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Lead Poisoning

Published: 2015

In general, autistic children accumulated metals at a much higher level than children who did not have a diagnosis of autism.


Assessment of Hair Aluminum, Lead, and Mercury in a Sample of Autistic Egyptian Children: Environmental Risk Factors of Heavy Metals in Autism


Farida El Baz Mohamed, Eman Ahmed Zaky, Adel Bassuoni EI-Sayed, Reham Mohammed Elhossieny, Sally Soliman Zahra, Waleed Sal ah Eldin, Walaa Yousef Youssef, Rania Abdelmgeed Khaled, Azza Mohamed Youssef. Behavioural Neurology, Volume 2015, Article ID 545674.


Researchers found the mean levels of mercury, lead and aluminum in hair of the autistic patients were significantly higher than controls. Mercury, lead and aluminum levels were positively correlated with material fish consumptions, living nearby gasoline stations, and the usage of aluminum pans, respectively.

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