein sequence homology between GD autoepitopes, animal proteins and S. cerevisiae proteins. Humoral immune response directed against S. cerevisiae occurs following HBV, HPV administration and prolonged injectable insulin usage as in type 1 diabetes. Thus leading to the development of GD and numerous other autoimmune disorders.

The findings described add to the evidence that non-target antigens (NTA) in vaccines cause numerous disorders.

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