May 16, 2019

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaking at Albany, NY Rally Concerning Mandatory Vaccines and Government Overreach

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel for Children’s Health Defense, speaking in Albany, NY on May 14, 2019 supporting concerned parents and medical freedom advocates as they protest several state bills that would put government in charge of decisions regarding vaccines.

The bills have been sparked by recent measles cases. The facts are that measles is usually a benign, childhood illness and vaccines come with very real risks. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System indicates that measles outbreaks since the year 2000 have proven far less deadly than the vaccine itself. While there have been few deaths from measles in recent decades, there are over 400 deaths associated with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

While the measles news has focused on the unvaccinated, many researchers consider MMR vaccine failure vs. failure to vaccinate to be the more likely cause of the outbreaks since a large number of measles cases occur in vaccinated individuals. In the 2015 Disneyland outbreak, 38% of the cases were vaccine-strain measles. Additionally, there are huge outbreaks of over 9000 mumps cases (including USS Fort McHenry), that are occurring in fully vaccinated people, perhaps explained by allegations of two former Merck virologists who claim Merck fraudulently exaggerated the vaccine’s efficacy.

Concerned citizens should know that there is no liability for vaccine makers and/or doctors for vaccine injuries. The financial burden falls to consumers through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Even as it is reported to be highly litigious and one-sided since Congress enacted the program in 1986, over $4 billion has been paid out to families of the vaccine-injured.

“While 54% of U.S. children have a chronic health condition, none of the 72 vaccine doses on the Centers for Disease Control schedule recommended for children have ever been tested for long term safety or against an inert placebo as is required for other drugs and medical devices,” said Mr. Kennedy. “I don’t think we should be forcing pharmaceutical products on unwilling American citizens without understanding the downside risks.”

Here is the transcript of the speech, (edited for clarity):

KENNEDY: Thank you for coming on such a rainy day.  The pharmacist walked by and I don’t blame him for being angry because this is the biggest threat to their business plan.  The vaccine industry when I was a boy was $270 million dollars.  I got three vaccines and was fully compliant.  Today it is a $50 billion dollar industry and 20% of pharmaceutical revenues.

But that’s at the front end.

At the back end are all the chronic diseases that the FDA says they think are associated with vaccines.  A hundred and fifty diseases are now listed on the product inserts.  The reason they’re listed on the product inserts is because the FDA has made the determination that these injuries are more likely caused by a vaccine.

This is the chronic disease epidemic.

I have six kids.  I had eleven brothers and sisters.  I had over fifty cousins.  I didn’t know a single person with a peanut allergy.  Why do all my kids have food allergies?  Because they were born after 1989.

If you were born prior to 1989, your chance of having a chronic disease, according to HHS (Health and Human Services) is 12.8%.  If you are born after 1989, your chance of having a chronic disease is 54%.  And the FDA has said to the vaccine companies, you need to take a look at these diseases.

And what are these diseases?

They’re the neuro-developmental diseases, ADD, ADHD, language delays, speech delays, tics, Tourette Syndrome, ASD, and autism.  The auto-immune disorders, Guillan-Barre, multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.  The anyphylactic diseases, food allergies, rhinitis, asthma, and eczema.  All of these exploded in 1989.

Congress ordered the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to find out which year this disease epidemic started.  And EPA did that study.  They said it started in 1989.  There are a lot of culprits.  Many new things.  We have cell-phones.  We have PFOA (perfluorooctanic acid).  We have ultra-sound.  We have glyphosate.  We have many other things.  Our kids are swimming in a toxic soup.

We’re not saying all of those illnesses came from vaccines.  But there is no intervention that is so exquisite and precisely timed as what happened when we went in 1989 and changed that vaccine schedule and raised the levels of aluminum and mercury, tripled and quintupled them.  We went from the 3 vaccines that I had, to the 72 my kids had, and to the 75 that kids are going to get next year.  And there are 273 new vaccines in the pipeline.

I went in and met with Adam Schiff.  I’ve been a democrat all my life.  What’s happening in the democratic party disturbs me greatly.  But I was astonished when one of the leading democrats in our country, Adam Schiff, went to the internet titans, to Facebook, to Google, which has a $668 million dollar partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, the biggest vaccine maker in the world.  They make drugs and mine your personal data so they can sell you more drugs.  Schiff went to Pintrest, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, all of them, and told them they need to start censoring information and complaints about a pharmaceutical product.

