May 01, 2018

AUTISM EPIDEMIC: 1 in 59 Children. CDC Remains Paralyzed

The autism epidemic is a public health disaster that will have repercussions for generations. The CDC Autism and Developmental Disabilities (ADDM) network report was released a few days ago showing that autism affects one in 59 children. As the epidemic shows no signs of abating, and the one in 59 rate is for the 2006 birth cohort (children now 12 years old), the true number of children affected by autism in recent years is likely much higher. Here is our article summarizing the findings: CDC Still Paralyzed by Autism Epidemic: Report Shows One in 59 Children in the US Now Affected.

At what point is the CDC going to admit that this disaster requires action? The largest amount by far of research dollars spent on determining causation has been directed towards genetics. “Genes don’t cause epidemics, environmental toxins do,” said Children’s Health Defense chair Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  “Why is the CDC doing nothing to identify the environmental toxins responsible for the most cataclysmic epidemic of our era?” 

The Children’s Health Defense wants to remove autism oversight from the CDC. The longer it takes to determine causation, the longer it will take for real autism treatments to make a difference in the lives of those affected. In addition to a spectrum of communication and social deficits, many severe comorbid conditions occur with autism. Children are sick. They, and their families, suffer daily.

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