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March 14, 2022 COVID Views


Pfizer, FDA Hid Data Showing Clinical Trials Failed, Says Former BlackRock Advisor

In an interview with Naomi Wolf, former BlackRock investment advisor Edward Dowd explained why Wall Street lost faith in Pfizer and Moderna stocks when Pfizer and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration tried to hide clinical trial data.

In an interview with Naomi Wolf, of the Daily Clout, investment advisor Edward Dowd discussed why investors are dumping COVID-19 vaccine makers’ stocks.

In an interview with Naomi Wolf, of the Daily Clout, investment advisor Edward Dowd discussed why investors are dumping COVID-19 vaccine makers’ stocks.

Dowd, a former managing director with BlackRock from 2002 to 2012, grew BlackRock’s growth strategy from $2 billion-$14 billion over 10 years.

Wolf introduced Dowd:

“He’s the extraordinarily kind of courageous, well-informed whistleblower who has come forward to explain to audiences why in his view, Pfizer has committed a fraud.”

Dowd described how his initial caution about taking the experimental COVID vaccine led him to research data related to Pfizer’s clinical trials.

Dowd told Wolf:

“I learned from a friend in the biotech industry that Pfizer had failed its all-cause mortality endpoint in the initial trial … All-cause mortality is the gold standard in any drug trial at the FDA. When you fail that endpoint, the drug is not approved.”

When Big Pharma and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were unwilling to release vaccine safety data, Dowd grew even more skeptical about the vaccines, he said, and was compelled to speak out privately and publicly about what he believed was a major deception:

“I got more loud about fraud when the FDA decided to hide the clinical data for 75 years. I’m an investor, so let me just say how I think about the world. I don’t wait for people to tell me what just happened. My job was to come up with an analysis, mosaic and investment thesis, and then over time I’d be proven right.

“So I don’t wait for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or The Washington Post to tell me anything. Because by the time that happens, the opportunity to make money is lost. So I started screaming fraud as soon as I saw that — because it’s unprecedented to hide data from the public.”

It was a report from the CEO of a major life insurance company that confirmed Dowd’s doubts:

“If this vaccine was as deadly and injurious as we thought, we’d see the insurance companies and the funeral home results. These are databases that aren’t being hidden from us by the government. So, unfortunately, in early January, a signal was launched by One America.

“The CEO didn’t really know what he was saying or the implications of it — because he didn’t think it was the vaccine, but he got on a Chamber of Commerce call in Indiana, and he said that in the second half of 2021, he was seeing a 40% increase in all-cause mortality —  non-COVID. And to put some meat on those bones, a 10% increase he said would be a three-standard deviation [increase], which in math in my world is a big deal.”

Dowd described the impact on the financial world and on his current work:

“Wall Street is listening to me now because they’re nervous and a lot of them are jabbed as well. And if you look at the stocks of Moderna and Pfizer, Moderna is down 70% and Pfizer is down 20 plus percent.

“So my goal has been to raise consciousness across the country and the globe, by pointing out that even though the mainstream media is not going to save us — and it doesn’t seem like the politicians or the regulators are, because they’re in on it — we have to spread the word.”

Wolf asked Dowd about the repercussions of his public position:

“One of the things you’ve said, unequivocally, not mincing words — this is fraud. So if you are not right, that’s actionable, I believe, and Pfizer and Moderna could come at you with a libel suit or a slander suit. But I believe that has not happened yet. Will you speak to that?”

Dowd replied:

“I don’t have a medical license to take away. I don’t have a bar license to take away. I’m an investor. And throughout the history of Wall Street, investors have what we call a thesis. So I present this as a thesis — I’m a hundred percent convinced it’s fraud. I’ve laid out my case and it’s starting to appear, it’s coming to light that it is, but I can say this is freedom of speech. They can sue me if they want. I don’t suspect they will.”

Dowd said he’s been waiting for a “hit piece on me,” but there haven’t been any yet. He said because what he’s presenting is an investment thesis, he’s protected under free speech laws.

“Here’s the problem, Dowd said. “The proof of the fraud is showing up in real-life results. And that is becoming undeniable and impossible to hide.”

Watch the full interview here:

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