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Children’s health has worsened dramatically since the late 1980s. This ebook lays out the facts about how ethical betrayals and the lack of integrity are impeding sound public health policy and vaccine safety science—and undermining the health of our children.


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The status quo is unacceptable.

It should go without saying that no one making public health decisions that will directly affect the lives of millions of United States children and indirectly affect the lives of millions of international children through our global influence should have any ties to the pharmaceutical industry. But sadly, this is not the case.

The US urgently needs, and taxpayers firmly deserve, ethical leadership in government, industry and media who are free from conflicts both before and after taking the job. The far-reaching health decisions made need to be driven by solid and truly independent science, not personal bank accounts.

Here’s a sneak-peek of the information covered in this comprehensive document:

  • How the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act Began a “Gold Rush.”
  • Who Benefits When There is No Liability? Follow the Money.
  • Federal Agencies’ Roles as Cheerleaders and Are They Shirking Their Public Duty?
  • Facts About Specific Vaccines. 
  • Learning From History. 
  • Tainted Science. 
  • Untrustworthy Research. 
  • Scientific Censorship in Action. 
  • Are Front Groups Cozying Up to Pharma?
  • Should Your Doctor Get an Incentive For Vaccinating Your Child?

Don’t Silence the Debate …  

“Debate on vaccine safety is a Kafkaesque taboo on network news channels, which accept upwards of $5.4 billion annually from pharma, or on the editorial pages of America’s newspaper conglomerates, many of which have financial ties to drug companies. …Instead of fact-based discourse, the debate… has devolved into ‘argument by credential’ and its corollary, ‘argument by insult.’ By reducing the issue to a binary choice—you’re either pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine— journalists marginalize safety advocates…, vilify the parents of vaccine-injured children and silence debate on a complex issue. …The American public is entitled to an honest, probing and robust discussion about this critical public health issue—a debate based on facts, not rooted in fear, nor on blind faith in regulators and the pharmaceutical industry.”

—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

What Can Concerned Citizens Do?

Three urgently needed steps include repealing the NCVIA, eliminating vaccine mandates and establishing a fully transparent and independent vaccine safety commission. It is essential that conflicts of interest be addressed so that sound science—rather than deep pockets—can form the basis of vaccine policy-making.

Using this ebook, concerned parents, health care professionals, legislators and others can rise up and lend their voices to these reasonable requests so that conflicts of interest can be abolished once and for all, and sound science—rather than deep pockets—can form the basis of vaccine policy-making. The health of our children hangs in the balance.

Read more. Learn the facts.  Help RFK, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense with the movement to bring about change. Download your free eBook.

Vaccination as Orthodoxy: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health Part I

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