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‘A Letter to Liberals — Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals’

A new short and powerful, data-filled, intellectual book written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. challenges “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of policies that are an affront to their once-cherished precepts.

“A Letter to Liberals” is available as a free ebook and as a limited edition hardcover at Amazon and other retailers.

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Kennedy’s fellow Democrats were once considered a party of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking with faith in scientific and liberal empiricism. They took pride in understanding how to read science critically, exercising healthy skepticism towards notoriously corrupt entities like the drug companies that created the opioid crisis and were outraged by the phenomenon of “agency capture.” Not to mention the pervasive control of private interests over Congress, the media and scientific journals.

Yet, during the COVID pandemic, those attitudes took a back seat to blind faith in government mandates and countermeasures driven by pharmaceutical companies and captive federal agencies. New attitudes promoted by corporate media have cynically exploited the fears of the American people.

Challenging conventional wisdom

A Letter to Liberals is a personal perspective from Kennedy inviting readers to look at the data to answer critical questions and evaluate whether policies implemented during the COVID pandemic were rational and science-based.

His book details science that shows that masks are ineffective and dangerous, that policies for social distancing, school closures and lockdowns were not science-based and, in fact, were counterproductive. It includes the latest scientific data demonstrating that injecting children with the COVID shot causes more harm and death than it averts.

Kennedy’s latest book details how officials wrongly used PCR tests, the potential origins of COVID from the Wuhan Lab and how natural immunity is superior to purported vaccine immunity. He shares his perspective on the massive failures of Fauci’s public health policies, the transfer of wealth to the global elite and the unprecedented attack on our Bill of Rights.

A Letter to Liberals” is available as a free ebook and as a limited edition hardcover at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound,, Target, Walmart, Books-A-Million and other retailers.