I said to Adam Schiff, “You know these are greedy companies.  You know they’re homicidal.”  Any democrat will tell you that.  The four companies that produce all 72 vaccines that are mandated for American children, every one of them is a convicted felon.  Since 2009, those four companies collectively have paid $35 billion dollars in criminal penalties and damages and fines for defrauding regulators, for falsifying science, for bribing doctors, for lying to the public, and for killing lots and lots of people.

Vioxx, a drug made by Merck, they knew it would cause heart attacks.  They sold it as a headache pill.  They didn’t tell people, you won’t have a headache, but you might have a heart attack.  Of course, if they had, not too many people would have bought it.

So, they decided to keep it a secret.  They killed a hundred and twenty thousand people minimum, probably five hundred thousand people.  So I said to Adam Schiff, “What kind of cognitive dissonance does it require, to believe that this company, which is lying and cheating and killing with every other pharmaceutical product it makes, has found Jesus when it comes to vaccines?”  Everybody knows you can’t sue a vaccine company.  That’s why we had this gold rush explosion of vaccines beginning in 1989.

They have no incentive to make their product safe, other than their moral scruples, of which we know they have none.

What most people don’t know is that vaccine companies have an even more important exemption.

They are exempt from safety testing their products.  It is the only medical product.  The reason is that it’s an artifact of the CDC’s legacy as the public health service, which was a quasi-military agency.  The CDC took it over in the late 1970s.  That’s why people at the CDC often have military rank, like the Surgeon General.  The vaccine program was initiated as a national security defense against biological attack.  Because of that they wanted to make sure we could get vaccines out to the public very quickly if Russia sent anthrax over here.  They wanted to remove all the regulatory impediments that would prevent the quick deployment of that product.

So, they said, if we call it a medicine, all medicines have to be safety-tested under the law, double-blind placebo, and follow-up for five years.  They said, we can’t do that.  We’re going to call them something different.  We’re going to call them “biologics.”  And we’re going to make it so they don’t have to be tested at all.

And when the industry exploded in 1989, they took advantage of this loophole when they brought all of these new products to market.  Not one of the 72 vaccines on the schedule mandated for our children, have been tested with a placebo.

That means that nobody can scientifically tell you what the risk profile of that product is.  Nobody can tell you that product is going to save more lives than it will take.  There is no scientific basis whatsoever.  How can we as a society, a government, a democratic party, be mandating products for our children when we cannot tell what the risk is of that product?

Now, all of the vaccines on the schedule, and all medical products, are required to list whatever safety testing they do.  Not one of these has ever used a placebo. But some of them do safety testing anyway, like the polio vaccine, for maybe 48 hours.

The hepatitis B vaccine that is given to every child in this country on the day it’s born, they observe for 5 days.  That means if a child dies on day 6, it never happened.  If a child has a seizure on day 6, it never happened.  If the baby gets food allergies and is diagnosed three years later, or autism or an auto-immune disease, it never happened.  That way they can say it’s safe.

The weird thing is that there was one vaccine, the MMR vaccine, that all of this hoopla is about, it’s the only vaccine that has no safety testing listed on the insert.  And for many years, Del [Bigtree] and I have been saying, “that’s weird.”  Do any exist?  What happened?  So we sued HHS.  We said, “where is it?”

Three weeks ago they gave us the safety testing.  There were 800 kids.  Normally you have 20,000 kids or subjects in one of these.  There were 800 kids in 8 different categories.  For a drug they are going to give to billions of people.  The testing lasted only 42 days.

But 50% of the kids who were involved in that study had gastro-intestinal illnesses, serious ones, some of them for the full 42 days.  50% had respiratory illnesses, some of them for 42 days.  This is a product that is worse, according to its own record, than the illness it’s pretending to prevent.

Maybe there are people here who are anti-vaxx.  I am not anti-vaxx.  I just want safe vaccines.  And I want robust science.  And I want transparency in government.  And I want independent regulators who are not owned by pharma.

At the FDA, which is supposed to protect us against these products, receives 75% of its budget from the industry.  The World Health Organization (WHO) receives 50% of its budget from pharma.  The CDC is a pharmaceutical company.  It has about $5 billion dollars a year that it buys and sells vaccines.  And individuals within HHS who worked on those vaccines at taxpayer expense, if they worked on them, they’re allowed to get royalty payments.

Every vial of Gardasil that’s sold, there are people within HHS, high-level individuals, who are collecting $150,000 a year in royalties. And HHS and NIH own part of that patent and are collecting money every year.  These are not regulatory agencies.  They are appendages of the industry.

