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Share our campaign materials to spread awareness about health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), ways to reduce radiofrequency radiation (RF) exposure, outdated regulatory limits and the experimental roll out of 5G.

Action Alerts

#No5GNearSchools — Keep Cell Towers Away From Schools and Demand 5G Safety Studies

Stop 5G near schools

#FiberFirst: Demand the FCC Recognize Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS)

Demand FCC Recognize Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Implement #FiberFirst

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Electromagnetic Sensitivity can affect up to 30% of the population
The prevalence of people in restricted access to work in manmade electromagnetic enviroments
Exposure to cellphone radiation produces biochemical changes in worker bees resulting in reduced motor activity and a significant decline in colony strength
Exposure to cellphone radiations produces biochemical changes in worker honey bees
Certain Ranges of RF Radiation "Probably Cause Cancer"
Health Impact of 5G
There are no active studies on 5G
There are no safety studies
Reducing Radiofrequency Exposure at Home
Avoid Wireless Devices When Possible
Unsmart your home
Limit your time
Distance is key
Use airplane mode whenever possible
Wire your connection
Create wifi-free zones for children
Power off your wifi router at night

Educational Flyers

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Reducing Radio Frequency Exposure in the Home
Reducing Radio Frequency Exposure in School

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