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Published: 2018

Aluminum nanoparticles are toxic on their own and in combination with other metal nanoparticles.


Combined subchronic toxicity of aluminum (III), titanium (IV) and silicon (IV) oxide nanoparticles and its alleviation with a complex of bioprotectors


IA Minigalieva, BA Katsnelson, LI Privalova, et al. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, March 2018;19(3):837.


The use of nanoparticles—including metallic nanoparticles—has exploded in industry, commerce and medicine over the past several decades. A Russian research team assessed the “nano-toxicity” of three types of metal nanoparticles (titanium, silicon and aluminum oxide) alone and in combination. Repeated injection into rats showed that all three were “toxic for several target organs.” However, “for the majority of these effects,” the aluminum oxide nanoparticles “proved to be the most noxious,” even though the aluminum dose was half that of the titanium and silicon doses. No other publications have reported on these metal nanoparticles’ combined toxicity, despite their “potentially hazardous nano-impacts on human health.”

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