They don’t want to hear about this.  The reason they call you and me anti-vaxx is it’s a way of shutting us up.  So they don’t have to debate these very serious issues about vaccine safety.  So they don’t have to debate the science.

And they’ve bought off the press.  They put $25 billion dollars a year into advertising.  We’re the only nation in the world, other than New Zealand, that allows pharmaceutical advertising on television.  And they’ve been able to buy the press in this country.  They’re not only selling ads for their drugs, but they’re also dictating content.

Now they’re telling us they’re going to censor Facebook because they want to get rid of misinformation about vaccines.  We’re just talking about science.  We’re giving them peer-review.  You’ll never hear peer-review from a vaccine proponent.  What you’ll hear are appeals to authority. What does that mean?  It means that vaccines are safe because CDC or WHO says they’re safe.

But do you know who the ultimate authority is?  It’s the Institute of Medicine.  That is why Congress named the Institute of Medicine to be the ultimate authority on vaccine safety.  And do you know what the Institute of Medicine says?  It says there are 150 diseases that they think are caused by vaccines, and the CDC has been directed to study them.  They said that in 1994.  CDC refused.  They said it again in 1998.  CDC refused. They said it again in 2011.  They say it every year.

The Institute of Medicine says we have no idea whether these vaccines are causing this huge chronic disease epidemic.  That is the ultimate authority.  Not WHO.  Not CDC.  And the only way they can deal with these arguments is by shutting us up.

The vaccine misinformation is not coming from us, it’s coming from them.  How many of you have heard the networks report that 80,000 people died of flu last year?  You know what CDC’s data said? And CDC told the networks that number.  I don’t blame them, but the press is supposed to check.  My father told me, people in power lie.  And you’re supposed to check on it.  You know what CDC’s own data said? 2300 people died of flu, not 80,000.

How many of you have heard that the death rate for measles is 1 in 1,000?  CDC told them that.  CDC’s own data says that it’s 1 in 10,000 people and 1 in 500,000 Americans.  That’s what CDC’s data says.  But that’s not what you’ll hear from the networks.

Any of you who watched NBC the other night saw Lester Holt.  All of the news shows have become advertisements and they’re all part of this orchestrated frenzy that we’re terrified of measles.  And we’ve got to get this vaccine and we’ve got to pass this mandate.  Lester Holt is sponsored by Merck, which makes the vaccine.  Lester Holt showed a frightening picture on his show of a baby that was afflicted by these terrible measles bumps.  It turns out it was fake.  He had to fake it.  He’s never apologized.  NBC never apologized.  That is misinformation.

And Lester Holt is sitting there saying we’ve got to shut down this misinformation about vaccines while he is the primary promoter of that information.

This industry has been able to disable all of the institutions of our democracy that stand between a greedy corporation and a vulnerable child.  As Del pointed out, they are the biggest lobbyists on Capitol Hill.  There are more lobbyists than Congressmen and Senators combined.  They give double the amount of oil and gas.  They give four times what defense and aerospace give.

They own Congress.  That’s why Congress will not subpoena Bill Thompson, the chief scientist at CDC who says they’ve been lying to us for all these years.  They’ve been destroying data.  And they won’t call him in and question him.

They have been able to disable the regulatory agencies through capture.  Those agencies are now sock-puppets for the industries they’re supposed to regulate.  They’ve been able to neutralize the lawyers by making it illegal to sue a vaccine company.  The lawyers and the courts are gone.

They’ve been able to neutralize the press, all press scrutiny.  Now, they’re neutralizing the internet.  They’re shutting us down so we cannot speak.  So that nobody has to listen to the truth.  So that nobody has to read the peer-reviewed science.  So nobody has to listen to the questions.

The last thing standing between the corporation and that little baby is the mom and the dad.  And this greedy industry cannot stand that mother who is going to stop her little baby from being vaccinated.  From buying their product and then being hooked for the rest of their lives on Adderal, Epi-Pens, Ritalin, the anti-seizure medications, and the Prozac they get at the back end of this insane industry.

And what do the democrats say?  Well, there is no such thing as vaccine injury.  It’s all an illusion and these women are hysterical.  And they’re so easily deluded.  But these women know what happened to their child.

I would say it’s time for the Democratic party to start listening to women.  And what happened to the central, fundamental plank of the democratic party?  My body, my choice!

And why is our party advocating censorship?

And why is our party in bed with one of the dirtiest industries in the history of mankind?

We need to take our children back.  We need to take our country back.  We need to take our democracy back.  Thank you.

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