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The Week’s Headlines-at-a-Glance:

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  • The Defender and other news outlets reported on the death of a “perfectly healthy” Florida doctor 15 days after he got the Pfizer COVID vaccine from acute idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) a rare autoimmune disorder. “Pfizer said it didn’t see this adverse event in its clinical trials, but those of us who have been tracking vaccine injuries for decades know this can occur. We’ve seen it in young people who get the HPV vaccine, as Mary pointed out in her book, “The HPV Vaccine on Trial.”
  • Norway is probing the death of two nursing home residents who received Pfizer’s vaccine. “We’re going to hear this a lot. Are they dying directly from the vaccine? Or are they vaccinated, then exposed to COVID? We just don’t know, but this is what you’d expect from a poorly tested vaccine being put out into the general population.”
  • The New York Times reported on the Pope’s statement that everyone has an “ethical obligation” to get the COVID vaccine. “This was stunning, a real hard sell. He’s saying take the vaccine, if you don’t, you might die — it’s part of the media strategy to use leaders that people look up to to push the vaccine.”
  • As lockdowns take a toll on young people, a UK radio personality said young people may have to stay in lockdown until vaccinated, suggesting the public should be “completely safe” before restrictions are lifted. Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said the vaccination “will be your route to liberty.”
  • The superintendent of the LA public schools told the media that once COVID vaccines are available to kids, all students will have to be vaccinated in order to return to school. “This is the beginning of the propaganda push to vaccinate all children — the infrastructure for compulsory vaccination is the school system. People need to know their rights. These vaccines have been approved for emergency use only, so the government cannot mandate them, at least not yet. But we are going to see a big push for this in 2022 and 2023.”
  • The world’s first COVID vaccine patch is being developed in the UK. “I’m not advocating for vaccines, but for people who choose to get vaccinated, this is a better option than an injection. The immune system is better prepared to deal with something that enters the body via the skin. But definitely don’t approve of a patch that links human data to the Great Mr. Global.”
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is preparing a massive, $250 million ad campaign to convince people to take the COVID vaccine. “If they succeed in monopolizing the media and censoring people like us, they may convince a lot of people to get the vaccine. I just hope people will ask why, if the vaccine is so good, do they have to push so hard?”
  • Peter Doshi, associate editor at the BMJ and someone who’s studied vaccine science for more than a decade, questioned the efficacy rates publicized by Pfizer and Moderna and called for the drugmakers to release their raw data. Based on data buried in 400 pages of information released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the clinical trials, Doshi came up with efficacy rates closer to 19% – 29%, not 95% as claimed by the vaccine makers.
  • Doshi also co-authored an article in the New York Times urging an end to the hassling and demonizing of the so-called “vaccine-hesitant.”

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